Bones: “The Woman in White”


Grade: A+

Airdate: 10/21/13

It was the wedding episode of Bones, the only grade I could have possibly given it was an A+. As Bones (Emily Deschanel) said in this episode we have waited a long time. Everything about this episode was just fun and perfect. It got me to cry during the wedding, the murder was interesting, it had the regular goofy Bones elements and every possible guest star imaginable.

The episode starts with the team running through the rehearsal for the wedding. It was already almost too exciting and to show the audience that the show felt the same Hodgins (TJ Thyne) tells Angela (Michaela Conlin) she can’t cry yet its only the rehearsal. Then everyone’s phone rings and Bones says they have to take the case. As Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones drive off to the lab and FBI, Hodgins decides to make a wedding poll, for people place bets on how long it is going to take to postpone it because of the case. That was a good running joke.

The victim was killed in the 1970s and found in an area that used to be a college. She has lots of injuries and a old letter in her pocket, but Bones hardly gets time to work on the case before Angela sweeps her off to appointments. Cam (Tamara Taylor) recruits Clark (Eugene Byrd) to be the acting Bones and calls in all the squintern, except Finn, to help with the case. They pretty much replace the team and are all jealous of Arastoo (Pej Vadhat) because he is the only one invited to the wedding, but just as Cam’s plus one.

Everyone is rushed so the pace goes pretty quickly. Booth and Bones both adorably want everything to be perfect for the other person and don’t really care about the stuff they want. For instance, Bones is more worried when the church caught fire because Booth really wanted it in the church. Booth is at first against Angela and Hodgins’ emergency and mostly secret wedding plan because Bones had everything planned out.

The squinterns figure out that the victim, a college library, was killed by an English professor because she had a work altering Emily Dickenson letter in her pocket. Bones thanks all of them for helping and then invites them to the wedding. None of them have clothes, but Hodgins raided the history of fashion exhibit, which explained why they all looked like ultra hipsters in the promo pictures.

The emergency wedding, which was only delayed a day so Max (Ryan O’Neal) won the poll, took place in the courtyard outside the Jeffersonian. It was all beautiful and cute and had all the guest stars, from Miss Julian (Patrica Belcher) to Booth’s grandpa, Avalon played by Cyndi Lauper, a much older Parker and was officiated by Aldo (Mather Zickel). But with all the guest stars, Booth’s brother, Jared, and Bone’s brother, Russ, were not there. I guess we were supposed to not notice that. Christine was also never show, but you know child actors are expensive.

Booth torn up the vows he originally wrote and talked about how hard he tried he could never get away from Bones. She read the letter she wrote when she was trapped in the car by the Gravedigger. It was all about how much she loved Booth even thought it wasn’t rational. And wow that was season two. Bones loved him that long with admitting it? Awww.

It was cute, it was what I was hoping for after nine years of waiting and I’m excited to see how the season moves forward from this point.


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