Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “The Magical Place”

After the amazingly dramatic ending to the first part of its first season, Agents of Shield did an excellent of returning to normal with its second part premiere. It was wildly dramatic as we watched Coulson (Clark Gregg) get tortured, it made me think Shepherd Book (Ron Glass) might be bad and Rayna (Ruth Negga) might not be as bad as we thought and Skimmons has a safe word?! Anyway, I liked this episode a lot so lets get to the review shall we.

The episode opens with a bunch of people who don’t know buying and selling what looks like Centipede equipment. But, before they can finish that a Rumba — I’m not kidding — comes in and blows them up. This episode has a lot of chase and fight scenes and this one involves the entire team playing a part. It ends with them catching Vanchat (Aiden Turner), who has information on were Centipede and Coulson is.

well shit

Well shit, I’ll just die.

Turns out this was a whole SHIELD operation and SHIELD has replaced Coulson’s positions with Agent Hand (Saffron Burrows).

can it please be explained this episode why everyone thinks she's so cool

I still don’t get why she is so popular.

Hand is all worried about protocols and briefing and bringing in a bunch of other agents into FitzSimmons’ (Iain de Carstecker, Elizabeth Henstridge) lab. But, our heroes are more concerned with just saving Coulson. Skye (Chloe Bennett) decides to show that she could be more useful if the system didn’t lock down anytime she turned to do any work because of that anti-hacking bracelet she has.

Can you close the door and let me continue to be awesome

Can you close the door so I can continue to be awesome?

Hand gets all pissed at Skye and asks Ward (Brett Dalton) and May (Ming-Na Wen) if she is safe enough to have on the plane. Ward quickly says of course, but May says no. For some reason it took Ward until about 20 minutes later to realize May did that as part of the plan. I realized as soon as FitzSimmons come to Skye with a satellite phone disguised as a sandwich, good continuity show. They tell Skye the agents will be here in 12 minutes and no one will be watching her until then.

Is 12 minutes enough for bad girl shannigans

Is 12 minutes enough for bad girl shenanigans?

So, Skye runs off and tracks down a guy on SHIELD radar to try to find Centipede through a money trail. Centipede isn’t being very nice to Coulson. He keeps getting flashes of Tahiti that look like they are glitching and is randomly tazed by the people working for Po and Rayna.

Recycled Dollhouse tech

Recycled Dollhouse tech

Rayna is still trying to figure out what happened to Coulson after he died. They take him out of the Dollhouse set and chain him to a bed. That lasts for about four second until he gets out and makes a run for it.

knew that wasn't going to take long

Knew this was going to happen.

Sadly, he is being held at a town that was built in the middle of the desert for nuclear testing and the place is covered with guards. So, since Coulson can’t help himself too much, his team is picking up the slack. FitzSimmons is modifying the Night-Night Gun and Ward is questioning the Vanchat guy against Hand’s orders. Skye has gotten herself into the finance guys house and is pretending to be May because lolz.

Dress up day!

Dress up day!

After lots of computer and finance jargon and a little fighting, Skye gets everything she needs and finds Rayna’s location. She calls the rest of the team. They have to go in alone because Hand doesn’t think finding Coulson is that important. Or does she and she is just doing this because she knows the team will do it anyway like she did in her last episode?

Over at the bad guy headquarters, the mysterious Clairvoyant character calls Po and kills him using the phone. I have no idea how that worked but it was scary.

The clarvoyant is the real big bad

The clairvoyant scares me

Rayna starts acting all nice to Coulson. He allow half-trusts her because Po had said early that he needed her power of persuasion. She tells Coulson she wants what he does. The information that SHIELD is keeping from him and he deserves it because they took his chance of having a normal life. And the love of his life, who was that cellist girl he talked about when they were visiting fake Ohio University last episode.

What about my love for Captain America

But what about my love for Captain America?

The team arrives at the weird town thing. Mostly this scene is just used to show May and Ward be badass and highlight the creep factor of the town.

Heros in training shot

Welcome to hero training camp.

Skye reaches Coulson right when he is getting flashbacks of Tahiti turning into Shepard Book and a SHIELD doctor operating on him and he is repeating that he wants to die.

Worse than I expected

Worse than everyone thought

The team gets Coulson back to Serenity and Rayna into custody, which I don’t think is going to last long. Hand seems to be a little mad at them or had just expected the fact that she can’t tell them what to do. And what is going on with her and May? Did they work together at some point and it went badly? I hope we get that story. Skye tells Coulson that she heard what he was saying when she found him. He says it all wasn’t real and he is proud of her. He then deactivates her anti-hacking bracelet.

I like her better in bicirous plaid

I like her better in bicurious plaid.

But, Coulson clearly doesn’t believe that because he goes and hides in Book’s car and questions him about his death. Book said he wasn’t dead for eight seconds or 40 seconds but for about two or three days. Book said it was Fury and Hill’s decision and he was only told about it during Coulson’s seventh operation. He also lost his will to life during the operations and Book said they “tried” to put it back.

He said ungodly and good doctor

He also said “godly” and “good doctor.”

And then this happened:

Centipide turned Michael into a terminator

Centipede turned Micheal into a Terminator!

I’m glad this show is back. See you next week.


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