Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Girl in the Flower Dress”





I can’t believe this is only the fifth episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield. I’m already so invested in the characters I feel like it has to be at least the second season. This show did a wonderful job of quickly creating a family unit with the characters that makes the audience feel like they are being betrayed, found out and banding together right along with them.

The episode starts in Hong Kong with a street magician named Renshu Tseng (Louis Changchien) performing simple tricks, but then he shots fire out of his hand and seems like he might be someone Shield would be interested in.

1 I'm glad the show unlike the movie remembered that not everyone speaks English

I’m glad that the show, unlike the movie, remembered that not everyone speaks English.

He then meets a girl in a flower dress named Raina (Ruth Negga), who is overly interested in both him and his ability. He takes her back to his apartment.

2 flower dress

Me? No, I can’t be the villain. I’m here for sexy times.

She is clearly not Shield and brings in a bunch of guys and hazmat suits and they kidnap Tseng. He was being watched by the Hong Kong Branch of Shield. They contact the crew of Serenity and the team starts to head to Hong Kong.

3 no sexy times for you

No sexy times for you.

But, the team then figures out that the information about Tseng was hacked into be a member of the Rising Tide. Coulson (Clark Gregg) is quick to suspect Skye (Chloe Bennett). She says it wasn’t her. Ward (Brett Dalton) believes her and Skye agrees to figure out who did do it to prove herself.

5 I didn't do it I swear, but I might be a puppy.

I didn’t do it I swear, but I might be a puppy.

Skye is able to track down the hacker that did do it and the team flies to Houston to find him. Ward is chasing him down the street and Coulson in a SUV but they loss him. He ends up in an apartment and Skye is there. I saw this in a clip but I still was nervous about what she was doing there. Skye and the hacker were old friend and she tells him he almost blew her cover and her work to get inside Shield. What, Skye? No.

6 That's probably going to end badly.

This is going to end badly.

He tells her she seems different and seems to go against everything she stood for in the early episodes. She also tells him that she is still working on a computer clip that she keeps inside her bra. That would have seemed more important, if I wasn’t equally scared and impressed by Skye’s visitor.

7 peek-a-boo, bitch

Peek-a-boo, bitch.

Skye sits ashamed on the couch as her Shield team invades the apartment. May questions the hacker but he isn’t spilling anything. Skye said she only contacted him twice and didn’t know what he was doing. Everyone feels betrayed, but it seems to be worst among the children of the Shield family with Fitz (Ian De Caestacker) asking Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) for answers on how Skye could do that to them, especially since they were all geeking out about hacking not two hours ago. Coulson then calls her a prisoner and has Ward handcuff.

8 stop being so sad

Stop being so sad.

The hacker guy, who is sorta Skye’s boyfriend, tells them he sold the information he got about Tseng to people who end up being part of Centipede, the bad guys from the first episode. In Hong Kong, Raina is telling Tseng he can be a superhero like Capt. America but they just have to run a few tests.

10 I hope all the big bads on this show are hot women.

I hope all the big bads on this show are hot women.

Skye feels betrayed that Hacker Boyfriend sold information instead of giving it for free, which was always their philosophy. She is also hurt that he did not think about the innocent lives he could be putting in danger. Coulson and May join the Hong Kong agents and go to break Tseng out of the building. But, he has let the rush of being a superhero to go his head and they need back up. Ward lets both of them out, leaving Hacker Guy to run back up from Serenity and takes Skye into the building to override the security.

11 With great power comes a lot of weird shit.

With great power comes a lot of weird shit.

Though, she is still considered a prisoner Skye did everything she could to help and even got some Centipede files too. Tseng ended up killing the original big bad chick, so Raina took the position. May was able to defeat Tseng and knock him out to be taken to Shield jail. Coulson lets Hacker Guy go but with a Shield tracker/control bracket. Skye tells her now ex-boyfriend that she is going to stay with Shield if they will let her and keep looking for whatever she is looking for.

Coulson scolds her in his office and I felt really nervous for her. For a show with so much danger, the fact that I was so worried about Skye disappointing Coulson really speaks to the show’s character development. He knows Skye is lying about something and he wants to know what it is. Skye then hands over the computer chip and says it is everything she has been able to figure out about herself and her parents. The farthest she has ever gotten was to a blacked-out document marked classified by Shield. Coulson says maybe he can help, but leaves a control bracket on the desk. Skye puts it on without being told.

13 coulson

Let me grab my Capt. America costume, then it is father figure to the rescue.

The episode kept dropping little hints that Skye had planned to be picked up by Shield, but that sure was not the reason I was expecting. It is going to be interesting if her slight betrayal creates some friction in the next episode, which will be airing in two weeks. And in the promo, Skye and Simmons looked like they were crying. I’m nervous.


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