American Horror Story: “The Axeman Cometh” (S3Ep6)

This episode is at about the halfway point for American Horror Story: Coven and much like in the two others season lots and lots is happening. Plot lines keep developing all over the place, new threats come into play and one character is slowly emerging as the strongest player. And we are still getting only bits and pieces as to what the hell is going on. I’m also glad there is not a good and evil baby pair, that story line got old.

The before the credits scene is to introduce us to the Axeman, played by Danny Houston, and the witch academy class of 1919. The Axeman is a crazy serial killer with a jazz obsession. He sends a letter into the newspaper, because why not , telling New Orleans that he is going to kill someone at a certain time if jazz is not playing in their house. The witch students, who might be being lead by a very young Anna-Lee, decide they are going to stop him. They blast opera music out of the house, he comes in to kill them and they all stab him to death while wearing black robes and screaming.

Back in the present, Zoey (Taissa Farmiga) is going through Madison’s (Emma Roberts) things. In addition to her new powers and chainsaw skills, Zoey starts to act more like Madison this episode by talking the lead of the students and saying they have to fight to find her. It was all down very well, expect the “Witch up” line that just made me laugh. Zoey finds a spirit board and ropes Nan (Jamie Brewer) and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) to using it to find Madison. They make contact with the Axeman and Queenie flips out saying this is a bad idea.

But, Zoey is still a little bit of the stupid Zoey from the earlier episodes and uses it again. She promises to release the Axeman if he tells her were Madison is. Zoey finds Madison in Spadling’s (Denis O’Hare) room and gets her groupies to help her question him. He confesses — well thinks and Nan reads his mind — to killing Madison himself. Zoey doesn’t believe him and goes off to find the one person that can help with their dead movie star situation.


Misty (Lily Rabe) is over in her swamp watering her plants and Myrtle (Francis Conroy), who is buried in swamp mud. Misty says she will be all better soon. She is then found by Kyle (Evan Peters). No idea what he has been doing for the past couple days but Misty says he needs a bath. That brings up all his trauma from being sexually abused by his mom. He starts grunting crazily and break stuff. Misty tries to be nice to him until she dissolved into tears after he breaks her 8-track player that constantly plays Stevie Nicks. Luckily, Zoey arrives and takes them both to the house.

Zoey chains up Kyle and goes to help Misty with Madison. At first, Misty says she has been dead too long and she can’t up her. But, after Zoey begs her to, Misty gives in because of her thing for Zoey and brings Madison back. It was weird and gross and prefect. And Madison first words were, “I need a cigarette.” Aw, I missed you Madison.



But, I also not really sure now much this Madison is like the old Madison. She is still recovering and looks really sick. She can’t remember what happened and the only stuff she knows about herself is what would be on Madison Montgomery’s Wikipedia page. Also, all her lines are in a weird echo and it made it feel like she wasn’t really there. She also says there is noting after death, just blackness forever. In contrast to that morbidness, Misty steals all their food and says this can’t be her tribe because these witches are strange.



The students are able to get up to all these shenanigans because the adults are caught up in their own story line, expect LaLaurie (Kathy Bates). She is MIA. Fiona (Jessica Lange) is at the hospital getting chemotherapy treatment and tells her doctor — Palent! kill him, Fiona — that she is doing this for her daughter because she needs her and she never has before. Fiona is able to read people’s minds during the treatment and is just as confused as we are to why.

Fiona gets home to greet Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) and her cheater, murderer husband Hank (Josh Hamilton). Cordelia is understandingly a wreck in this scene. She has been blinded, figures out her husband has been cheating and that her mom had “Auntie Myrtle” burned at the stake. Before her blinding, we were never told what Cordelia’s powers were. But in the scene, she has the vision through touch power, can make stuff move with her mind and maybe told us that she draws her power from plants. Is that why she was so particular about the flowers?

Cordelia, who is again adorably called Delia most of the time, says Fiona calling Hank a “chuck-head” and telling him to get out was for the best because might have killed him. She probably should have. He heads over to Marie’s (Angela Bassett) salon and says they have a problem. Now, we really have a reason to hate Hank. He is professional witch hunter that was hired by Marie to take out her enemies. He has been killing off all the descendants of Salem, which included Alexandra Breckenbridge. Marie said he has been doing a shitty job and now she wants all the witches heads.



Because this is American Horror Story that is the least of the school’s current problems. Classic Zoey made that promise to the Axeman about his release but forgot about it. He decides to take his anger out on Cordelia, who was tragically/adorably struggling to get ready for bed. She screams and Zoey, Queenie and Nan realizes what is happening. Zoey through her developing powers is able to pick out the right spell book and recite it in Latin to release the Axeman. He leaves the terrified Cordelia alone for the students to find.



He walks through the town annoyed by the horrible music and who does he run into at the bar but Fiona. She had been saying earlier in the episode that she wants to have one great love affair before she dies. I would be more worried, but I think Fiona can take this guy. But the Axeman did say earlier that he was a close relationship with the Angel of Death. Is that important or just a shout out to last season?

So much is happening. Half the time I have no idea what is going on and I’m very attached to Sarah Paulson’s character. This is just like last season. I love it.


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