Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “T.R.A.C.K.S.”

It is strange to think that while I was watching this episode, I was considering starting this post about how Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is great at creating comedy that fits itself perfectly. I still think this episode was a great example of that, but I also almost screen shoted everyone’s reactions at the end of the episode. But, I will get to that later. For now, let’s focus on the team needing to intercept a secret package on a train in Italy.

joss whedon likes train heists

Joss Whedon likes trains heists

The team got word that Quinn (David Conrad), that evil guy who works for that Clairvoyant, is getting a $10 million package delivered to him by train. So, the team plans to go undercover to steal the package from the train. In perfect SHIELD fashion, they make is as funny as possible by having May (Ming-Na Wen) be a uppity rich lady with Ward (Brett Dalton) as her whipped assistant, Skye (Chloe Bennett) and Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) as a young American couple, and Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) as an estranged father and daughter.

Each of the groups has cute little conversations while they get prepared to do their parts of the plan. Simmons as bad at improvisation but good at preparation. Fitz is bad at American accents, but Skye is even worse at Scottish ones. And May is so casual about sex she tells Ward that she already told Coulson. He proceeds to freak out.

ttyl I'm climbing out a train window

ttyl, I’m climbing out of a train window

Also this happened, so people will stop criticizing the show for not having enough cameos from other Marvel stuff:

and it's offically a marvel production

And it’s officially a Marvel production

The majority of the episode until the big ending sadness stuff happens in three parts after everyone’s comms go out. First, Coulson heads to the dining car to find Ward but over in his part of the story he was attacked by a bunch of people. The people found both of them and had some Night-Night gun-like grenade. They have to jump of the train and run.


Don’t jump into the wheels, Coulson.

They get back to Serenity and call the Italian law enforcement guys who were helping them. The train seems to have disappeared and the rest of the team is still on the train!

how many 24 actor are going to be on this show

How many 24 actors are going to be on this show?

Ward and Coulson try to analysis the grenade thing, but they are better at punching stuff and whatever Coulson’s special skill is. They call HQ to figure out what it is and then their Italian friend shows up but May throws a knife into his back.

perfect level of comedy

Try punching it

Which seemed bad at first but then we get May’s part of the story and see that he is actually a bad guy. The grenade thing had some type of drug in it that froze Ward and Coulson and May fell off the train right where they jumped. She made it possible for them to escape but got captured herself. The Italian bad guys tie her up, drug her, call her ‘sweetheart’ and try to torture her, but she ain’t got time for that.

meanwhile, badass

Actually, it’s badass

Back on Serenity, she gets patched up by Coulson. I think Ward was supposed to think it was some type of a flirty thing between the two of them. I know I call them the parents of this little family of heroes, but I really like them as friends and don’t want anything romantic to start between them. They are able to locate the train but Skye and Fitz aren’t on it. But, they do find Simmons but the last thing she remembers is jumping on a bad guy and taking a Night-Night gun blast to save Skye and Fitz.

To the Skye and Fitz part! After having a rather goofy encounter with a train attendant, they sneak off to the luggage car to set up all the comm and tracking stuff. They locate the package and Skye starts asking Fitz a lot of questions about 0-8-4s, because she found out she was one at the end of the last episode. Fitz says 0-8-4s are usually alien and mechanical but possibly they could be a person, but that person would probably be super bad.


Am I an alien?

Skye and Fitz, oddly enough, take over the hero roles for the episode after Simmons has been knocked out, the package is being taken off the train and everyone else is missing. They track the package and it leads them straight to Quinn’s hideout, just like SHIELD thought it would. Ward said Skye seemed more determined then ever to get SHIELD work done. He doesn’t know that the reason is because SHIELD holds all the secrets to her past.

how e field agent

Is this how we field agent?

Fitz agrees that they should be heroes and not let the mysterious package get away. He gives her the Night-Night gun. She goes inside as he goes to disable the cars. She makes it inside and into the basement, where she doesn’t find the package but does find Mike (J. August Richards), who had been turned into a Centipede terminator, in a cryogenic chamber. She is then attacked by Quinn and one of the Italian bad guys.

the packet was Mike

Oh, hi Mike

Quinn wakes up Mike and gives him the package, which is a robot leg that says Deathlok. I’m assuming that is important. Skye is a little freaked out, especially when Mike said he would not stop Quinn, who is pointing a gun at him, if he tried to hurt him. But, Mike also tells Quinn he isn’t going to hurt Skye because those aren’t his orders. He then marches out of the room. Skye tries to confront Quinn about what he did to Mike. Then, a gun goes off. And I yelled so loud I  scared my cat. I forgot about the gun and the noise scared me and then I realized Quinn shot Skye. Right when I was having my, ‘stop freaking out, the show is going to kill off Chloe Bennett’ moment, Quinn shots her again at point blank range.


So that noise was a gunshot?

As Skye looks like she is bleeding out in the basement, the rest of the team finds Fitz outside. They enter the house and take out everyone. Well, everyone that Mike hadn’t already taken out before he left because the Clairvoyant told him not to engage SHIELD. Coulson finds Skye and in the basement, understandingly panics and yells for everyone. They come and Simmons realizes the only way to save her is to put her in the cryogenic chamber. They all quickly do and she starts breathing again.

Back on Serenity, everyone looked so upset that I almost took screenshots of everyone’s reaction faces. Simmons says they have to get her to a hospital in a few hours or she might be brain dead.


What? Nobody is crying here.

Simmons excuses herself from the rest of the group. She goes to get gaze and try to wipe Skye’s blood off her hands but she looks like she is about to lose it and does when Fitz finds her. It was perfectly sad and I loved it, because I love Skye and Simmons’ friendship and have been finding myself shipping Skimmons more and more.


Yes, I did take two screen caps of Simmons crying over Skye.

I figured the episode would end with Skye’s fate undetermined, but I didn’t think we were going to have to wait until March 4 to find it out. I want to say with all certainty that this show is not going to kill off Chloe Bennett, but Joss Whedon can be unpredictable sometimes. But, Skye might also be an Asgardian. Either way, I really like this show and something like this is exactly what the show needed to ramp up the emotional and the mystery going into the latter part of its first season.

One Comment on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “T.R.A.C.K.S.””

  1. Hypersonic55 says:

    Cool review yo, this was easily the best episode of the show by miles, the storytelling was much more complex and interesting and it seems like all that story and character building in the earlier episodes is coming to pass with these crazier events taking place now. The show is finally going hard and presenting its audience with some dangerous situations and brutal action and drama.


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