Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “T.A.H.I.T.I.”

With where Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD left us after the first half of this season, I was expected its return to be suspenseful and action packed. This episode was and I felt nervous — mostly in a good way — the whole time. I had said during my post for the previous episode that I didn’t think it was a 100 percent guarantee that Skye (Chloe Bennett) would be saved. The episode did a good job of keeping that feeling alive.

We open with Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) rushing Skye inside that chamber thing into a SHIELD medical facility. The doctors take her into the operating room and seem to be freaking out like how doctors freak out on T.V. shows when a favorite character might not make it.

something funny

She looks good for being shot twice

The gang then gathers in the waiting room. Simmons, Fitz (Iain de Caestacker) and Ward (Brett Dalton) are all blaming themselves for Skye getting shot. Coulson is too busy blowing up Director Fury’s phone, so May (Ming-Na Wen) has to tell them the only person to blame is Quinn.

Then much earlier than I was expecting, the doctor comes out and tells them they better call Skye’s family to make a decision about life support because she can’t do anything for her. Everyone looks at each other and then Coulson says they are her family.

2 was that Firefly music

Was that Firefly music?

As soon as the doctors says that, perfectly calm until now May storms out onto the plane and into the holding room. She then proceeds to beat the crap out of Quinn’s face until Coulson and Ward come in and tell her to stop.

3 badass

Processing emotions level: badass

They decide Quinn can’t be killed yet, but everyone seems to agree that if Skye dies so does Quinn. Coulson said if SHIELD could bring him back from the dead, they have to be able to save Skye from life support. The team charters a course to Bethesda because that was where Coulson was treated.

Coulson decides to give his classified files to FitzSimmons so that they can try to figure out what was done to him so they can repeat it on Skye. But,  Coulson also told them how long he was actual dead. They also know that Coulson was asking to die the whole time. Simmons starts to seem worried, but Fitz reminders her that Skye isn’t dead.

4 I told you this plane was Serenity

I told you this plane is Serenity

Meanwhile in the cockpit, May is still trying to calm down when Ward comes in and tells her seeing her loss control was kinda hot. I’m over this weird relationship. Luckily, SHIELD guys come over the radio and start yelling at them for disobeying an order and not taking Quinn to the Fridge.

5 don't you have an avengers movie to be in or something

Go bug the Avengers or something

The ship is boarded by two agents charged with taking Quinn. But, they are Agent Garrett (Bill Paxton) and Agent Triplett (B.J. Britt), who are friends with Coulson and Ward. So, all is resolved in about five minutes.

Fitz and Simmons figure out that Coulson’s file is still a bunch of lies and nobody that it says treated Coulson exists. Simmons is frustrated that she can’t figure out how to help Skye, so Fitz helps out by contacting a friend who can give them access to travel logs. They figure out that Coulson was treated in a secret, hidden, only possibly SHIELD facility and everything was signed off by Fury. After consulting with May and Coulson, everyone decides to go to the Guest House and get Skye help how ever they can.

6 skimmons scene took too long

This Skimmons scene took too long

That help come at a steep price pretty early when Coulson, Ward, Fitz and Garrett weren’t able to tell the guard how their drive from Istanbul was. They have to shot their way in and quickly loss their communication with Simmons, May and that other agent guy back on Serenity.

7 walking into the shoting scene

Enter the shooting scene carefully

Back on Serenity, Simmons is looking through the window at Skye and having a cute little conversation with Agent Trip that was dripping with Skimmons subtext. The show might have been trying to start something between Simmons and Trip, but the actresses ship themselves don’t ruin it, show!

Anyway, Skye starts crashing and Simmons, May and Trip run in and start to save her. Over in the action scene, the gang kills the two guards. But, there is no medical staff there and the place is rigged to explode. Ward and Garrett are left to deal with that as Coulson and Fitz go off to find GH362, which is the drug that Simmons thinks will save Skye thought she doesn’t know what it is.

They find it and Coulson sends Fitz back to the ship. Ward and Garrett can’t stop the place from exploding but are able to blast a way out. Fitz heads for Skye and Garrett sends Ward after him. So much was happening this episode it was always too much to handle. Coulson finds a door marked “T.A.H.I.T.I.” He opens it and looks inside, but we don’t to see what it is yet. All we get is Garrett finding a freaked out Coulson in the basement.

Skye keeps crashing and Simmons keeps bring her back, but each time she isn’t sure if it is the right thing to do. May says they aren’t quitting now. Just then Fitz runs in with the drug. Ward tells May to take them up because the ground is about to explode. She runs off and the plane starts to take off just as Coulson and Garrett jump onto the plane.

8 holy CGI budget

Holy CGI budget!

They reach the others and Coulson yells for Simmons not to give the drug to Skye just as she finished giving it to her. Skye starts crashing  more than ever before, everyone is freaking out and I thought for a moment that the show might actual kill off Skye. But she stabilizes. Simmons looks freaked out as she tells everyone she doesn’t know what the drug is just that it would save her. She looks to Coulson and he looks equally freaked out.

9 hands off other agent guy

Whoa hands, new agent guy!

Later on, Coulson is hiding out in his office and May comes to question him about the kids telling her he was shouting to not give Skye the drug. She wants to know what he saw in the basement. He tells her it was nothing he was just freaked out that the drug would hurt Skye like it did him but it didn’t seem to. The real story that we get is that the drug comes from the torso of some weird alien guy in one of those chamber things. This might make more sense if I knew anything about Marvel comics, but I don’t.

10 whatttt


Garrett and Trip take Quinn and promise Coulson they will torture him. Apparently, Quinn only shot Skye because the Clairvoyant told him to so that he could see what T.A.H.I.T.I. was. Garrett thinks Quinn was tricked but I guess the Clairvoyant does know what it is now. Coulson then goes to sit with Skye, who still isn’t awake yet.

The last scene is some red-haired chick with mind control powers taking control of a guy named Jimmy and driving off with him. Again, I know nothing about Marvel comics but this is probably important.

11 you seem bad

You seem bad.

Anyway, this was a good return episode. I’m just as confused as ever and I like it. Hopefully, Skye wakes up next episode. You really don’t see how much Chloe Bennett helps this show until she spends an entire episode asleep.


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