Once Upon A Time: “Ariel” (S3Ep6)

Going into this episode of Once Upon A Time, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Everyone has been waiting for Ariel to pop up since season one, so I was glad the show was finally adding her. I thought making Regina (Lana Parrilla) Ursula, seemed like a weird choice, but she was just pretending to be her so it worked. And I am always a little worried about the show introducing new characters, since it does have a town full of people we have yet to see this season. However, I liked the addition of Ariel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) and OUAT’s reworking of The Little Mermaid. 

The episode starts in the Enchanted Forest with Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) running away from Regina’s guards. She gets to a cliff and then just jumps off. Of course, the audience knew she would be saved by Ariel but what was her original plan?

Flunder, scutle or sebastain

Not thinking through plans runs in the family

Snow gets saved by Ariel and starts to act as the fill in for her talking animal friends. She recently saved a prince named Eric and is in love with him. She plans to go to the ball honoring Ursula at his place to see him again. In a good twist of the original plot, Ursula has given mermaids the chance to walk on land for 12 hours and hasn’t been seen in so long everyone thinks she is a myth. Snow agrees to go with her.

Over in Neverland, Snow is watching Emma (Jennifer Morrison) trying to learn magic from Regina. They fight like a couple the whole time and start a fire by fighting. Then Hook (Colin O’Doughue) tells Charming (Josh Dallas) he needs to talk to him because the scene wasn’t gay enough already.


I can’t keep making magic with you, Regina. This episode is about how I love Neal.

Hook tells Charming and Snow that Neal (Michael Raymond-James) is alive. Charming doesn’t want to tell Emma yet because it could just be Pan (Robbie Kay) messing with them. Snow keeps the secret for about six seconds. Emma says they have to go after him. Regina throws in some more boyfriend digs and says finding their son is more important than finding her possibly alive ex. Of course, Emma gets cockblocked by her parents and Regina storms off to find their son herself.

In some other part of Neverland, Rumple (Robert Carlyle) has a run in with Pan. He said Rumple cares about living too much to kill him, because it will kill him too. Pan tells him just to go back to Storybrooke and make a new son with Belle (Emilie de Ravin). After he leaves Vision Belle appears and tells him that is the best thing. She seems different and more manipulative than Belle would ever be. Then Regina arrives and starts chocking her and berating Rumple for being so stupid. Regina has the best lines this episode and references to Emma and her family as “The Charmings” at one point. Vision Belle ends up being the Shadow and flies away.


Belle is obviously in Storybrooke with Ruby.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow and Ariel meet Eric at the ball. He asks Ariel to come travel the world with him on his boat, which is leaving tomorrow. Ariel takes Snow’s advice — never a good idea — to trust her heart and goes to ask Ursula for help. But, Evil Regina had been watching them the whole time and tricked Ariel to thinking she was Ursula. She gives Ariel a bracelet that will let her keep her legs. Ariel gives the bracelet to Snow, which turns her into a mermaid. Ariel thought it would be the best way for her to escape her evil queen. But, then Regina arrives and almost kills Snow then. Ariel then takes back the bracelet and swims away with Snow.

Snow tells her to go back and get her prince, but when she tries her voice is gone. Regina is there to tell her she took it because not even getting the chance to confess your love is worse than being rejected. Wait, that sounds a lot like what Neal told Mulan earlier this season. Listen and confess your love, current good Regina. Ariel swims away after Regina pretty much hisses at her and calls her a little mermaid.


You, Sea Bitch!

The Charmings and Hook spend the whole episode trying to get Neal back. Pan has hide him in the Echo Cave in a wooden box. Each of the members has to reveal their darkest secret to reach him. Snow says she wants to have another baby to make up for how badly they screwed up with Emma, Charming is like whoops can’t leave Neverland. And for our love triangle that sadly does not include Regina, Hook confesses he loves Emma and Emma confesses she love Neal. But, she also tells him it would be easier if he was just gone forever so she doesn’t have to deal with all the pain they put each other through.


Help! A 13-year-old locked me in a dog cage.

The Charmings, Hook and Neal head off to find Henry with no reasonable plan. But, Rumple and Regina actually have one. Rumple has something that can trap Pan in a fate worse than death but it is back in Storybrooke. Regina is able to summon Ariel, who can go get it because mermaid can travel through realms. Really, you guys should have been nicer to the mermaids earlier this season. Regina gives her her voice back and tells her Eric is in Storybrooke. So, I’m assuming she helps them and hopefully will take them back to Storybrooke at some point.

I liked Ariel. She seemed a lot younger than any of the other princesses and she is the youngest one. Also, Ursula does still exist and threatened Evil Regina. Regina looked about as scared of Ursula as I was as a child.


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