Bones: “The Fury in the Jury”



Grade: C+

Airdate: 11/15/13

In Bones first episode after its switched to Fridays it did something it hasn’t done in a really long time; courtroom drama. I would have liked to have seen the team in the courtroom because those episodes are always great. Sadly, this was only Bones (Emily Deschanel), who was a jury for a professional soccer player that was accused of killing him wife. The took a few seconds at the end to try to justify how Bones ended up on the jury, but I wish it would have been at the beginning. It would be very unlikely that Bones or any other member of the team would be selected for a jury because lawyers don’t like to pick people who understand the justice system too much. So, Bones definitely would have been out.

Not thinking it usually something I like to reserve for Once Upon A Time, so Bones begin on the jury bugged me through the whole episode. While Bones is away, Daisy (Carla Gallo) takes her place in the lab. The team has a body that was found in the harbor, wrapped in a tarp. It takes the team longer than usual to identify the body because the skull was crushed. When they do it turns out to be the star witness, who has switched sides, in Bones’ trial.

The conflicting story lines was done well. Bones keeps making sure the jurors remember that he has to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The show plays the case out to be a George Zimmerman or OJ Simpson or someone else that society already thinks is guilty. But, Bones drives home the reasonable doubt thing. Sadly, Booth (David Boreanaz) and the squints are getting more and more evidence that make it seem like the soccer player killed the witness too. Bones and the jurors just think he didn’t show.

After the soccer player is found not guilty, Booth has to tell Bones about the witness’ murder. She feels responsible for letting him get away with the first one. Booth said they will caught him this time. The team finds all the evidence they need, Sweets (John Francis Daley) is able to get it out of the soccer player’s sister that she started to kill the witness because she didn’t want her brother to go to jail. But, she couldn’t finish it and called her brother for help. So, they caught him the second time around.

There was also a minor story line in this episode about Cam’s (Tamara Taylor) missing identity. Angela (Michaela Conlin) does a bunch of hacker stuff and is able to find security footage of the person and it turns out to be Cam’s college roommate. That was a random reveal. I was hoping for her sister or some other character we hadn’t seen for while to cook up some more drama. It seemed like a missed opportunity for drama and more mystery.

It was an all right episode. Bones is never usually a show I have to ignore real life facts I know so that was weird. Cam’s minor story line was rather boring. I enjoyed it fine, but it probably wasn’t exciting enough to keep any new or causal viewers during the Friday night death slot.


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