Once Upon A Time: “Save Henry” (S3Ep9)

I told myself I wasn’t going to spend too much time comparing this episode of Once Upon A Time to its season two counterpart “Queen of Hearts,” but they were both very similar. Sure, this isn’t the mid-season finale but it is the end of the Neverland part of this season, just as “Queen of Hearts” was the end of the Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) being in the Enchanted Forest part of the season. Season three has been better than two and this episode was no different. Yes, we wrapped up our first main problem of everyone being trapped in Neverland, but despite the episode’s name it did not solve all the problems. Our heroes still haven’t saved Henry (Jared Gilmore).

The episode picks back up with Henry’s moms and their sperm donor rushing to Henry’s body after he gave Pan (Robbie Kay) his heart. Pan taunts them a bit, says they can’t hurt him and disappears. They all freak out and fight about Henry for a moment.

Rough patch for Swanqueen

Swanqueen rough patch

Shortly after Regina calls Neal (Micahel Raymond-James) useless, she tells Emma that they are different because Emma has a family and her stupid love triangle, but Henry is all Regina has. And then Emma told her she was right and she can decide what they do. It was all so cute and #Swanqueen.

Also, Regina is all for killing Pan and Emma looks a little concerned. Regina then goes to start torturing the Lost Boys to find out where Pan is. Emma stops her and says that probably isn’t the best course of action. She realizes they Lost Boys want what every orphan does: a mother. You know, like Snow who abandoned her daughter for 28 years and is totally cool with doing it again.

Mother of the year

I’m an excellent mother.

The flashbacks take place in Storybrooke 11 years ago and we finally learn the story of how Regina become Henry’s mother. In a short scene back in the Enchanted Forest just before the curse hits, Regina gloats to Rumple (Robert Carlyle) that she got her life back. He says that might be true but she still will have to deal with the savoir and the hole in her heart left by the curse. He says one day she will come to him for help. Eventually a wonderful mixture of baby-braids Regina, evil queen Regina and misunderstood hero Regina, goes to Rumple and ask for a son. He tracks done baby Henry and Regina goes to collect him from an adoption agency in Boston.

All the stages of Regina!

All the Reginas!

Regina’s story line is rather predictable and simple from this point forward, but it was still fun to see. She struggles being a mother, getting advice from all the classic Storybrooke characters. Mary Maragret is able to get him to stop crying. She figures out the savior is his birth mother and yells at Rumple for that. In a good twist, Regina drinks a memory postion to forget about Emma and her fears that she would come break the curse and take Henry away from her.

Back in Neverland, Emma is nice to all the Lost Boys and offers them a home in Storybrooke, like every other characters the Charmings have meet in the last two seasons. Emma gets them to tell them that Pan is at some tree. She and Regina set out to find their son. But Snow thinks she is stuck in Neverland and will be abandoning Emma again so she tags along to kill the mood.

we got this

Really Mom, we got this.

Pan is waiting for them at the tree and ties them all to it with some magical vine. He goes on and on about them all being mothers and having regrets about abandoning their children. In her flashback, Regina almost gave Henry back but then decided she wanted him to have someone who would never leave him. Regina pretty much says she knows she sucked and was a villain for a really long time, but it got her Henry and she regrets nothing. She breaks out of the vine and takes Henry’s heart back from Pan.

They bring Henry back and he gets a hug from both his moms and it was all cute again. The heroes then collect every single person on the island, except Pan, onto the Jolly Roger. In a group effort, they are able to use Pan’s shadow and magic to sail home. They are able to get Rumple out of the box, so he is able to put some spell on Emma’s parents so they can go back to Storybrooke to replace her with another baby — I’m assuming that is how the show is going to handle Ginnifer Goodwin’s pregnancy — and the whole orphanage of Lost Boys they just adopted.

Henry is resting in the captain’s quarters peacefully, until Pan comes in and tries to take his heart again. But, Regina enchanted it so it can’t be taken. Pan has been going on about how he can’t be stopped all episode. He starts to take Henry’s shadow but Rumple traps him in the box. But, Pan some how switched bodies with Henry.But, nobody knows this except head evil Lost Boy, Felix.


Well, look who just got interesting

That was another good twist. It gives us a problem for the second part of the season and I am interested to see how Jared Gilmore does with acting as more than just the annoying child he has been for two and a half seasons. This season has been really good so far, but this point last season was when it went down hill. And with the Crew O’ Heroes and the 150 people they picked up in Neverland heading back to the town full of characters we have hardly seen, I think the show might run into the problem with too many characters. Also, Regina’s “true love” Robin Hood, Mulan, Aurora and Phillip are running around the Enchanted Forest somewhere too; Ruby is still missing and Ariel hasn’t even met Eric in Storybrooke yet.


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