Once Upon A Time: “Think Lovely Thoughts” (S3Ep8)

I was rather concerned watching most of this episode of Once Upon A Time. Most of the episode seemed to be telling us back story we really didn’t need to know and was trying to humanize Rumple (Robert Carlyle). He had already been humanized enough with his commitment to giving up his life for Henry (Jared Gilmore). Exactly like Regina (Lana Parrilla) in most of the second season, the show seems to think it has never shown us that Rumple can be good before and has to prove it to us numerous times while also trying to keep him a villain. But, there was a good twist in Rumple’s back story so I accused the rest. I have learned to expect things on this show.

For as little SwanQueen as there is in this episode, one of the first things Regina does it complain about how Emma (Jennifer Morrison) had to go after Neal (Michael Raymond-James) instead of finding their son together.

Sorry I called your son worthless, but it's true1

Sorry, I called your son useless but it’s true.

Rumple tells Regina that Neal is actually alive and he knows. He said he doesn’t need to see Neal until he gets Henry back for him.

Cut your father and son crap!2

Cut your father and son crap!

All the father-son talk has us into Rumple’s flashback. When he was a child in the Fairytale World, I guess, his father was a gambling, drunk. One day he dedcide to leave his son with two ladies who spin straw.

Stay with these prefect strangers while I go pass out in the street4

You can keep him!

We are all about abandonment issues this season, so let’s go check in on Henry. Pan (Robbie Kay) is convincing him that he has to go to Skull Rock and pass the test to save magic and Wendy, who he thinks is dying.

so I have to do this for her to go to the dance with me3

Then she will go to the dance with me, right?

The hero gang is making their way across the island to go rescue Henry. Emma is a little worry that her parents are cool with abandoning her again to stay in Neverland forever. Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) said there is no other way.

But mom the rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers5

But, the rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers?

Rumple said he has a way but it is in his shop back in Storybrooke. Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), who is interested in saving Charming (Josh Dallas) tells Emma if they take some of the magic water with them he should survive the return trip.

The gang of heroes start to turn into a rather large group when Emma, Snow, Charming, Neal, Hook and Tink run into Regina and Rumple. Regina tells them they can actually capture Pan because of Pandora’s Box. Neal doesn’t trust Rumple because he knows Henry is his undoing and he could use the box against him.

The extended Charming Family is not thrilled6

The extended Charming family is not thrilled.

Being doubted by the heroes sends Rumple back to his childhood trauma, just like Regina last scene. And I’m not saying it is good parallelism. I am saying the writers are recycling a problematic story line because I think sometimes they have no idea what they are doing. Anyway, Young Rumple as given a magic bean by his foster moms and heads out to find his dad. He is drunk and gambling, but Rumple says they should go somewhere where nobody knows them and they can start over. His dad picks a place he used to dream about as a kid called Neverland.

hope nobody else comes wandering down this alley7

Hope nobody else wanders down this alley.

Neal — why is he allowed to decide anything — tells Rumple he can’t use magic in the attack and takes the box from him. Rumple then takes Hook’s sword, but after Charming calls him pretty he lends him a weapon. They reach the Lost Boy camp and Regina quickly takes out everyone. They then find Wendy, who says Pan took Henry to Skull Rock and is going to take his heart so he can be immortal and all powerful.

He was not this dumb in Storybrooke. Let's blame Neal!8

Henry was not this dumb in Storybrooke. Let’s blame Neal!

Everyone splits off into groups for the climatic rescue mission part of the episode. Hook and Tink are left to guard the Lost Boys. Snow is joining Charming for a hike up Brokeback Mountain to get the magic water. So, really all the excitement is left to Emma, Regina, Neal and Rumple who head over to Skull Rock.

Rumple is the only one who can get into the cave because he doesn’t have a shadow. Rumple thinks Pan must have done this for a reason. Back in his flashback, they reached Neverland and his father is trying to find pixie dust so he can fly. So yeah most of this flashback was like this:

Just a grown man sprinkling dust on his head and saying, i want to fly9

A grown man sprinkling fairy dust on his head.

But then the shadow offered him a deal and this happened:

Wad up son12

Wad up, son?

Apart from the family tree of this show getting even more messed up and the accent switch, that was a good twist.

So back in Neverland, Rumple and Pan have a kind of creepy sounding conversation about abandonment and loving each other. So what is Henry at now, three generations of parents abandoning children on this dad’s side and two on his mom’s? Regina really is the only good parent on this show. Pan ends the creepy conversation by trapping Rumple in Pandora’s Box and then turning his attention to Henry.

It doesn’t take much for Pan to convince him to rip his own heart out.

This is burnig my hand13

This is burning my hand.

Outside the cave, Emma, Regina and Neal are getting frustrated that they can’t get inside. Emma realizes if they cover the moon they will not have shadows and can enter. Regina said she needs Emma’s help and wants to “see if those lessons she gave her” paid off.

right now

Right now? Are you sure?

Should I be witnessing this metaphor11

Should I be witnessing this metaphor?

Blocking the moon with their sexual tension magic, lets them get into the cave and tells Henry he is begin stupid. All three of them try to convince Henry Pan is evil. He is but he was nice enough to call all of them Henry’s parents.


Emma said this isn’t what being a hero looks like and Regina says they all love him. Henry said he loves them too so he has to save magic for everyone. He then gives his heart to Pan, who sends a spell-like green force across the island. Henry then collapses and his moms and Neal run over.

The episode just ended after that, which is pretty cliffhangery for Once Upon A Time. The episode was good on its own, but had all the normal OUAT problems. Can they trade Neal’s life for Henry’s? I’d be cool with that.


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