Bones: “The Nazi on the Honeymoon”


Grade: B

Airdate: 11/3/13

Bones really seemed to dedicate itself to the honeymoon theme and the spent most of its time in Buenos Aires where Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) were having their honeymoon. It only takes until the second scene for Bones to get tired of relaxing and for them to be recruited to help solve a murder.

They start working with their Argentinian counterparts. Bones’ is corner Dr. Leticia Perez, played by Angela Alavarado, who was documented the victims of the Dirty Wars when Bones realized one body was not killed 30 years ago. Booth’s is inspector Raphael Valenza, played by Joaquim de Alemida who is always Ramon Salazar from season three of 24 for me. He is also a huge fan of Bones’ books and tells us that Booth, or his character Agent Andy,  is a police legend in Argentina.

It has been a long time since they worked with anyone who was a fan of the books. So long that I have never gotten to include that time about two years ago that I read a few of them while visiting my aunt over Winter Break. They are not that great compared to the show. Actually, the one that was basically season three was good. The rest were just terrible. I’m a little confused how the show is so great since its original source is bad.

Anyway, the team in Buenos Aires and the Jeffersonian crew identify the victim as a rich 90-year-old with a super hot wife. She is the only suspect for most of the time. The facts of the case get more interesting as Clark (Eugene Byrd) figured out, with the technology Bones is lacking, that the victim spent a lot of time around Nazi gas. The episode threw in a lot of good history of Nazis fleeing to South America.

Booth and Raphael find a wine cellar filled with Nazi memorabilia in the victim’s basement. A chest of gold bars is missing and the team figures out one of the bars was the murder weapon. The killer seemed to come out of the left field again, which was okay because it was almost the wife who was also the second seemingly innocent person we met. Bones could tells that Perez was related to the victim. She had dedicated her lives working to identify innocent people killed in the Dirty Wars and killed the grandfather after she found out he did the same in with the Nazis.

Mixed in with a well thought out and history driven case was everyone getting on Booth and Bones for working during their honeymoon, Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) looking after Michael-Vincent and Christine making them want a second child, and lots of espresso drinking.

Bones has been chilling in a perfect combination of cuteness, violence and emotion so far this season. After nine years, the show seems to understand its place and what its fans expect of it. I don’t really get as excited about it as I do with other shows, because my mind is hardly ever blown but it is always a fun ride. But, for an unexpected Bones experience go read one of the books and try to figure out how this good of a TV crime fighting team come from two not so great book characters.


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