Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: “The Bridge”

So, I didn’t post about “Repairs,” the episode before this one. It was on around Thanksgiving and I only watched it yesterday. There are only a few important things I feel like we need to know moving forward.

1. Ward (Brett Dalton) and May (Ming-Na Wen) slept together?! I’m not sure how I feel about it and it was never mentioned again the episode, but it seemed strange so I hope it comes up again later.

2. Nobody really knows the whole story of how May got the nickname the Calvary. Coulson (Clark Gregg) said she rescued people from an enemy building. She doesn’t talk about it and Coulson said she was a lot like Skye (Chloe Bennett) before it happened. Also, the line “let the girl go” has some kind of importance. Is that about Baby Skye? I hope it’s about Baby Skye.

Anyway, onward to this episode.

The previously on and the promos told us that Raina (Ruth Negga), the girl in the flower dress, and the guy she meet with in prison that one time were going to be important to this episode. So, we open to super soldiers with the Centipede arm things breaking into the prison and breaking the guy out.

synicatized prison breaking

Synchronized prison breaking

The team is called in to investigate. They are also given back up in the form of Mike (J. August Richards) from the first episode. He has been trying within SHIELD’s Centipede program to be a super solider. Somehow FitzSimmons’ (Ian de Caestacker, Elizabeth Henstridge) night-night gun cured him of the effects of the Centipede thing. Together they identify Raina as the recruit of the program and the jail guy as Edison Po (Cullen Douglas). There is also a clairvoyant playing for Team Evil but we know nothing about that person. Skye identifies one of the super soldiers and they track down his sister, who is a student at the University of Ohio.

Begin Ohio University Bobcat rant: University of Ohio? OK, I understand neither Ohio University or Ohio State University would give you the rights to use their name.  Couldn’t you have just made up a fictional Ohio college name and left the “Ohio” out of it? Why did you put it in Cleveland of all places? Why is Cleveland always the go-to Ohio city?

U of O

Nice fake Athens aerial shot


We get the look, they get the mascot.

I’m not sure if the show is hyper aware of the feud between OU and OSU and is trying everything to avoid picking sides, like placing the school in Cleveland, or if it is just combing them like it’s all cool.

brutus punched


OK, I need to focus because more important stuff happened in this episode.

Ward pretty much just freaks out the solider’s sister, so she calls the solider and they can locate him. He is in California so the fake melting pot of Ohio colleges is left in the dusk. Mike has a conversation with Skye about how he is missing his son,  Ace, and can’t tell him what he is really doing. The team is about to storm Centipede’s new warehouse and Coulson tells Mike it is time for his first field test.


I can be on the team?

Once inside they are met by the three super soldiers. Coulson is quickly knocked out and Mike is injured, but Ward and May do a bunch of badass fighting together. Ward does take a punch for May, but when she confronts him later he says it was a tactical move and had nothing to do with their sexy times.

Shipping containers are never good

Shipping containers are never good.

After Mike and Coulson get themselves together, they knock down one of the shoulders and he begs not to be killed. Then, his eye self destructs. The team later figures out he had the robot eye that Akela did a few episodes back. Centipede has that technology too and Coulson starts to worry that they are a bigger threat then everyone thought.

I agreed to eyeball self destructs

Ew, I agreed to eyeball self destructs?

Raina watched everything that happened between the super soldiers and the team. She is mostly annoyed at the team for wrecking all their plans for the second time. We also find out that she is not the Big Bad that I thought she was. She is just a servant of Po.

real big bad

You are the Faith to my Mayor Wilkins.

The main sub-plot for the episode is Skye trying to track down the female agent who left her at the orphanage. She has been going through all the active agents at the time and hopes the female agent was her mother. Coulson finds out and tells her May is looking into it too. But, he also goes to May and tells her Skye is going to ask her about it. They make it clear that they are trying to hid the truth from her.

Skye asks May about it later and she lays into her saying she has to know why she is there. She either has to choose between finding her family or being loyal to SHIELD. May seemed uncharacteristically mean and Skye went and cried in her bunk afterward.

too cute to not be my favorite

Too cute to not be my favorite.

Now that we have that family or SHIELD theme going on, Mike has a similar conversation with Coulson and then goes to call his son. But, Raina has kidnapped him and offers him a trade: his son goes free and Centipede gets him.

I might find you and I will try to kill you

I might find you and I will try to kill you.

The team makes a plan to give over Mike to get Ace. But, then everyone has a special role in instantly attacking and freeing Mike. When they get to the exchange site on a bridge in Long Beach, Coulson heads out with Mike. The rest of the team watches from the van, except for Ward, who is on a roof with a sniper rifle. But, we then find out Mike has lied to everyone and the trade was really Ace for Coulson. Coulson tells him it is fine, having faith that his team will save him no matter what. Ace runs to Mike and Raina drugs Coulson.

Oh no

Oh no!

Mike runs Ace back to Skye and then says he is going to save Coulson. And then all this craziness happened within 50 seconds. There is really no way to explain how insane it was so I’m just going to use screen grabs.


Mike runs into an explosion.



The car Coulson is in explodes.



A helicopter flies by and shots Ward.


Inside the helicopter, Raina tells Coulson she wants to know what happened the day after he died. She seems to think it is the secret to making her super soldiers stronger.

We freaked the audience good

We freaked the audience good.

you bitches

You bitches.

Good winter finale, SHIELD. I can’t wait until you come back.


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