Bones: “The Dude in the Dam”


Grade: B-

Airdate: 11/11/13

Last week for my Bones post, I went on a little bit of a rant about how the Temperance Brennan book series isn’t even close to as good as the show. Well, Kathy Reichs wrote this episode of Bones. This episode again focused on a lot on Bones’ (Emily Deschanel) writing career, which had not been mention for a rather long time before these two episodes. Also, Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and Angela’s (Michaela Conlin) story line was pretty stupid. But, I should have expected that. The supporting characters in the books I have read are not that great. With all of that said though, the case was interesting and felt different than it usually does in a good way. The suspects kept coming back and we talked to so many people different times that I can’t even remember who the second seemingly innocent person was.

We start with a body being found inside a beaver dam. It is a part-time model/sperm donor named Nolan. Booth (David Boreanaz) and Sweets (John Francis Daley) question his girlfriend, some of the parents, his trainer, his other girlfriend and a pissed off parent. It was a lot more people than usually and not one person stayed the main suspect for very long, which was a refreshing change.

Because Bones spends most of the episode in her author story line, Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) do most of the bone-related fact finding. Eventually, they figure out with Hodgins’ help that the victim was killed with a three-sided hoe. And his junk was targeted, so they think it must have been a woman. The two girlfriends become suspects again and the pregnant one did it because he wasn’t going to raise the kid with her. He likes making babies, but not raising babies.

Bones is busying dealing with a PR stunt feud with another crime writer. Bones doesn’t realize the who thing is a set up and takes the experience as a chance to try to be better in social situations. The another writer ends up telling Bones who she calls Tempie — get out of the writers room, Kathy — that it was all a game and her own fans are idiots. So, the whole thing made Bones look good and proved that she is a better writer.  Now go buy Kathy Reichs’ book that come out in August. Wait, was this episode just a PR stunt?

I don’t know if I even want to talk about Hodgins giving birth to the fly that was living in his neck. There is a line of absurd you can go to, show. You crossed it. But, shout out to Wendell for making enough jokes of it to almost be OK.

I feel like it is always a hit or miss with Kathy Reichs. This episode was mostly a miss. But, to make up for it Bones will also be airing again on Friday this week and then switching to airing on Fridays.


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