Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “The Well”

I knew this episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was going to tie in the new Thor movie, so I had my sister summarize it for me because I wasn’t going to see it. All I really remembered was that Thor had to work with Loki to fight a bunch of elves that had turned Natalie Portman into something that was going to cause the destruction of the universe or something like that. Luckily, all that was only for the opening gag that the SHIELD team had to clean up the mess.

1 Agents of trash collection

Agents of trash collection.

They tell us all the necessary Thor back story we need and that they Asgardians are aliens not Gods. Everyone just thinks they are Gods because that is what people first thought they were, which my sister had told me. She also likes Norse mythology and this episode was for more about that then the actual Thor movies. Coulson (Clark Gregg) said they have to make sure nothing alien gets found by anyone except SHIELD.

That leads us to Norway, where two park rangers are cleaning up graffiti and a couple is searching for a tree. Now, I understand that almost everyone in Norway speaks English but why the hell  were all these Norwegians speaking to each other in English. It killed the realism. Anyway, the guy of the couple, Jakob, cuts down a tree and finds what looks like the handle of Thor’s hammer. The rangers come over, but the girl, Petra, is able to knock them out with super strength she got from touching the staff that filled her with rage.

2 look

At least they look Scandinavian.

The Shield team arrives and Ward (Brett Dalton) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) have a cute little moment of him helping her get over her sudden fear of heights, which was a result of her plane-jump two episodes back. She and Fitz (Iain De Caestracker) back on Serenity are able to determine part of an Asgardian staff is missing from the tree.

Nobody on the team knows what the staff is so they take it to an Asgard expert named Professor Randolph, played by Peter MacNicol, who is one of those actors that I feel like has small parts in everything but I still had to look up who he was. He tells the team it is part of a berseker staff. The berserkers were warriors that killed whatever was in their path because of the rage inside them created by their staff. One warrior stayed on Earth and hid is staff in three pieces around the world.

3 who

24! That’s what I know you from.

The couple is missing but Skye (Chloe Bennett) and May (Ming-Na Wen) do some quiet web searches and find footage of a bunch of riots throughout Europe. Their leaders are the couple, who are Norse Paganists that are trying to turn themselves into Gods. Oh, fun. They have to find the second piece of the staff, which is in Spain where the team currently is. They are all over Europe this episode. Skye and Ward head into tunnel underneath a church to trying to find the second part of the staff.

4 nt

Nation Treasure: Joss Whedon Edition.

As Skye delivering quirky dialogue in one part of the tunnel, Ward bumps into the professor. And he literally bumps into him and touches the staff he was trying to steal. This opens our back story into Ward this episode. He keeps seeing flashes of a little boy drowning at the bottom of a well.

5 well

Do people really get trapped down wells anymore?

Skye rushes over to find Ward, but he is acting weird and Randolph ran over with the staff piece. But, like three seconds later the Euro thugs find him, steal it and flip some cars for show. Coulson finds him and takes him back to Serenity for questioning. The kids are in the lab worrying about Ward, who Simmons is trying to run a physical on based on Skye’s request. He is not feeling it and getting more and more angry with everything they say. He also insults every one of them. And they all look so sad after he storms out, even with Simmons trying to say is was his chemistry he did mean to say any of that. Also, he was shirtless through this whole scene, which I’m sure pleased many of the fans.

6 ward emotion

Ward emotion!

He then goes and beats the crap of a punching bag and swings at May when she stops him and tells him to calm the eff down. He realizes something is wrong. He goes to tell Coulson whatever happened to him is messing up his agent skills. He tells Coulson the staff made him see his darkest memory, which had something to do with his brother. Coulson said if he knows something is wrong he can still do this job and that his rage can be useful because the professor hasn’t been giving him any answers. Ward goes in and almost immediately tries to stab him, but he is able to grab the knife and crush it. Coulson then walks in and Ward said he was right he is from Asgard.


“Good thing or that would have been rather embarrassing.”

So, the professor is the warrior that stayed on Earth. He tells them were the last part of the staff is. Which is good, because while all this had been happening the Euro thugs have gathered an army with numerous staff-touching, for-some-reason-English-speaking warriors. The team heads over to the church in Ireland where the third piece is. Skye is worried about Ward but Coulson said he is fine and May just quickly agrees with Coulson.

When they get there, the Euro thugs already have the third piece and start to attack. Ward grabs the staff again and gets more and more flashes of the boy in the well and another boy at the top of the well. The one at the bottom keeps screaming “Grant” proving that Skye was right and this is about his brother. Young Grant is stopped from throwing a rope down to his brother by what I’m guessing is the eldest brother, based on how much he looked like Ward. Skye tries to stop Ward, but May holds her back. After Ward kills everyone, he collapses from the effects of the staff and Skye runs to him.

8 kiss

So our kiss you thinking mid season or season finale?

Ward is about to get up and grab the staff again when more people arrive, but May tells him its her turn to be the badass. She is able to get all three pieces together and kills the rest of the people. Afterward, Ward asks her how she did it without the rage memory distracting her. She said she sees the memory every day. Where is May’s flashback episode? That night at the hotel, Ward is still a little shaken. He turns down an offering of drinks and talking with Skye to go up to him room alone. But, he ends up taking May’s silent offer for drinks and I’m sure lots of stoic staring in her room. Also, they had mathcing facial wounds and it was a very nice touch.

Another nice touch was Coulson’s nightmare about Tahiti. He told Randolph earlier that he was tempted to touch the staff just to see if it would be his own memory or not. This was a very short scene but Coulson did say, “did I fall asleep?” and the massage lady replied, “just for a little while.” That is a direct quote from Dollhouse. All the Marvel fans have been speculating that Coulson is some type of robot/cylon. As I started this post by saying, I’m just a Joss Whedon fan. So, I’m going with Coulson being a doll.


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