American Horror Story: “Head” (S3Ep9)

It doesn’t happen very often, but I found myself getting bored during this episode of American Horror Story: Coven. That was because it focused mainly on the two not-Evan-Peters dude characters of Hank (Josh Hamilton) and Luke (Alexander Dreymon). I quess I shouldn’t complain too much, they were both killed by the end of the episode so I feel a little bad. Well, just about Luke. I could care less about Hank.

The episode opens with a flashback to Hank’s childhood, which already made me fear for the fate of this episode. Witch hunting is a family business and his dad owns a finance/witch hunter business called the Delphi Trust. Hank is a black sheep of the family because he sucks in every way, including killing witches. His dad tells him to stay out of the way of the killing and just get back to being the man on the inside with his “wife.” Oh, they also blinded Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) because they thought it would make her more dependent on him.

So, to character’s we actually care about. Fiona (Jessica Lange) walks into Marie’s (Angela Bassett) salon with LaLaurie’s (Kathy Bates) head in a box. Fiona wants to make an alliance with her because of what the witch hunters did to their Jesus freak neighbors. Marie says witch hunters are the white girls’ problem, but Fiona said they will come for her tribe once they are down with her coven. Fiona re-gifts the head to Marie and she tells Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) to throw it in the fire pit in the back yard.


She doesn’t and instead decides she is going to educate LaLaurie before she lets her die. So, she puts her head on a T.V. tray and sets her up to watch a bunch of movies about racism.

Over at the school, Cordelia is fumbling around the kitchen. Myrtle (Frances Conroy) finds her and makes sure she knows she would never hurt her. Myrtle acts rather crazy all episode and beside the one scene Misty (Lily Rabe) had it was my favorite part. So, Myrtle calls the two other members of the council faking that she is all cool with them killing her. But, nope. She scopes out an eye from both of them with a melon baller and then cuts up there bodies and burns them in acid. Gross.


She then gives their eyes to Cordelia. On the plus side: Cordelia can see again and Sarah Paulson’s face is back to normal. On the down side: she has lost her vision power and the eyes are different colors so it looks a little weird.

Cordelia finally notices that this school is missing all its students and we switch over to the hospital, where Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) and Madison (Emma Roberts) have gone to track down Nan (Jamie Brewer). They help her getting into the room to see Luke, who is in a coma. His mom is being all Jesus freaky, of course. Nan starts to read Luke’s mind and tell her what he is saying. She thinks it is a trick at first, but Luke and Nan are able to convince her.


Everything seems to be going fine until, Luke has Nan tells his mom that there is a God and he told Luke that his mom murdered his dad. I’m confused on how the afterlife is working on this show. Madison said there was nothing, but Luke talked to God. Could Misty, Myrtle or Kyle (Evan Peters) way in on this? Anyway, Luke’s mom wasn’t too happy about Luke finding out and tells Nan to leave. She then smothers Luke with a pillow. Jesus freaks are the nicest people.

Hank comes by the school to beg Cordelia to take him back, but she tells him she is too busy making magic with Misty. She also filed for divorce and wants him to get his stuff and leave. Fiona laughs at him when she runs into him upstairs. She also got the Coven an attack dog, but the dog found Kyle and he accidentally hugged it to death. Fiona makes the best of the situation by making him almost normal and saying he is their new attack dog.

So after being degraded all episode, Hank decides to prove himself. He heads over to Marie’s salon with a lot of guns and starts shooting up the place. He kills a few of the people at random and then shots Queenie! He then finds his way to Marie. He hesitates for a second, but it is enough time for Queenie to shot herself through the head, voodoo killing him. I don’t know if she is dead or not. She fell to the ground after that, but maybe she just passed out from the other gun shot wound. Or maybe Misty could save her?


The episode ends with Marie showing up at the school and Fiona letting her inside. So, with the alliance forming and two, possibly three, character deaths we are definitely gearing up for the ending of the season. This wasn’t that exciting of an episode, but it was still good. I’ll be looking forward to the show’s return on Jan. 8.


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