American Horror Story: “Fearful Pranks Ensue” (S3Ep4)

This episode of American Horror Story: Coven gave us a lot of history, more interesting mother-daughter dynamic , a completely confusing scene with everyone’s least favorite character and no Misty Day (Lily Rabe).

Spalding (Denis O’Hare) and Myrtle (Francis Conroy) were actually developed into full characters this episode. We find out that Spalding is super creepy, like weird glass dolls and having tea parties creepy. He rolls up Madison’s (Emma Roberts) body in the rug and then he and Fiona (Jessica Lange) hear a noise outside. She finds the seriously injured Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe). Gah, how did you get injured? Please say it was just a Minotaur attack and not something worse.

Fiona has had a little too much to drink to deal with this shit and wakes up Cordelia (Sarah Paulson). She acts super sweet and cute this whole episode. She talks herself into a hole to the Witch Council, is outdrank by her mom, who calls her Delia all episode. It’s like the show was trying to make us like her more because something terrible might happen. This is American Horror Story so I should have expected something. The last scene is Cordelia getting a jar of acid or voodoo curse juice or something thrown into her face by a hooded figured. Whatever it was it seems to have Marie (Angela Bassett) written all over it.


The Witch Council, which is made up of Myrtle, a flaming warlock and a grandma from the 1700s. They were summoned by Nan (Jamie Brewer), who is worried because she can’t heard Madison’s thoughts anymore. They question everyone and find it odd that another witch has gone missing while Fiona was in the house.

We spend a lot of time in flashbacks to 1971, shortly after Fiona killed the former supreme Anna-Lee. At the time FIona and Myrtle were both students at the school, in an almost clichéd story line they butt heads because Fiona is the pretty, popular one and Myrtle is the nerdy, smart one. Ryan Murphy, this isn’t Glee. Anna-Lee was an upstanding supreme, who also made the peace treaty with Marie, and Myrtle thinks Fiona isn’t good enough. She is also a human lie detector and knows Fiona killed Anna-Lee. She was going to use Spadling to get Fiona caught, but he confesses his love to Fiona and cuts out his own tongue before she can. Yeah, Spadling is weird. In the present, he took Madison’s body and is dressing it up like a doll for his tea party. So…there is that.

Cordelia defends her mom and says she didn’t kill Madison, though later it seems like she is not so sure. But, she says the council shouldn’t be so worried because Madison wasn’t the next supreme. Supremes are in perfect health and Madison had a heart condition. Interesting requirement.


Over in the Ninth Ward, a package is left at Marie’s hair salon. Inside it is Bastine/The Minotaur’s head. And it blinked! Marie is devastated, disregards the peace treaty, saying Fiona started the war and sends on army of zombies to the school.

Cordelia’s blend husband Hank (Josh Hamilton) was sent on a business trip and meets up with online girlfriend Kaylee, played by returner from season one Alexandra Breckenridge. All they did was have aggressive sex, a weird breakfast and then he just shot her in the head. So, AHS brought her back to be a sex object, again, and get shot in the head, again. I have no idea what this scene was about. Hank did dryly say he is not a spy at the weird breakfast. Is he an anti-witch spy or something?


Nan, Queenie and Zoe (Taissa Flamgia) spend Halloween night at the school. Zoe lost Kyle (Evan Peters) earlier in the episode and I guess just let her zombie wander around hoping he makes it to Misty’s endless Fleetwood Mac listening session in her swamp shake. Nan is convinced Madison is dead, Zoe thinks she is missing and Queenie just thinks she is a bitch and doesn’t care either way.

LaLaurie (Kathy Bates), who spends most of the time handing out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters in a maid outfit. I guess that is Fiona’s punishment for racists. Hot neighbor Luke shows up to give Nan cookies as a thank you for the cake. He has classic horror movie bad time, because just then Marie’s army of zombies, including LaLaurie’s daughters, surround the house.

Expect for that scene with Hank being really strange — more than what was initially strange — I liked everything about this episode. We have a better understanding of the history of the coven now and I like Cordelia. I found her kind of annoying in the first couple episodes. She still seems to be being burned or something by whatever was thrown in her face, so I’m sure everything will be rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers for everyone next week.


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