American Horror Story: “The Sacred Taking” (S3Ep8)

I think this is the second time I have said this, but I didn’t know how to start this American Horror Story post because it left my mind a little too blown. Crazy stuff keeps happening left and right because the show is gearing up for its big war that is coming. Our first warning of the war comes from Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) in the opening scene.

She is strolling through the most urban looking part of New Orleans we have seen so far. She then gets threatened by a homeless guy. She stabs herself, freaking him out enough for her to knock him to the ground. Just then the goofy hat gang of Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) and Madison (Emma Roberts) arrive and ask what the hell she is doing. Their conversation makes it clean that Queenie switched sides and plans to fight with Marie (Angela Basset) against the coven. Oh, she also cuts open the guy’s chest and pulls out his beating heart because Marie needs it for a ritual. And I was trying to eat dinner during this.


We then switch to a voice over montage with Fiona (Jessica Lange) taking about how much pain she is in and how she doesn’t want to loss her beauty and power and die. She is still having sexy times with the Axeman (Danny Houston). He wants her to ran away with him, so they can live out the rest of her life together.

Over at the Dysfunctional Boarding School of Threesomes and Murders, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) has decided it is time for them to all get their shit together and kill Fiona before she destroys the coven. Madison wants to kill Fiona herself, but Cordelia says they have to stick with the plan. There is a knock on the door. Zoe goes to get it and a frantic Misty (Lily Rabe) is saying she needs help.

She and zombie Myrtle (Francis Conroy) were attacked by a guy with a gun in her swamp shack. Cordelia lets her stay and everyone is lead to Myrtle in the basement. She seems to be back to the crazy old lady she was in the first episode, but not so much in her other episodes. I like crazy version better. Anyway, Myrtle says since Misty is powerful enough to bring half the cast back to life she must be there next supreme. I was just as surprised as Misty looked.


The coven has to do a ritual, which is very nicely explained by Cordelia, to get Fiona to give up her powers to Misty. All the witch students are still mad because they want to be the supreme. Through Cordelia getting annoyed by everyone’s impatience and snarky comments from Madison, we figure out they have a plan to get Fiona to kill herself because that is the only it will work.

I really liked the plan, both for its quirky strangeness and uncertainty if it would work. It starts with Madison dancing around Fiona room like a weird angel or something. She tells Fiona she is the supreme and is the one bringing everyone back from the dead. She says Fiona has two choices: burn at the stake or take all her pills. After Madison leaves, Myrtle appears to tell — maybe shows? what is Myrtle’s power? — her that it isn’t going to work out with the Axeman. Fiona talks all the pills and Myrtle walks out.

While this was happening, Nan (Jamie Brewer) runs off because she heard Neighbor Luke (Alexandre Dreymon) getting hurt by his mom (Patti LuPone). That was by a can of chemicals, a hot water heater, some tubing and Luke taking his pants off. I’m not even sure what it was supposed to be, but I’m disturbed. Nan finds him tied up in a closest in his house, which I feel like is a weird shout out to what Constance used to do to Jamie Brewer’s character in season one. They decide to run off together, but Luke’s mom sees them and calls the police. But, then she is killed and Luke is shot by Hank (Josh Hamilton), who has been chilling outside in his car with a sniper rifle. Until they showed him, I had totally forgotten about that point line.

Obviously, the coven’s plan didn’t work. Fiona can’t be killed that easily and Jessica Lange can’t get killed in episode eight. Ghost Spalding (Denis O’Hare) watches her up, explains everything and said the swamp witch is she supreme. Fiona said she is going to avenge her death and then his. So, everyone is in danger.


Everyone else is hanging out in the portrait room waiting for Misty to feel like the supreme. She doesn’t feel anything and is saying she is not a good leader and flirts with Madison a bit. Fiona then strolls in and pretty much laughs at them. She then turns her attention to Misty, but with all the death happening next door she is drawn over there. Fiona follows her over and wants her to show her what she can do. Misty being Misty doesn’t seem scared at all, saves Luke’s mom and then passes out herself. You better not have hurt Misty, Fiona.


The next day, Fiona finds Cordelia in the kitchen. She says she is proud of her for the first time ever and Cordelia finds that rather absurd. But, she also says she is glad they failed because they are going to need Fiona. Cordelia and Zoe found a shell casing outside Luke’s house the night before that had been blessed by witch hunters. There is another knock on the door and Fiona goes to answer. All she finds is a box, like the one she sent the Minotaur’s head to Marie in. I was expecting it to be LaLaurie’s (Kathy Bates) hand because Marie cut it off earlier. But, no it was her head, which whispered help me up at a disgusted Fiona and confused Cordelia.

I’m excited for this war to begin because it is going to be awesome.


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