Bones: “El Carnicero en el Coche”


Grade: B-

Airdate: 9/30/13

This week’s episode of Bones was very case heavy. And as you can probably tell from the title of the episode, it had a Hispanic gang violence theme. It means “The Butcher in the Car,” for those of you who had no idea what it meant. Yeah, I took German. So, Hispanic gang violence and Sweets (John Francis Daley) was really all this episode was about. Aside from Booth (David Boreanaz) spending a few scenes trying to save his bromance with Sweets, the teams from Law and Order: SVU, NCIS or any other cop drama could have been rotated in and not much would have changed. It was a good episode of Bones, but sometimes it just didn’t feel that much like Bones. 

Of course one utterly Bones thing was Sweets big episode-ending announcement last week did not last that long. Booth tracked him done working in a community center in a rough-looking part of D.C. He says he will only help Booth if the case absolutely cases for it. So, he is back in the FBI within about 15 minutes, but wearing a visitor’s badge. He still doesn’t want to come back because Palent used his case files to get two people killed.

The team is called to a body inside a burned up and falling apart car. The guy in the car ends up being a gang hitman, who goes by “the butcher.” The car was stolen, so the actual owner of the car, the victim’s girlfriend and the entity of the scary looking gang Booth and Sweets run into and every other Hispanic gang member in D.C. become suspects.

The team finds out that the gun that killed the victim also killed five other people in the gang. They think it must be the leader of a rival gang and Booth and Sweets end up in a gang-related drive-by questioning him. Notice the gang theme here. Regular Bones plot line: Booth didn’t directly tell Bones (Emily Deschanel) that he was shot at. They make an agreement to call each other anytime they are shot at. How cute.

Sweets doesn’t want to get too involved in the case but when the girlfriend becomes the main suspect and Sweets realizes her son Javier, played by Felix Avitia, is a kid from the center he changes his mind. Sweets has grown a littler bolder between episodes — it was supposed to be a three-week jump — and says he thinks the Javier will rat out his mom. But, Javier surprises everyone by confessing to killing the victim because he was beating his mom and attacked him. It was sadly adorable. The mom didn’t think so and attacks her kid for killing a member of her gang, setting Booth, Sweets, Bones and Miss Julian (Patricia Belcher) into a frenzy.

Javier continues to be awesome and helps the team find the gun used to kill all the people and take down like fourteen gang members. Sweets tells everyone at the end that he will be back but not yet. He leaves the Founding Fathers to help Javier get set up in his foster home.

Very case heavy, light on character stuff. It was an exciting case though and a little different from the average Bones episode. Especially when it decided to push the gross factor and have Cam (Tamara Taylor) peel the skin back off the head of a recently killed person. As audience-reflector Angela (Michaela Conlin) said, “It’s so much worse when they have faces.” She looked like she was about to flee the room and I could hardly watch. I usually eat dinner watching Bones, because it that rarely grosses me out. But, that was too much.



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