Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “F.Z.Z.T.”

Before this episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD we had only really been given back story for Skye (Chloe Bennett) and a bit of Coulson’s (Clark Gregg) that we didn’t already know from the movie. I really didn’t notice that until I watched this episode, because I can’t get over how great this show has been for only having six episodes. This episode was able to give us a lot more of Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizthbeth Henstridge) without solely focusing on them.

We open with a boy scout troop camping in Pennsylvania. One of the leaders hears a noise that no one else does. He then walks into the woods, an electric storm happens and all the boy scouts ran off pissing their pants. On Serenity, FitzSimmons and Skye are hanging out together just like they did before Skye’s betrayal last episode. Her every move is still being tracked but they — unlike Ward (Brett Dalton) in another scene — have forgiven her. There seemed to be some more hinting that Fitz has a thing for Skye, but maybe Simmons a little bit too.

1 fun times

Welcome to the gun show, ladies.

Ward then interrupts their impressions of Ward session and tells them they have a case to get to. When they get to the boy scout campsite, it just looks like everything was hit by lightening until they find the scout leaders, who is floating.

2 floating scout leader

Everybody make your best stumped face.

Simmons gets the closest to the body and some kind of blue shock goes into her forehead and the body falls. Well, that can’t be good. They get the body back to Serenity. Skye is able to figure out who the guy is and that he is a gym teacher, boy scout leader and volunteer firefighter. We find out later he was one of the firefighters that responded to the Battle of New York/that movie I was forced to watch twice. One of his fellow firefighters is seen at the station cleaning a helmet. The music told us it is important, but I didn’t recognize it. Luckily, the team tells us it is from one of the aliens that attacked. Skye has helped figure out a lot of this, Coulson has pretty much forgiven her but Ward isn’t ready to.

Don't be jealous Ward, this episode is just about FitzSimmons

Don’t be jealous Ward, this episode is about FitzSimmons.

The team arrives at the New York fire station, where they find another firefighter that is infected with the alien virus that killed the boy scout leader and another guy. Coulson makes everyone else get out because the guy will literally electrocute everyone as he dies. Coulson rips out his comm from Serenity and sits down to tell the guy dying isn’t that scary. He has before — and for more than eight seconds — and it was beautiful.

4 death talk

Death talk.

May (Ming-Na Wen) is still able to hear what Coulson is saying and is making this face while standing outside:

No, you can't cry. It would be too much!

No, you can’t cry. It would be too much!

Coulson gets out safely and the team takes the alien helmet with plans of taking it to a SHIELD research facility called the Sandbox. Simmons is working to find a cure for the alien virus in case any of the firefighters are infected, but then starts showing symptoms herself. Coulson is forced to seal her into the lab. Everything from this point forward from the cinematography, to Skye and Ward’s make up to us knowing shit got real over how many times Simmons was called Jemma was prefect.



We are given a deeper look into Fitz and Simmons with them fighting yet also admitting how much they mean to each other from opposite sides of the lab wall. Fitz says they are only in this situation because Simmons wanted them to get out of the academy lab. She says he didn’t have to follow her, but joining the team was the best for both of them. Best line award goes to Fitz for the way he said, “I’ve been by your side the whole damn time.”

Our duo name is so common nobody even knows what my first name is

Our duo name is so common nobody even know what my first name is.

To show his loyalty, Fitz sneaks into the lab to help Simmons try to find a cure. But, when they can’t she knocks him out and prepares to jump to her death so she doesn’t explode the plane with her when she dies. I was panicking both when the cure didn’t work and Simmons jumped because I thought she was going to be the big emotional first season death, which Joss Whedon does do sometimes.

Not again, Joss Whedon!

No, not again!

Fitz realizes the cure did work and is able to give it to Ward, who grabs a parachute and jumps out after her. He gets it on while Ironman nose driving, grabs her right before they hit the ocean and shots her with the cure.

Hey, look what we have the budget to do.

Hey, look what we have the budget to do.

Coulson is overjoyed that Ward saved Simmons and that she was willing to die for the team, but scolded them for breaking protocol and making him deal with the Moroccan office. Ward and Simmons seem to show a friendship they haven’t before and she tells Fitz he was just as much of a hero even if he didn’t jump out of a plane.

The final scene is May appearing in Coulson’s office to tell him she heard what he said to the fireman. He admits that he feels different since he died and knows that whole Tahiti story is a lie. May asks him to take his shirt off, but it was only to make a point by seeing his scar. She says a near death experience changes a person, admitting hers did to. Can we please get that episode soon? And they are trying to get a love connection thing between these two, right? I don’t know how I feel about that. But either way, I love this show and I loved this episode.


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