Once Upon A Time: “The New Neverland” (S3Ep10)

This episode of Once Upon A Time has me concerned, like I was after the mid-season finale last season. After the mid-season premiere (which is rather similar to this episode), the show went down hill and kept tumbling down that mountain until the reveal that Tamara was evil brought it back up again. Until that point the show was lost. It didn’t know who its villain was, who its heroes were and kept telling us stories we already knew the ending to. Hopefully, the twist at the end of this episode saves OUAT from its second season’s fate…hopefully.

The episode starts with the Crew O’ Heroes landing back in Storybrooke. Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and the rest of the town are there to greet them. Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Belle have a nice moment. The Charmings are greeted by all their friends, except for still missing Ruby. Wendy is met by her hipster brothers and they decided to go home. OK, good get three characters out of the way because this episode forgot to explain were the 40 or so Lost Boys went. As everyone is thanking them for saving the day, Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) says Regina (Lana Parrilla) is owed most of the credit.

Then we flashback to this:


I will destroy your hope for this show.

Yes, the third season, almost mid-season finale and we are still flashing back to the pilot. After we get that exchange that we have seen probably 50 times, Snow and Charming (Josh Dallas) in the Enchanted Forest are about to go on their honeymoon. Snow wants to find a way to defeat Regina once and for all. I have three main problems with this story line 1) We already know they don’t find one 2) Of all the couples to focus on Snow and Charming? Really? 3) Why is the show stuck on Regina being a villain? She has redeemed herself, get off the story line!

The in Storybrooke story line is better. Everyone is still being tricked by Pan switching himself into Henry’s body. They then all go to Granny’s to celebrate, with everyone character having slightly important interactions. Sound familiar:

OUAT 210 party

Season two episode 10


Season three episode 10

Season two’s version had a better SwanQueen scene. In this one, Neal (Raymond Michael-James) asks Emma (Jennifer Morrison) on a date. Blue (Keegan Connor Tracy) continues to be mean to Tink and will not give her her wings back. Pan In Henry has been reading the story book the whole time, like that is the reason the writers keep dragging us back to the pilot. Emma tells Pan In Henry it is time to go, but he says he wants to stay with Regina. Emma seems a little jealous. Pan In Henry only wanted to stay with Regina so he could find out more about her heart vault. Once Regina puts him to bed, he releases his shadow from the Jolly Roger.

Emma then stands Neal up for their date, but of course her parents butt in to make sure nothing gay happens. Charming goes and finds her and tells her not to be afraid to be happy. He tells her to go give Neal a chance and then the show makes a Charming and Hook joke?

hooking really

Of all the ships, Hooking is acknowledged?

Some time later, the shadow rips Blue’s shadow from her. Not too upsetting, she has been mean lately. But, everyone is worried for Henry’s safety and that Pan escaped somehow. Regina and Emma fighting about Henry for a little and Regina makes sure to drop in an “our son” before she takes him to the vault.

Somewhere in this, Snow and Charming are in the Enchanted Forest, trying to get Medusa’s head to use against Regina. It was just a lot of cuteness I am over, bad CGI and  Snow to realizing if you spend too much time trying to defeat something you can’t control you are going destroy your own happiness.

Go back to SwanQueen

Go back to SwanQueen!

Emma has been noticing that something has been weird with Henry all episode. Remember when she was a human lie detector? She and her parents go and open Pandora’s Box with Rumple and Belle and realizes it is Henry inside the box and they have switched bodies. For some reason, Charming is the first one to worry about Regina being with Pan In Henry. They gang runs over to the Mills heart vault and runs into Neal and Hook on the way. Inside, they find Regina who was knocked out by Pan In Henry. Rumple then notices something rather important is gone from the vault: the original curse.


The height difference was cracking me up all episode.

Pan In Henry and Felix are chatting up about how they are going to cast the curse. This time it would wipe everyone’s memories and make time stand still in Storybrooke again. Pan is going to make it the new Neverland. Rumple said without the true love loophole from Snow and Charming like last time Emma would be powerless to break it.

That twist was good. Enough to save all the crap that happened this episode? No. Do I think the writers have written themselves into a corner once again and are going to go in circles until they figure out a way out? Yes. I am a little interested in seeing what the new version of Storybrooke will be like. Will Ruby be back? Will Henry be less annoying? Can at least one of the femslash ships be made a thing?


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