Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Eye-Spy”

This episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield reminded me of the first episode because it focused mostly on a character outside the team that needed Shield’s help. But, we know the team now and that made it so much cooler. It also sent up another unknown super villain that we are sure to encounter later. The episodes opens with us following a group of mask wearing men walking through Sweden with briefcases chained to their wrists. They are being followed by a girl we don’t know.

1 akalia

That mask already looks worried.

The girl keeps closing her eyes, which as Skye (Chloe Bennett) says is either super random or super important, and then kills all 30 of the guys but only takes one briefcase. It is filled with diamonds. A lot of diamond thefts have been happening and Coulson (Clark Gregg) and his equal after last week’s combat commitment May (Ming-Na Wen) come in to investigate. The mask guys were part of a test of security and it failed terribly. Skye tagged along and realizes they can identify the suspect through social media because if you see a bunch of guys in suits and masks on the subway you Instagram, obviously.

2 huh

May: Stoic contemplation. Coulson: Thinks any harder his head will explode.

The girl from Sweden ends up being Shield agent Akela Amador (Pascale Armand). Everyone thought she had died on a mission seven years ago, but Coulson thought she had to be alive because only two women could have pulled off a heist like that and the other is on the ship. Coulson was Akela’s supervising officer.  He might not have tried her well enough and pushed her too heard. The team is able to track her to Belarus and everyone goes to her possible location. Skye and FitzSimmons (Iain De Caestacker, Elizabeth Henstridge) tag along in what the team nicknamed the Short Bus to Coulson’s annoyance.

3 this is going to end badly

This middle school field trip could only end badly.

Ward (Brett Dalton) and Coulson go off to find Akela and the other three start tracking her electronically. They are able to find a video footage and find themselves watching a video of the Short Bus.

4 bad

Something bad cam.

Akela then rams the van into a ditch and I actually got super worried. Wow, I really like this show already. Everyone gets back to Serenity safely, but Akela gets away. Ward seems mad about what happened to the rest of the team, but Coulson still believes Akela isn’t a bad guy. Skye is able to get back into the video feed. They realize it is coming from some sort of advance video-communication technology in her eye. She is also getting orders through it.

5 eye cam

Sorry, I really need to get this terminator out of my eye.

May is freaked and thinks she needs to be taken out. Coulson thinks she is being controlled and needs them to save her. Skye joking calls May and Coulson Mom and Dad later and it is incredibly true for this scene. Fitz, Simmons, Ward and Skye shy away as May pleads her case to Coulson and he is barely able to shot her down. There is definitely going to be a power struggle between these two for a while.

6 kids go play kickball

Kids, go play Mario Kart or something.

Coulson goes back to his office thinking everything is good, but May went after Akela anyway. Coulson realizes and heads after her. Akela tells her she made a mistake when she pops up in her bedroom. With her terminator eye she is better than May, but the eye also has a self destruct function that the people controlling her will activity if May wins. Luckily, for both of them Coulson arrives at the last second and knocks out Akela with some special Shield weapon.

7 nigthmare

Waking up to May would be equally terrifying and awesome.

Back on Serenity, Akela tells Coulson that she was taken by someone after everyone thought she died seven years ago. She didn’t know who they were but for the last three years they have been making her do things by giving her commands through the eye and threaten to kill her if she doesn’t. This was a super cool concept and Akela is a very good character. Skye and Ward are able to make glasses that mimic the eye and go on Akela’s mission. Ward breaks into some kind of research facility as Skye runs comm from the Short Bus. He nearly makes it and they seem to be bonding nicely as fellow field agents. All there love interest stuff was just done jokingly this episode.

10 superman

I’m not Superman, I swear.

Fitz and Simmons perform surgery to get the eye out of Akela. They are super nervous and British about it and it was really cute. May and Coulson sort of apologize in the middle of all the action. FtizSimmons get the eye out before it explodes and Ward survives the mission, which was just to see some kind of equation. Coulson finds the person controlling Akela, but he was also being controlled. Akela ends up being taken by the Shield version of military police, but not before telling May that Coulson seems different. She thinks Shield did something to him during the time between the movie and the show, when he thinks he was in Tahiti. Interesting. The episode ends with Skye bonding with Coulson and thanking him for taking her in and believing in her.

11 skye

I like it here probably as much as you like this show.


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