Once Upon A Time: “Lost Girl” (S3Ep2)


Grade: A

Airdate: 10/6/13

Before I get to my thoughts on this episode of Once Upon A Time, I would like to say two things about the title. One: I will try to not make too many references to Showcase’s Lost Girl and two: the title seems like a spoiler. All our heroes are in Neverland, where boys abandoned by their parents escape to and become last boys. So, it is easy to amuse that the show lead character, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is the Lost Girl from the title. So, she is going to have to accept or admit that at some point, right? Though Emma did almost get me to cry when she admitted to Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) that she is just a scared orphan who doesn’t know where she belongs, I feel like the title already told us that.

Regardless, this episode was good. The show must have decided that the lighting was too dark last week and Neverland was lighter, but still always sort of night. But, most of the time was spent in the “Dark Forest,” so I guess that was our explanation. We start with Rumple (Robert Carlyle) in Neverland cutting his shadow off and spending it off to hid the dagger.

We join our heroes still walking through the set of Xena or Lord of the Rings or any other epic that was probably shot in New Zealand. Snow is being all cute telling Emma she needs to drink more water and Emma calls her Mary-Margret. Snow that maybe she could start calling her mom. Their awkwardness is broken up by the rest of the hero squad fighting. They decide to camp for the night.

Emma is worried that is might be too late to save Henry (Jared Gilmore). Snow says it is never too late/we always find each other/optimistic is her only setting. We then flashback to the pilot episode with Charming (Josh Dallas) arriving at the coffin and their theme music is playing. I was worried that this was going to be another series of flashbacks to tell us something we already knew, but it wasn’t. We are finally given the start of how Snow and Charming take back the kingdom.

Evil Regina (Lana Parrilla), decked out in amazing outfits, speaking in deep voice and glaring while her theme music plays, tells Snow she can either give up her claim to the throne or she will kill someone every day. Regina also says that Snow has to be aware of what Regina has done to take everything for her, which adds a layer of explanation to the curse. Snow seems to take the first option and Charming tries to think of what to do to convince her otherwise.

Back in Neverland, Emma wonders off from camp and runs into Peter Pan (Robbie Kay). He gives her a map that is blank but will reveal Henry’s location when Emma accepts who she truly is. She goes back to camp and everyone fights in between Emma explaining her back story to the parchment but is doesn’t work. Regina keeps telling her to admit that she is the savior but that doesn’t work either. All the awesome Swanqueen stuff makes up for the fact SleepingWarrior did not appear in this episode. Regina finally gets pissed and uses a locator spell on the parchment, which leads them to Pan and the lost boys.

He tells them cheaters can’t win and sets the lost boys on them. They are shooting arrows that are dipped in the poison Hook (Colin O’Donoughue) used on Rumple last season. Of course, idiot Charming is grazed by one. Charming, just go sit on the sidelines and let your wife handle this. Emma has a knife at one of the lost boys but can’t hurt him and Pan calls off the attack.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Charming goes to Rumple for help. He pretty much just laughs at him and says he doesn’t need his help to get Snow to see that she can lead the kingdom and defeat Regina. Charming then takes Snow to retrieve Excalibur from the stone because she is the lands true leader. The sword ends up being fake and the whole thing was a trick by Charming to show Snow she could do it. She fights Regina, cuts her on the face and says the kingdom will be hers.

All the story lines mirror each other nicely this episode, so back in Neverland Snow is trying to convince Emma she can figure the map out. She admits to Snow that the island is making her feel more like an scared kid, whose parents abandoned her and she never knew why they didn’t want her. It’s hard not knowing who you are and its even harder not knowing what you are. Snow admits that she did abandon Emma right after she admits to being a sadly straight version of Bo Dennis. Snow says she and Charming are going to make up for what they did to her.

Peter Pan runs into Emma again and he says she hasn’t forgiven her parents for abandoning her, which seems rather true and explains why she called herself an orphan and didn’t want to call Snow “Mom.” Peter Pan tells her it doesn’t matter that she had the map to Henry’s location because once they reach him he will not want to go with her because she abandoned him too. He also says Emma will actually be an orphan by the time she gets off the Island. The thought of Snow dying has me far more worried than anything happening to Henry.

So, this is getting rather long but this was a good episode. Jennifer Morrison did really well with the emotional stuff and story lines connected really well. But, there was no Storybrooke, present-day Enchanted Forest or Henry (but I’m not complaining about that). Belle (Emilie de Ravin) did appear as a vision to get Rumple to admit who he really is — a coward — just like Emma had to.


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