Once Upon A Time In Wonderland: “Forget Me Not”

This episode seemed the most like Once Upon A Time, but not in a good way. It shared all the same problems. Alice (Sophie Lowe) and Will’s (Michael Socha) adventure was just for them to figure out something we already knew. The Rabbit (John Lithgrow) stole the lamp. The episode also dropped too many hints for its big plot twist that I figured it out after about 10 minutes. And we spent sometime in the Enchanted Forest with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) guest staring to remind us we are watching a spinoff.

Sorry I left the coolest member of my gang in the other show

Sorry, I left the coolest member of my gang in the other show.

This was supposed to be a few years ago when Will robbed some people and joined up with Robin Hood and the Merry Men, who I’m still mad were missing Mulan. Fake Regina (Emma Rigby) and Jafar (Naveen Andrews) spend most of the episode looking and sounding as evil as possible. They are trying to think of a way to trick Alice into using one of her wishes. They decided to send some beast that she faced as a child. I don’t remember the name, I never really liked Alice in Wonderland and this episode was really boring at parts.

Over in the Enchanted Forest, Will convinces Robin to steal gold from Maleficent. Robin makes everyone promise they will not take anything magical because all magic comes with a price, even in the spinoff. Will then goes home to his possibly headless woman and says he is going to be able to find a way to get them far away from the Enchanted Forest.

Why can't we see your face, mysterious not Fake Regina

Why can’t we see your face, mysterious not Fake Regina?

Will is still thinking like a thief in Wonderland and tells Alice they need to make a deal with the Caterpillar, who wants him dead, and steal the Forget Me Knot. Three comments. 1) It shows the past so they could see who took the lamp. 2) It seemed like an original idea but is just the dream catcher from OUAT. 3) Missed pun opportunity in the title. Alice and Will go to see the Caterpillar in sketching Underland. Ugh, this is way I never liked this story. He acts like a mob boss and threatens to take Will’s head if they don’t get the knot for him.

Tony Catiepillaro

Tony Caterpillaro

So, they are told the knot is with the Grendel. I will speak on that name in a second. But first look at the background:

Now non-CGI looks weird

Now non-CGI looks weird.

I don’t understand why Fantasy shows always take little bits and pieces of Beowulf, but don’t do the whole story. Why was his name Grendel? That just doesn’t make any sense? And is Beowulf not a thing in Victorian England Land, because Alice didn’t find it odd. I was hoping for a Emma-like, “Grendel, really?”  

He looks more like a Joe

He looks more like a Joe.

Grendel For Some Reason did have the knot. He kidnaps our (used loosely) heroes and threatens to eat them. But Will notices he is using the knot to watch a woman and himself as a regular guy. They bond over lost loves and seems like he might free them, but then a giant boar thing attacks. Alice and Will kill it and Grendel But Why gives them the knot for saving him.

I'm glad Will is guarding Alice's butt

I’m glad Will is guarding Alice’s butt.

Fake Regina and Jafar are mad that Alice didn’t use any of her wishes. Weak Beowulf Reference tells them Alice is working with a man she called Knave. I wonder why you look so bothered by that Wannabe Regina? They then kill Grendel. Already spending lots of time for development of characters we will never see again? Following in OUAT‘s footsteps aren’t we, OUATW? 

Alice and Will take the knot to where the lamp was and figure out the Rabbit betrayed them and is working with Not Regina. Will then decides to follow Robin Hood’s don’t steal for selfish reasons policy and burns the knot. That was unselfish, but probably really stupid. That was a useful thing.

Concenred rope looking

Intense rope looking!

But remember all magic comes with a price. Including the magic in the looking glass will stole for Anastasia (not your movie, Disney). And surprise, surprise she is Wannabe Regina. But, she is all nice and good like baby, braids Regina. The looking glass is a portal and is going to take them to Wonderland. So, that trip obvious turns Not Regina evil, but I’m sure the show is going to take numerous episodes to explain that to us.

Totally didn't see this coming

Totally didn’t see this coming.

Can I call this a hate watch already? I really don’t like this show and I don’t have much hope that it is going to get better. I’ll probably keep watching just to see what happens, but I am not really that interested.


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