American Horror Story: Coven double recap (S3Ep10 and Ep11)

I had taken a longer break than everyone else from American Horror Story: Coven. I had another job switch and a move. But, I will not get into that because you are not here to hear about me. You want to know what is happening on an Emmy award winning show that can kill two main/main-ish characters in one episode, make Frances Conroy act like a nut and have a Stevie Nicks concert all in one episode. This is a two-episode post so enjoy.

“The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”

From the title I though this was just going to be a lot of Misty (Lily Rabe) and it was. But, it also dealt with all the events of the last episode — Hank shooting up Marie’s hair salon, Queenie possibly dying and Hot Neighbor Luke getting murdered by his mom — plus a whole lot of other stuff.

A substantial part of the episode is based around Fiona (Jessica Lange) and Marie’s (Angela Bassett) sudden partnership. After Hank’s rampage, they decide to team up. Marie tells Fiona and Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) that Hank was a witch hunter and she hired him to kill the white witches. But, she said he was a wimp and couldn’t do it and that Cordelia shouldn’t feel so betrayed because Marie got fooled by Hank too. Fiona doesn’t see it that way though and smacks her across the face calling blind in every sense of the word.

Fiona then turns her attention to molding Misty into the perfect Supreme. Her first step is to make Misty want it and she does that by inviting her idol Stevie Nicks over for drinks and an impromptu concert. The other witches are not too happen about Misty getting all the attention. Madison (Emma Roberts), who would really like if Fiona could invite over Eminem, is the most pissed saying she has to be the Supreme because she has multiple powers, came back from the dead and her death cured that heart murmur that made her ineligible.

misty the fangirl

The student-witches start it as a petty argument but really I have no idea who is the next Supreme. Well, it isn’t Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) because she didn’t have the strength to fight Nan while she killed Luke’s mom (Patti LuPone) for cremating Luke. But, it can’t be Nan either because she gets strangled in a bathtub by Fiona and Marie at the end of the episode. More on that later.


Cordelia, trying to make up for her mistakes, tracks down Hank’s father and the witch-hunting/finance company the Delphi Trust. Fiona is overly mean to Cordelia and yells at her to get out while she and Marie do a spell to make the company start to fail so the hunters will come to them. Cordelia hides out in the basement with her chemistry stuff and Myrtle (Frances Conroy).

Cordelia wines that she has lost everything — what even were her original powers? — and Fiona is right, she is a failure. Myrtle tells her she makes really good salad dressing and should bottle and sell it. I was laughing so much at Myrtle despite Cordelia’s breakdown.

Madison and Misty are following a very New Orleans funeral through the streets. Madison is trying to convince Misty that she isn’t the Supreme. Misty says she isn’t stupid and know what she is doing. Sadly, Madison was being a little too cunning for Misty, who spent most of the episode twirling in Stevie’s shawl. Madison is able to open the coffin, awake the dead guy and convince Misty to get close enough for her to knock her out and have her be buried instead. OK, I’m not the biggest Madison fan anymore, but that was an incredible smart way to rid of someone who can’t die because she was buried alive in one of the stone box tomb things.

Now to the crack and baby parts of the episode. During their growing friendship, Marie tells Fiona that she got her immorality from Papa Legba?, who is a demon-voodoo guy that can be summoned by crack. Sure. He asks for payment every year and for Marie is a newborn. Fiona decides to make a deal with him but he said he can’t because she doesn’t have a soul and he needs an innocent soul.


Nan gets mixed up in this by finding the newborn Marie stole from a hospital at the start of the episode. Fiona sees this as a chance for them to work together. So, they drown Nan in the bathtub and offer her soul and the baby to Papa Legba. He seemed pleased with Nan and them working together. But, I’m not 100 percent sure if Fiona got her immorality or not.

Better go watch the next episode.

“Protect the Coven”

This episode starts with the members of the Coven, Marie and Kyle (Evan Peters) having Nan’s (Jamie Brewer) funeral in the same graveyard where somewhere Misty (Lily Rabe) is buried. Speaking of undead characters, an SUV drives up and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) and LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) walk out. Queenie is pissed at everyone for letting her die and then forgetting about her. They all head back to the Coven.

bitches be back

This season has had a tendency to have long voice overs to get us more into the characters. This episode it was LaLaurie, who Queenie had kept in that debazzled Ed Hardy sweatshirt and was dragging around on a leash. Not kidding. The Coven turns her into a maid again.

We swoop around the Coven and get a glimpse of everyone while LaLaurie talks about killing slaves because she needed a hobby. We are getting close to the end and this part seemed to be setting up everything that was going to come crashing down by the end. Zoe, Kyle and Madison are still all sleeping together, Cordelia is trying everything to get her powers back and Fiona is leaving every night to go have sexy times with the Axeman (Danny Houston).

LaLaurie ends up killing the gardener in Spalding’s (Denis O’Hare) room. He agrees to help her kill Marie if she gets something for him. This whole story line turned to be Spalding tricking LaLaurie that Benadryl would kill Marie so he could get her out of the way and steal that baby she stole to make a living doll. LaLaurie did end up with an unconscious Marie at the end but I’m not sure what she did with her.

Zoe decides to figure out what happened to Nan and finds out that Fiona and Marie killed her together. Madison walks in but could care less and gets pissed when Kyle refused to have sex with her. She then attacks Zoe until Myrtle walks in and stops them. While this is going on upstairs in the basement, Cordelia has had enough with her mom and even Queenie calling her a failure. She starts to cover her eyes in some weird magic goop and I though it was going to burn them out but no. It was much worse.


Myrtle called Cordelia a hero and she did everything to protect the coven and get the sight back. But, we never saw Cordelia after she stabbed her eyes out, so I’m not sure if it did work or not. I really hope she isn’t dead.

Outside of the extra-crazy-this-week Coven house, Fiona and Marie agree to meet with Hank’s dad and the rest of the Delphi Trust. They offer a 100-year truce if they restore the witch-hunting/finance business. Of course, they deny that. Instead the Axeman come in and axed them all to death. Fiona and Marie then go home and have drinks until Fiona leaves to go see the Axeman. That is when LaLaurie tries to kill Marie with cough medicine.

Somewhere in all of this Myrtle tells Zoe that is isn’t save for her and Kyle in the Coven anymore. The episode ends with Zoe and Kyle running to techno music toward a bus to Orlando. And that was how the episode ended, which seemed like a not very suspenseful way to end the fourth last episode of the season.


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