Once Upon A Time: “Dark Hallow” (S3Ep7)

This was a good episode of Once Upon A Time. We finally spent some time in Storybrooke, minor characters actually got good story lines, there was another good twist to the Peter Pan story and the Neal-Emma-Hook love triangle got so goofy so fast it seems like the show isn’t even taking it seriously.

The episode starts back on the dock in Storybrooke with Belle (Emilie de Ravin) just after the Jolly Roger left. She runs into most of the Storybrooke characters and explains what happened and that they have to get the cloaking spell on the town in case more anti-magic people are coming. She is rather upset because she thinks Rumple (Robert Carlyle) just went to his death.

1 and ruby is still missing

And Ruby is still missing.

Belle and the Storybrooke gang are able to get the cloaking spell up but the two villains, who look more like British baristas, drive into Storybrooke just in time. But, after everything seems normal for a few days, she thinks Rumple just wanted her out of the way. Their relationship is unstable.

In Neverland, Rumple and Regina (Lana Parrilla) send Ariel (JoAnna Gracia Swisher) off to Storybrooke with a message to Belle that will tell her what they need to trap Pan (Robbie Kay). Leory (Lee Arenberg) and the other dwarfs find Ariel and take her to Belle, who is at Granny’s of course.  I know Ruby has been missing because Meghan Ory has been off filming a pilot season of an NBC show, but is the show going to explain her absence. Everyone is talking about her like she’s around but we haven’t seen her.

2 I'm replacing Ruby for this episode

I was told you were looking for a new Ruby.

Back in Neverland, Charming (Josh Dallas) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) have a rather boring story line of not talking to each other while they go to find Tinkerbell. Snow is still mad Charming didn’t tell her about his idiot wound and drinking that water that makes him have to stay in Neveland forever. Snow said she would be willing to stay with him and he should have known that. They make up and everything is fine because they are Snow and Charming.

Elsewhere in Neverland, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) has gone off with Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Neal (Michael Raymond-James) to capture Pan’s shadow because it can get them off the island. For some reason, Hook thinks Emma would have told Neal about the totally not shocking kiss from the other episode. Neal is a little pissed and the two of try to one up each other the whole time. It was annoying and I was annoyed at how many times Emma said “our son” to Neal. Come on, Emma. You just starting saying that to Regina. She has raised him for 10 years, you for about two and Neal has known about his existence for a few months.

Rant over. They go to the Dark Hallow because that is where the shadow will be. Neal’s star map is actually a way to capture the shadow. They have to light the candle but they can’t get the lighter started. Then the two boys start fighting over it.

We fully accept our useless title

We fully accept our useless title.

They loss it and three shadows start to attack them. They try to fight them off looking like they are in one of those movies that combines animation and real people.

Space Jamin

Space Jamin’

The shadows pin Neal and Hook to trees and start to rip off their shadows, making it look like it was going to be a choice between the two of them. Emma looks terrified but realizes she can light the candle herself. She is able to with her magic and catches the shadow. Neal asks how she did that and Emma’s line is exactly the person I was thinking about while Neal and Hook were about to die. “Regina.”

Also the reason Im not interested in this love triangle

Also the reason I am not interested in this love triangle.

Back in Storybrooke, Belle and Ariel were searching through Gold’s shop for what he needs. With Ariel getting all excited by the thing-a-mabobs and Belle realizes the chipped cup must be the key to find what they are looking for, I got really excited. Two of my favorite Disney princesses are working together in one of my favorite shows. This must be how Snow White fans felt during season one. Belle finds Pandora’s Box and realizes it must be what Rumple needs.

But, the two anti-magic Nazis break in and point guns at them. They tie them up and say unlike Greg and Tamara they know they are working for Pan and have to stop Rumple from succeeding.

This must be how excited Snow White fans were in season one

Now if everyone could just break into song.

Belle and Ariel are able to escape and run to the tunnels because that is where Belle thinks they will go to destroy the box. The bad guys admit that they aren’t actually bad guys but Michael and John Darling and Pan is using them because he is keeping Wendy hostage. Belle promises them the rest of the Storybrooke gang in Neverland will defeat him and Wendy will be saved along with Henry (Jared Gilmore).

John and Michael

Is this why we look more like college students than villains?

Wendy ends up being the person that was in the other box. Pan uses her because Henry is starting to believe that his family is in Neverland and coming for him. Pan makes Wendy fake that she is dying because the magic on the island is dying. This is enough to push Henry to agreeing to do whatever Pan says to save the magic on the island.

Mary Margarets apt Neveland edition

Mary Margaret’s apartment: Neverland Edition

Emma and the two idiots meet up with her parents who found Tinkerbell. She agrees to help because they now have a way off the island.

In Storybrooke, Belle gives the box to Ariel and sends her back to Neverland.

Did anyone else think they were going to kiss

Did anyone else think they were going to kiss?

She arrives but tells Rumple and Regina that they have to save Wendy too because Belle promised John and Michael they would. Rumple agrees. Regina enchants the bracelet so it doesn’t have a time restriction and tells Ariel she can go back to find Eric.

Shoudnt I be in a love triangle somewhere

Shouldn’t I be rolling my eyes at a love triangle somewhere?

The last scene is Pan taking Henry to Skull Rock and telling he has to go in there if he wants to save Wendy and magic.


Still better CGI than Wonderland. 

A lot happened this episode. And except for Snow and Charming’s part is was all good or so bad — the love triangle thing — I enjoyed it. I really liked Belle and Ariel together, so I hope we get a little more of Storybrooke in the upcoming episodes and can Emma and Regina please have some scenes together.


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