American Horror Story: “The Seven Wonders” (S3ep13)

With the excitement built up from the second last episode and the knowing the supreme would be chosen, which this season has been teasing since almost the beginning, I went into this episode rather excited. The season finale for American Horror Story: Coven was very well done. It gave us everything we wanted to see, killed multiple characters, remained us of long forgotten details, broke the mold of how the first two seasons ended and gave us a few things that I’m not really sure we needed but were fun anyway. I’m looking at you Stevie Nicks training montage, music video opening.

traning montage

As Stevie Nicks wonders through the house singing, Madison (Emma Roberts), Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) and Misty (Lily Rabe) are prepping for the Seven Wonders. Zoe is rather boring because for some reason her characters are always a little boring, Madison is being a diva, Queenie has a photo of Nan nearby — aww, remember when they were friends, and Misty is bringing plants back to live in Cordelia’s (Sarah Paulson) plant room because the show needed to remind us of all the missed femslash opportunities there.

The girls all get ready and Cordelia and Myrtle (Frances Conroy) have them eat the last supper and warn them about the dangers of the Seven Wonders. Of course, everyone is being there normal selves so Madison and Queenie are not worried, Zoe looks a little concerned and Misty is adorably nervous.

last supper

After the last couple of episodes, I had no idea who the strongest of the four was going into this episode. During the first challenge, which was making a candle move so they can blow it out, Misty takes much longer than the others and I started to get a little worried. The next challenge is controlling each others minds and Misty seems evenly matched with Queenie. Then Madison and Zoe go up against each other. Madison decides to take this as a chance to get out her anger about Kyle (Evan Peters) choosing Zoe over her. She makes Kyle come over and kiss her until Zoe makes him come over and kiss her. Cordelia gets feed up with this and throws Kyle against the wall stopping the fighting between the former members of the zombie threesome.

Also, as my sister pointed out, Kyle was being treated and acting a lot like Spadling (Denis O’Hare) in this episode. No, please stop, gross.

last supper

The next challenge for everyone is to go down into hell and come back within a time limit. Queenie does it in about five seconds because she was the only one who had done it before. This episode continued the awesome personal hell idea from the last episode. Queenie was back in the chicken restaurant. Zoe’s was Kyle breaking up with her again and again, because of course it was. Madison was that she was in that live version of the Sound of Music, lolz. They all wake up and realize Misty is still in her hell and the time is running out.

Like, everything about her, Misty’s hell is adorable. She is in eighth grade science class dissecting a frog. She keeps bringing it back to life, a boy tells on her and the teacher makes her kill it again and again. Misty, being the least trained of all the witches, can’t break out of her hell and the time runs out. Cordelia cradles her body and cries until Misty’s body disappears!


To try to lighten the mood after Misty’s death and remember that they were once all friends, Madison, Zoe and Queenie decide to turn the transmutation challenge into a game of tag. It was fun and entertaining to watch. Once again, Cordelia reminds them of the dangers of the Seven Wonders and this happens to Zoe:


This gets turned into the bringing something back to life challenge. Queenie can’t do it, so if Madison can she passes. But, Cordelia said Zoe would also be back in the running and Madison doesn’t like that idea. She kills a fly and brings it back. She is pissed when nobody agrees that she is the supreme and storms out.

Cordelia and Myrtle then go off to try to figure out what to do now. Cordelia admits that if Madison a.k.a Mini Fiona (Jessica Lange) is the next supreme maybe the coven is better off if it dies out. Myrtle says that is ridiculous and tells Cordelia she could be the supreme. She was always incredible powerful but was consistently getting knocked down by Fiona and the other witches.

Cordelia agrees to join. I always wondered why Cordelia was never consisted to be the supreme. She catches up in a much nicer and cuter way and then Madison decides to join again. They get to divinations and Cordelia passes but Madison can’t. She gets rather pissed and storms out again.

Cordelia  then goes to do the bringing back to life challenge and is able to wake Zoe up. But, Kyle was not told that this was going on downsides and finds Madison up in her room. He is pissed that she wouldn’t bring Zoe back and kills her for it. Then Spalding comes and offers to get rid of the body for Kyle. Gross, Spalding. She was already packing, so everyone thinks she ran away.


Cordelia is then able to fix her eyes. Yay, Sarah Paulson’s face! She is crowned the supreme and decides to go public about the coven to help other witches. She does a newscast, which might have been a reference to last season. She decides to make Zoe and Queenie the new members of the witch council because the are going to be the most senior members of the growing coven.


Cordelia offers the top spot to Myrtle but she says she has to pay for her what she did to the council. After much fighting from Cordelia, Myrtle is taken out into the desert and burned at the stake again. A little while later, there are about 100 witches outside and Zoe and Queenie ask Cordelia if they should start letting the next generation in. Cordelia says there is one last thing she needs to take care of.

She walks downstairs and finds a very close to death Fiona smoking and drinking. In an awesome twist, she didn’t die last episode. She enhanced goat’s blood to make is feel like her own and gave fake memories to the Axeman (Danny Houston) so when Cordelia used her second sight on him she would think Fiona was dead. Cordelia tells her there is nothing she can do to her anymore and she knows she is afraid for the first time ever. They actually hug and it was sweet. Then Fiona dies in Cordelia’s arms and wakes up in her personal hell with the Axeman. And I totally thought for a second that her room was Sister Jude’s room in Kit’s house from last season.


The season ends with Cordelia, Queenie and Zoe welcoming the new generation of witches into the Coven. One of them asks, ‘what’s a supreme?’ Queenie motions to Cordelia and says, ‘you’re looking at her.’


Overall, I liked this season. Despite, the rapid racism, multiple violent deaths and torture, it seemed lighter and more fun then last season. The coven was modern and cool and we wanted it to last forever, just like it was set up to in the end. The Asylum was dark and horrible and we just wanted everyone to escape it forever, which they did in the end but everyone expect Lana was also dead. I still like Asylum more but Coven was awesome in its own way. I also liked that more than one character was alive at the end, so that doesn’t become a predictable thing for every season.

I have heard a ton a speculation about season four. But, I will get into that in another post. For now, let’s take the time to appreciate Coven for what it was and be sad that we have to wait eight months for move American Horror Story. 


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