Once Upon A Time: “Going Home” (S3Ep11)

At the beginning of this episode of Once Upon  A Time I was rather annoyed, like I am most of the time when I watch this show. But, by the midway point my faith had been restored and I remembered why I sometimes love this show very much.

The episode starts with Pan In Henry (Jared Gilmore) and Felix heading to the well to enact the curse. Over in the graveyard, almost every other character is listening to Rumple (Robert Carlyle) explain how they can defeat Pan In Henry. They need to get the Black Fairy’s wand so they can switch back Henry and Pan. Then Henry (Robbie Kay), once he is back in Henry can bring the curse to them so Regina (Lana Parrilla) can destroy it.


To the first part that had me annoyed, we flashback to a pregnant Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) all worried about the original curse being cast. Yes, we know about the magic wardrobe and that this CGI’ed room is Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison). Did the writers forget about the episode in season two when we were in this room? Anyway, the only important thing in this scene is that Blue (Keegan Connor Tracy) says “their story will one day reveal itself.”

Later on, we did get that scene too. Snow, back when she was fourth grade teacher Mary Margaret, just found the story book in her apartment. She gave it to Henry to restore his hope because he was all sad thinking neither of his moms loved him. That scene also made me realize that I liked cursed Mary Margaret, but uncursed Mary Margaret/Storybrooke Snow is really annoying.

p an age

Ignore my pregnancy and Jared Gilmore’s growth spurt

Half the gang goes and kills Pan’s shadow, which brings Blue back to life and she gives them the Black Fairy’s wand. The other half heads to the back of Rumple’s shop to prepare for the body switching. After the wand gang arrives, Rumple puts the anti-magic cuff on Henry In Pan so when he becomes Pan again he is without magic. The switch starts to work and Emma says “let’s go find our son,” obviously to only Regina but everyone, expect Rumple, comes along.

Rumple waits for Pan to wake up with the intention of killing him. But, the magic cuff doesn’t work on him. He puts it on Rumple, throws him across the room and calls him the village coward.

Emma, Regina and the rest of the gang find back-to-normal Henry and he hugs Regina and Emma and calls them both Mom.


Aw! And yes, I did crop Neal out of this picture.

But, then Henry hands the scroll to Regina and this happens:

hands off Neal

Hands off Neal!

She wakes up a moment later and the first thing she says is “Emma,” which is probably supposed to be a reference to Henry realizing in the 2011 flashback that Emma is the key to breaking the curse but I’m going to say it is her happiness to waking up to Emma’s face. She said she saw what she had to do to break Pan’s curse and looks rather concerned about it, but before she can tell anyone why Pan comes, takes the scroll and freezes everyone in place. He is threatening to kill either Neal (Michael Raymond-James) or Belle (Emilie de Ravin) to piss off Rumple,but then he arrives to stop him.

Rumple said he knows the price of finally stopping Pan and is willing to pay it. His shadow then arrives and hands him the dagger. It was almost too dramatic for me to not think about how the hell his shadow got to Storybrooke. He says the only way for him to die is if they both do. He then stabs him in the back and they both disappear in a puff of black smoke. Everyone is then unfrozen and freaks out as I remembered why I love this show sometimes.

did i just get killed off

Wait, they killed me off?

But, Pan’s death didn’t stop the curse, which Hook and Neal are quick remind the clearly upset and almost crying Regina. Finally, Emma goes to her and asks what the price is. Regina says everyone will go back to the Enchanted Forest, except Henry because he was in born in the normal world. Emma looks like this when she thinks her son might succumb to the Rumple-Charming-Swan family abandonment trait again:


Why are we such terrible parents?

Regina tells her Henry won’t be alone. She is the savior and she can stay with him. Emma wants both of them to go back, but Regina can’t be with him. Emma doesn’t want to, but Snow says it is her and Henry’s only chance to get a happy ending and Regina convinces her it is the best thing for their son.

dirty ref

I was going to make a dirty SwanQueen reference, but it’s too cute. I can’t.

Then seemingly every person in Storybrooke, minus Ruby of course, goes to not-the-normal-part-of the town line to see off Emma and Henry. Henry tells Regina this isn’t fair and she says villains aren’t supposed to get happy endings. Henry then tells her she isn’t a villain. I’m glad the show villains admitted that. Emma says goodbye to her parents and her stupid love triangle. And as much as I hate Neal, he is the only one who says they will all see each other again someday.

Emma is about to walk to her car when Regina stops her. She tells her that the curse will totally erase Storybrooke and also all of her and Henry’s memories of Storybrooke. But, she offers to give Emma and Henry new memories. They will both think that she never gave him up for adoption and they have been together for the past 11 years.

kiss already

Kiss already!

Emma cries a little bit, shocked that Regina is willing to erase herself from their sons memories and thanks her. My dream was for a kiss here, but I’m actually a little annoyed that Emma didn’t even hug Regina. The scene was canon-ly emotional enough for that. Emma and Henry get into the car and drive off as the green smoke covers Storybrooke and Regina casts the spell to stop it. Then purple smoke washes over Storybrooke.

We then jump to one year later. Emma and Henry are living in Boston, I guess. There is a knock at the door and Emma answers it to find Hook. But, she has no idea who he is because she forgot everything that has happened in the show thus far. He tells her her family is in danger and she is confused because she has forgotten about her parents, wife and all her friends from Storybrooke. She pushes Hook back into the hallway and goes back to eating breakfast with Henry.

I really liked this episode. It might be one of my favorites and it was actually better than the season two winter finale. I was so happy and excited about the episode, I looked up the promo, but then instantly wished I had waited a few days. It is making me nerves about how the latter part of this season is going to go. Here are my quick thoughts:


No Mulan? And March?


Yay, these outfits are back.

where the hell

Where the hell is this supposed to be?


What? Why? How? What?

See you in March.


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