American Horror Story: “Go to Hell” (S3Ep12)

There was a lot of death in this episode of American Horror Story, which is something I have learned to expect with this show. But, twice I was shocked by the gruesomeness. This was a good second last episode and I think more people are going to be alive at the end than the previous two seasons. But, they killed off Jessica Lange!

The episode started with silent film footage that explained the Seven Wonders to be the supreme. It was very informed and kept with picking the supreme being a long standing tradition. I liked it. The best way to start a widely popular show? I’m not sure. We were getting the footage because Fiona (Jessica Lange) was explaining it to Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), who thinks she is the supreme and will take the test on Saturday.

Queenie asks where Marie (Angela Bassett) is and we flash to LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) chopping her up in the basement while she is still alive. That scene was really getting close to the line of what I can handle from this show.

well shit

But don’t worry, Queenie ended up finding LaLauire, who has escaped back to her house. Queenie had made a deal with Papa Legba? to let her kill the immoral LaLauire because she killed Marie, meaning she could not longer be of service to him in the moral realm. Queenie stabs her and sends her into her own special hell, which is her being locked in her torture attic with her daughters as Marie is forced to torture the daughter, but not LaLaurie. Papa Legba? is good.


I just wanted to get that out of the way because that was story line B and story line A involved every character and took up the rest of the episode.

First off, the show did this to Sarah Paulson’s face, right after we got it back:

1 aw her face

Cordelia is trying to figure out what happened to Misty (Lily Rabe). Madison (Emma Roberts), who buried Misty alive in that graveyard,  will not let her touch her, but it turns out Cordelia’s second sight isn’t working that well. Fiona is downstairs getting her supreme painting done but start bleeding uncontrollably in the middle of it. She realizes that she is actually about to die this time and gets ready to leave the witches, the Axeman (Danny Houston) and the Cordelia behind.

Cordelia finds her and she gives her her mother’s necklace. The necklace restores Cordelia’s second sight and she is able to see that Fiona plans to kill everyone in the Coven and then get on a plane all within two days. Continuing her heroic — but also completely insane — actions from last week, Cordelia then goes to the Axeman to tell him that Fiona will not be riding off into the sunset with him. I’m not really sure what Cordelia’s end game was. Did you want Fiona dead? Did she just want her distracted or out of the way?

rockin it

Whichever it was she plants a good seed of doubt in the Axeman. Back at the house, Myrtle (Frances Conroy) is putting poisonous plants around because you know magic… I think she is just nuts. Anyway, she can tell if people are lying and seems pretty convinced that Madison knows what happened to Misty. All the possible supremes’ powers have been evolving this episode, so maybe Madison blocked it.

Meanwhile, Cordelia was able to use Misty’s belongings to see where she was. She brought Queenie along, probably to drive her because she is blind, but also break down the tomb and bring Misty back to live. While this is happening Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) and Kyle (Evan Peters) arrive back at the Coven because he went all Frakenkyle and killed a guy in Florida. But, Zoe brought him back to live and realized she must be the next supreme. Just then, Cordelia, Misty and Queenie walk in, which leads to a very entertaining chick fight between Misty and Madison.

But, it is broken up by the Axeman running at them with his ax. Madison says he walked into the wrong house and everyone magics him across the room. Cordelia recognizes his voice and tells everyone he is the Axeman. Myrtle points out he is mortal now and that he got blood on the floor. But, it isn’t his. Cordelia can tell it is Fiona’s.

chick fight over

In a flashback/Cordelia seeing the event through the Axeman, Fiona goes to the Axeman’s apartment for regular sexy times. But, he finds the plane ticket that Cordelia said would be in her purse. He gets rather mad and a little rape-y about Fiona having never loved him and just using him because she wanted to feel something before she died. She also said she was going to kill all the witches. So, she would stop dying until the next generation’s supreme comes into power in about 30 years. Fiona’s was never a good person or that much of a  likable character, but she was Jessica Lange. So of course, I loved her and screamed at my computer when the Axeman axed her in the back.

The witches are not very happy to hear that the their supreme is dead. Kyle starts to drag the Axeman away because he is the Coven’s guard dog.Misty points out they don’t need a man to protect them as they all make knives fly off the wall and repeatedly stab the Axeman as Cordelia stands all sad in the corner with Myrtle.

The episode ends with Cordelia saying Fiona was a powerful witch and an awesome bitch but a terrible supreme. Especially since she didn’t name a successor. Because Cordelia is just as clueless to who it is as we are Zoe, Madison, Misty and Queenie will all be undergoing the Seven Wonders on Sunday at dawn. Fiona did warn that many a witch has died during the Seven Wonders, but hopefully more than just one person survives this season of American Horror Story. It was Jessica Lange in season one and Sarah Paulson in season two. Lily Rabe, Evan Peters and Frances Conroy are the other three-season cast members, so one of them maybe?



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