Once Upon A Time In Wonderland: “The Serpent”

If I gave this episode of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland a grade it would be a C. I didn’t really like it, after spending three years watching OUAT I can see what flaws it is already creating for itself. I didn’t really hate it either. The show keeps throwing in little surprise that I like. Like every other episode all I can think about was why I wanted to stop watching before the title sequence. John Litgrow does not have a good voice-over voice. The CGI is so bad. What realm is Argabah supposed to be in? Is that lady supposed to be Jasmine? Why were are even following this kid? And just when I am thinking all those things, the shows throws in an interesting twist of Jafar (Naveen Andrews) being the Salton’s bastard son.


Have I got your attention now?

Amara the sorceress lady becomes the Rumple to Jafar’s Young Regina and teaches him how to use dark magic so he can take revenge of his father and everyone else who has been mean to him over the years. The spell the need to make themselves the most powerful sorcerer in the world requires all three genie lamps. So, that is Jafar’s endgame. Wannabe-Regina’s (Emma Rigby), still no idea.

Wonderland baby briads Regina and Rumple

Where did the perm go?

Back in the present, Jafar is questioning Wannabe-Regina/The Red Queen/Will’s lost love Anastasia why she didn’t tell him that Will (Michael Socha) was in Wonderland with Alice (Sophie Lowe). She said it didn’t seem important, but really it seems like she is still in love with him. Jafar wants Will dead, so Wannabe-Regina has him captured before Jafar can do anything. They call each other Anna and Will the whole time and I got a little bit interested about how they ended up here.

wr and will

I don’t care what your name is I’m still calling you Wannabe-Regina.

Jafar is still pissed and wants Wannabe-Regina to behead Will in front of the public. After he threatens her a lot she gives in and says she will.

Is there a reason behind these comicly large chess pieces

I get why chess pieces, but is why comically large?

After Will got capture, Alice went running around trying to find him. But, since it would be boring to watching her wander through CGI for a while she runs into an old friends of Will’s named Elizabeth, played by Lauren McKnight, who is working as a collector for the Caterpillar. They figure out Wannabe-Regina is planning on executing him and head over to the palace.

Are you trying to hook the OUAT femslash fans

Are you trying to hook the OUAT femslash fans?

Of course not. Even though Elizabeth goes by Lizard, comes swaggering in like Mulan to help Alice and was a partner in crime with Will at one point, she is hopelessly in love with him. All the straight love triangles!

But, men are still useless in this franchise. Wannabe-Regina gave Will a chance to escape because it is Jafar, who really wants him dead. He doesn’t take it though and is about to get his head chopped off and catapulted over the wall when Alice and Lizard come in to save him. They get flung into the most serious scene with the worst possible CGI.



They get lost inside the maze and end up right were Jafar and Wannabe-Regina wanted them. Jafar starts to choke Will. Alice pleads for his life and Wannabe-Regina tells Alice she can help him. Alice then uses her first wish that if Will dies she dies. The bad guys are pissed because they need Alice alive to use her wishes so they can steal the lamp. Jafar then turns Will into stone and flies off on Carpet.

Alice has figured it out that Wannabe-Regina is Anastasia and gets mad at her for not doing anything. Wannabe-Regina threatens her but lets her go saying she doesn’t need to but her in prison because Wonderland is a prison.


The show’s most serious scene to date. CGI circa 1995.

In Jafar’s flashback, he has gotten a tip on where the last lamp is. Amara is excited about them having ultimate power, but he wants it all for himself. He then poisons her, turns her into a snake and traps her inside his walking stick. I was not expecting that.

Walking stick ex girlfriend

Walking stick: ex-girlfriend edition.

 For anyone who cares, Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) was able to use a wishbone to cut a hole in his cage thing and possibly escape with the old dude who as been hanging there with him. But, I think that guy might be the one who was abusing Jafar in the opening scene.

I’m glad that the show gave Jafar a back story. It helped developed him as a character, which is good because he is really the only villain. Making Wannabe-Regina Anastasia, having her want to save Will and let Alice go makes it seem like she might just be the misunderstand, confused half-villain half-hero of this show. OUAT took its time getting Regina to that point and then didn’t know how to treat her for a while. It was a major flaw of OUAT‘s second season and OUATW did it in episode four. I’m not even really interested in the story, I’m just interested to see how the show progresses.


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