Once Upon A Time: “Good Form” (S3Ep5)

So, I didn’t post about Once Upon A Time last week. It was boring and was so dude focused I wanted to just rewatch all the Mulan scenes from the episode before. But, this week was far better. There was a lot of Swanqueen. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) probably said “our son” to Regina (Lana Parrilla) about four times, Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) story line was actually interesting and the romance bromance between Charming (Josh Dallas) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) got even better.

Henry's only interesting story line ever

You can be interesting Henry, but only this once.

Henry and another lost boy are fighting with sticks but Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) being the psycho that he is tells Henry to make it more dangerous and use a real sword. Henry is able to turn his stick into a sword, because he was the heart of the truest believer. He is taken in by the violence for a moment, but than apologizes to the other boy.

The flashbacks of this episode focus on Hook when he was still Lt. Killian Jones in Victorian England Land, I guess. He is on a Royal Navy ship with his brother as the captain and they have been given a mission by the king to head to a magical land to find something. We already know Hook’s brother is going to die and their last name is Jones, so I was so worried his first name was going to be Davey. But, luckily it was Liam and he just died and the show didn’t introduce Davey Jones.

I don't want to be a weird squid man.

I don’t want to be a weird squid man.

Hook and Charming spend lots of time together letting their (b)romance development and Hook can tell that Charming is going to die in a matter of hours. He tells him he has a way to decode Neal’s star map that they found last episode and is a possibly way out of Neverland. He and his brother left a sextant — all I could think of was sexting the whole time — on Dead Man’s Peak. Charming says he will go with him. He doesn’t care if it kills him as long as it protects his family.

Bromance Level 1000

Bromance: Level 1,000

Emma, Regina and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) are working on a plan to send a message to Henry, so he doesn’t loss hope that his family is coming. They capture the lost boy Henry was fighting with earlier, but he tells them Henry is too far gone. That sends everyone into a desperate rage. Regina wants to take his heart to guarantee their son gets the message. Emma agrees and lets her, but literally has to tackle Snow out of the way.

Sorry I chose my girlfirend over you, Mom

Sorry I chose my girlfriend over you, Mom.

Regina also has a two-way message mirror. I don’t know where that come from but it made a great Swanqueen opportunity so I’m not going to question it. The lost boy gets the message and mirror to Henry. He sees his moms and grandma, but is worried it might be a trick. His moms try to convince him that it isn’t and they are coming for him. They think he just puts the mirror aside, but he actually throws it on the ground and breaks it.

So much Swanqueen!

So much Swanqueen!

Hook reaches the top of Dead Man’s Peak before the dying Charming, but is met with Pan and an offer. He says if Hook lets Charming die on the peak, he will let Hook and one other person leave the island. The whole episode has been stirring up a Hook and Emma romance, which Charming is totally against and is not in the least bit shocking because it has been a thing for about as long as Sleeping Warrior has.

I killed your brother, now I'm going to kill your boyfriend

I killed your brother, now I’m going for your boyfriend.

Hook ignores Pan’s offer. He finds the magic spring he used to save his brother from Nightshade poisoning the last time he was in Neverland. The water saves Charming from dying, but if he leaves Neverland he is going to die. Men cause about as many problems as children do on this show. Charming says he is willing to stay in Neverland forever if his family doesn’t loss him.

Cured but still utterly useless

Cured, but still utterly useless.

Hook knows Charming is going to die if he leaves Neverland, because it happened to his brother. The King of Victorian England Land? sent the Jones brothers to Neverland to find Nightshade so they could poison the enemy. Hook didn’t find that cool and it causing his brother’s death even less cool. He is the captin of the ship now, which he decides to make a pirate ship and rename it the Jolly Roger.

Orlando Bloom style pirate speech!

Orlando Bloom style pirate speech!

Hook and Charming return to the female heroes, but Hook has to admit they didn’t get the sextant because it was never at that peak anyway. He just needed to get Charming there so he could make him drink the magic water. So, they are no closer to getting off the Island, but at least Henry knows they are coming and Charming is alive, for now.

So, the big teaser for this episode was a shocking kiss. All the main characters make camp in Neverland and Emma and Hook end up paired together. I could do a whole post about how I don’t like promos, but if a show is going to market something as its big shocking moment it shouldn’t be in the promo. The only thing I really retained from last week’s episode was the promo, which includes Emma and Hook kissing. All the fandom thought that couldn’t be the shocker because they already showed us it. My number one fantasy would have been Emma and Regina, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Neither was Hook and Charming. Maybe Mulan and Aurora would appear, because making that canon was actually shocking. But, Emma and Hook? Really?

I don't think OUAT understands the defination of shocking

I don’t think OUAT understands the definition of shocking.

I like this show, but it is really frustrating sometimes. This was a good episode that had lots and lots of problem, but that is what I have learned to expect from OUAT. 


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