Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “The Hub”

This episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was a good mixture of setting up mysteries that we can wonder about for a while and showing us the reason why there are so many secrets. Most SHIELD locations so far have had names like the Sandbox and we don’t know where they area, this episode we got to meet more of the people who are in charge of making them classified, who aren’t Samuel L. Jackson in an eye patch.

The opening scene had something to do with an underground Serbian prison and a file up a guy’s nose? Whatever, it was jut there to give us a reason to go to The Hub, which is SHIELD headquarters.

1 toyko airport

This might be the Tokyo Airport.

Skye (Chloe Bennett) was already getting a little skeptical of everyone being cool with not knowing what they are doing. Fitz (Ian de Caestracker) said she was going on a socialist rant and May (Ming-Na Wen) told her to just trust the system. She is a little annoyed at that system because it is keeping her locked outside all the cool meetings because she isn’t ranked high enough. Actually, she isn’t ranked at all because she isn’t an agent yet. But, Fitz and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) are locked out because they are Level 5s. Because I’m sure it will be important later, May and Ward (Brett Dalton) are Level 7s and Coulson (Clark Gregg) is a Level 8, the highest.

Coulson, May and Ward go to get the teams order from Agent Victoria Hand, played by Saffron Burrows. The fandom seemed to get really excited about her exclusion. I have never read any Marvel comics so maybe I am just missing the hype. I know Joss Whedon announced that she’s gay, so that got the lesbian fandom going. I am mean she was all right. Give her a couple more episodes and maybe she’ll be cool.

2 agent hand

Maybe if asked May for coffee?

Agent Hand tells them there is a device called the Overkill — everyone agrees the name is stupid. I wish some of that eye role could have been over in Once Upon A Time in Wonderland when they had to find the Towering Tum Tum Tree. The Overkill can make all types of weapons near it explode. Hand picks two members of Coulson’s team to go into some Eastern European country and disarm it before it goes off. The two agents are Ward and Fitz because they need his tech skills, which causes some great concern from Simmons. He tells her he will be fine and it’s not like it is as dangerous as jumping out of an airplane.

3 so our kiss midseaon or season finale

So our kiss you thinking midseason or season finale?

There was a lot of fun pair mixing this episode and it created a lot of funny scenes and cute little friendships between the younger members of the team. Ward and Fitz have to trick a bar full of Russians to trust them and then escape border guards to sneak into the compound. They both accuse the other of trying to prove something and admit Coulson told both of them to look after each other.

That warning starts to mean more when Skye gets worried that there are so many solider looking guys in The Hub. She convinces Simmons that they should investigate because if something is happening to “their boys” they should know. Simmons shows us in the most adorable way that she is not good at lying, but all right with shooting the Night-Night gun. She is able to help Skye hack into the Level 8 documents and see that Ward and Fitz are on a suicide mission. Coulson already figured something was like that was going on and goes to ask May for help. She just glares at him but he takes it as just trust the system.

4 buddy cop movie

Buddy Cop Movie

Coming of age dramedy

Coming of age dramedy

5 i like their friendship

Why I love this show.

Skye and Simmons got caught and after Simmons shot that agent, Skye told her she had to tell May so she could get them out of their trouble. Simmons was clearly afraid of what May would do to them. Skye was significantly less scared of Coulson. She scolds him saying he is always telling her to do what is right and protect them team. She thinks he knew he was sending Ward and Fitz to their deaths, but Hand didn’t tell him that.

6 And Capt. America isn't even that cool

And Captain America isn’t even that cool.

May seems to be on Skye and Simmons’ side and strolls through the plane ready to take off and save the boys herself. Coulson said he wants to be part of the rescue mission too because maybe you can’t trust the system. Ward figured out SHIELD wasn’t coming for them and they try their best to fight their way out. But, when all hope looks lost we get so see why May is called the Calvary. She takes out the whole army of guys just using the plane.

7 May to the rescue

Serenity to the rescue!

While Skye  was hacking into the Level 8 files, she took a few seconds to try to find the classified document about her parents, but she couldn’t find anything. Coulson said he would look into it at the beginning of the episode, but after what she and Simmons did Skye assumed he didn’t. But, he did and he found something. He tells her the document was about a female SHIELD agent who dropped her off at the orphanage, but he doesn’t know who the agent is or if she was or wasn’t her mother.

8 I'm sorry Capt. America is the greatest

I’m sorry, Captain America is the greatest.

Coulson goes back to his office and May is reading through the files. He said he told her the who but not the why. He also knows that isn’t the real story and asks May if she will help him figure it out. She agrees.

9 No idea what any of this means

Well, that looks bad.

This bit of we can’t trust the system news comes right off Agent Hand said she didn’t give Ward and Fitz an extraction plan because she knew the team would take care of it themselves. So, just when we think maybe we can trust Coulson calls asking for his own death and recovery report but he can’t access it because his clearance level isn’t high enough.

This is all getting really interesting and the team is bonding at every level and I like it so much.


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