American Horror Story: Coven: “The Replacements” (S3Ep3)

So, last week I said American Horror Story: Coven, unlike Asylum, was fun and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I take that back now. In this episode alone, we watch zombie-ish Kyle (Evan Peters) get made out with by his mom, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) undergo some weird voodoo ritual and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) do it with the Minotaur via voodoo masturbation. And did I mention three people were murdered. This episode started to feel like an episode of last season and I really liked last season.

We start with a flashback of Fiona (Jessica Lange) and the supreme before her, Anna-Lee, in 1971. Young Fiona has figured out that Anna-Lee’s power is being drained and being poured into her because she is the next supreme. The process is causing Anna-Lee to die, but Fiona decides to speed up the process and slits her throat. Yeah, there was a murder before the credit sequence. This exchange also tells us that the new supreme is out there somewhere.


Zoe (Taissa Flamiga) spends most of the episode off by herself. She goes and visits Kyle’s mom, played Mare Winningham. She is smoking the weed she found in Kyle’s room and seems pretty cool, but yeah hold that thought. Zoe then goes to get Kyle from Misty’s (Lily Rabe). Misty doesn’t want Kyle to leave, but seems to be a little more scared by abandonment issues than exercising any evil motive. From her hippie ramblings about Fleetwood Mac and lack of appropriateness, I just can’t find her threatening. Zoe said she will be back for her and I really hope she does, because I really want Misty to join the Coven.

Over at the boarding house, Madison (Emma Roberts), Nan (Jamie Brewer) and Queenie are bonding over gawking at the hot dude, Luke, who is moving in next door. Nan and Madison go over to welcome him to the neighborhood. After he seems more interested in Nan’s cake than Madison’s half-nakedness, he tells us that his family is a bunch of Bible thumpers. Luke’s mom Joan, played by Patti LuPone, called Madison trashy and tells her to get out. She then lights the curtains on fire with her mind. Well, that’s new.

Zoe drops Kyle after at his mom’s house because she thinks it will be the best place for him. She couldn’t have been more wrong. His mom quickly realizes his body is different, but that does not stop her from doing this:

what no

They then went all the way. Uncomfortable, yet? We have hardly gotten started. Kyle’s mom invites Zoe to dinner even though she thinks she is Kyle’s girlfriend. After his mom tries to come onto him again, Kyle has the fight to stands up to her and speaks for the first time since his death. He screams “no” over and over as he beats her to death. Zoe arrives later and is met by a blood covered Kyle.

Cordelia has a very short story line of her going to Marie (Angela Bassett) to ask for a fertility spell because the doctors were no help. The ritual, which was somehow even more messed up than the satanic sex scene last episode, was cut with Cordelia talking with Marie. When Cordelia says she will do anything to get it, include robbing a bank, Marie laughs in her face and says she isn’t helping Fiona’s daughter in anyway. So, we didn’t actually need to see that?

Queenie and LaLaurie’s (Kathy Bates) story lines are linked this episode. Shortly after she weeps at the magic box after it says Obama is president, LaLaurie is made the housemaid by Fiona. LaLauries refuses to serve Queenie lunch, so Fiona says she is Queenie’s personal slave from now on because the only people she hates more than Bible thumpers is racists.

Neighbor Joan told Fiona about Madison lighting the curtains on fire. She then decides to take Madison under her wing, suspecting that she might be the next supreme and the reason she is dying. Fiona walks a fine line between motherly and jealously. She helps her develop her powers, takes her to get wasted and then tells her in the room with all the supreme portraits that she is the next. Fiona then pulls out the razor she used in the first scene and tells Madison to cut her throat and speed up the process. Madison doesn’t like the idea. With all the yelling and chaotic cinematography, I don’t know if Fiona meant to slit Madison’s throat or if it was an accident. She did make a little smirk to Spalding (Denis O’Hare) so maybe she meant to. I’m assuming Madison isn’t going to say dead, because she is a main cast member and Misty and Kyle have already been killed and brought back.


And as if all that wasn’t strange enough, the Minotaur finds LaLaurie. She admits who he is and who she was to Queenie. She decides to get rid of the Minotaur herself. She leads it into the backyard and gives a nice speech about just wanting to be loved. Then she has sex with it through voodoo masturbation and it might have kidnapped her.

I was intrigued. I was uncomfortable. I was scared. I really liked it.


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  1. Nice review! I think that this season is gonna be even better than the last two!


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