American Horror Story: Coven: “Boy Parts” (S3Ep2)

There are so many things I liked about the second episode of American Horror Story: Coven I didn’t know how to start this post. We got a better glimpse into Cordelia’s (Sarah Paulson) life, we get the full story of the LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) and Marie (Angela Bassett) feud and we got to actually meet Misty Day (Lily Rabe). She has a terrible name but I think she is my favorite.

She can use her power of resurrection on herself and survived however she was killed. Her first order of business is to protect God’s innocent creatures. She does this by bringing two alligators back to life so they can kill the gator hunters, who killed them. It was gruesome and that theme stayed through the episode.

1 misty

At the school, witch-student Zoe (Taissa Flamiga) is still hung up on Kyle (Evan Peters), who was killed by witch-student and Zoe’s roommate Madison (Emma Roberts). Madison is hiding behind her attitude to cover her real feelings about her gang rape last episode. She does apologize to Zoe for killing her boy candy.

Down the hall, Fiona (Jessica Lange) is threatening the somehow immortal LaLaurie. Fiona and Cordelia’s power struggle comes into play a lot this episode and they seem to consistently be switching who is on top. This time, Fiona reacts just as all the students do when Cordelia calls them to breakfast.

Shortly after that though, two cops come in what to question Madison and Zoe about the frat party and the bus that Madison flipped over killing Kyle and all the frat members, except the rape leader, who Zoe had killer sex with at the hospital. The cops vaguely know all of this but Zoe cracks under the pressure and spills everything. As Cordelia is trying to say she is just nuts, Fiona comes in. She is able to wipe the cops memories after almost killing one, against her daughter’s protest.


Zoe hadn’t told Madison that she killed the rape guy, so Madison decide to do something nice for Zoe. Except it isn’t really nice. They break into the morgue and find the frat members, including Kyle, in pieces. Madison is being so chill and talking about assembly the perfect boyfriend using a resurrection spy she took from Fiona. Zoe thinks she must be joking, she isn’t. They sew a bunch of body parts together with Evan Peters’ head and start the spell. It was freaking and scary in a really originally sort of way. But, the show isn’t taking itself too seriously because Zoe says, “Did we just agree to marry the devil? Because I don’t think I’m down with that.”

The spell doesn’t seem to work. Madison leaves but Zoe stays for a little to apologizes to Kyle’s body. A morgue worker drives up to the building though. Madison peaces and the guy finds Zoe inside. But, before he can say anything undead Kyle watches up and starts beating him. Zoe gets him into the guy’s car. She is freaking out because he keeps acting like Frankenstein’s monster. And to make matters worse, Misty just pops up in the backseat.

Misty actually helped them though and started tending to Kyle in her weird swamp hideaway. Misty was instantly giving off some gay vibes and seems rather interested in Zoe. She also didn’t know any other witches existed. Misty said she could feel Zoe powers and that how she found her, which makes sense Misty has the power of life and Zoe has death. Or Misty is just really good at sniffing out possible lady-friends, regardless of creepy age differences.  But by how Zoe was looking out the seemingly recovering Kyle. I don’t think that is going to happen.

lily rabe

There are three completely different story lines so I just did them out at a time. LaLaurie tells Fiona that Marie was the one that made her immortal with what everyone thought was poison. Marie brings a revenge mob for what LaLaurie had done to her slaves. The mob hung her family and helps Marie bury her in that box in the backyard. Fiona tracks down Marie, who owns a hair salon in the 9th Ward. To create a three way power triangle, which already included the witches with Fiona as their leader and the rest of humanity, who is worthless, according to her, Marie is not a witch, but a voodoo priestess I guess. Going all the way back to the Salem Witch trials, Tituba, the slave girl that was first accused, either taught or gave magic to the white settlers.

Fiona is far more powerful than Marie, but she needs the immorality spell from her. Fiona threatens her and tells her she as LaLaurie now. Which does not seem like that big of a deal after Marie goes up to her apartment and unchains the Minotaur!

bitch please

Interesting side note that I want to mention, witches and priestess seem to have a pretty intense feud. But Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) said she was a descendant of Tituba, so how did she end up with the witches? Also, Fiona has already killed or threatened to kill numerous people and seems a little racist, but told LaLaurie she is either a monster or messed up in the head. So, I can like Fiona without being a terrible person? Why am I even asking? I already do, of course, Especially when she told LaLaurie she is luckily her loved ones are dead because in death they can’t be disappointed in you.

I think Cordelia has a little bit of that going on to. She and her husband Hank (Josh Hamilton) are trying to get pregnant but she doesn’t want to do it artificial. I thinking because grandma would want a witch. After some pushing from Hank, they get pregnant using magic in a satanic looking sex scene. Is this going to be another demon baby? And if so is Madison going to be pregnant with the good baby? I’m still trying to decide if this is a parallel between the seasons or recycled story lines. Whatever, I liked this episode. All the characters are great, one is possibly gay, and the world is become more interesting.


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