Once Upon A Time: “Witch Hunt” (S3Ep13)

I was excited going into this episode of Once Upon A Time. It was a little bit of mess last week but it was still alright. I knew Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina (Lana Parrilla) were going to have scenes together this week, but I did not think it was going to be this much and it was great. But aside from the SwanQueen stuff — probably all thanks to Jane Espenson — this episode was well done and had a few good twists in it.

We start with the Wicked Witch of the West/Elphaba/Zelena (Rebecca Mader) rummaging through Regina’s stuff and trying on her clothes in her palace. She then tells a flying monkey to find the Evil Queen and let her know that she is there.

1 sotmhing

(Insert Wicked reference)

Outside the palace, the gang is still searching for a way in. There are a couple minor conversations but now of them really matter expect one because:


Ruby’s back!

OK, the other ones are important too. Regina figures out a way to get into the palace. There are tunnels that go under the palace so she can sneak in underneath the protection spell, get inside and cast away the spell. Then Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) can lead the army inside to defeat whoever is in there.

They quickly figure out who it is because a flying monkey comes to attack them. Neal (Michael Raymond-James) screams like a little girl and jumps out of the way leaving Robin Hood’s (Sean Maguire) son out in the open. Luckily, Regina is there to cast the bad CGI into a stuffed animal and give it to the kid.

3 badass and adorable

Badass and adorable

A year later in Storybrooke, Emma, her parents and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) are talking in Granny’s Inn trying to figure out what happened during the year nobody can remember because of the plot reset new curse. Charming asks Hook how he knew how to find Emma after he left them in the Enchanted Forest. Hook said a bird landed on his boat and told him everyone was in danger and he needed to find Emma. I wish I was kidding but that is all the explanation we are given.

4 seems legit

Seems legit

Everyone is trapped in Storybrooke again and to make matters worse people keep disappearing, which isn’t new for this show because it already has more characters than it can handle. But Neal is one of the missing people, so I am not going to complain. Charming said it is hard to keep track of everyone because they all can’t remember what happened or know if people got left behind in the Enchanted Forest. Emma said to get everyone’s memories back they need to figure out who took them.

Then this happened:

5 ruby again

Emma has taken Henry (Jared Gilmore) to meet Snow and Charming. She says they are old friends, but Snow slips and says they know Emma from Phoenix. Emma has told Henry she was only there for jail and Snow says she was Emma’s cellmate, because all of Snow’s badass powers must come from her long hair. Henry, who is a far more realistic 11-year-old now, is about to call bullshit on this whole thing but then everyone gets startled by someone dropping a glass. Henry looks at Regina like everyone else in this town that he has never met before. Regina looks like this:


Lana Parrilla is the greatest part of this show

Emma is quick to Regina’s side and walks her to the back of the diner. Emma comforts her by saying Henry just doesn’t remember who she is. She tells Regina about the memory potion and that she is back to figure out what happened to everyone. Regina make sure she knows she didn’t cast the curse. Emma said the thought crossed her mind but Regina said she only uses curses to hurt other people. Emma says she is going to figure out who did this.

7 swanqueen

So much SwanQueen this episode

Emma decides Regina was right and she can’t talk to everyone one-by-one so she calls a season one style town hall meeting. This is all those scenes from the promo of everyone demanding to know who cursed them. Leroy (Lee Arenberg) says it has to be Regina. Dr. Whale, Granny, Belle and Archie also chime in reasons why it has to be Regina. She points out that she does’t have Henry. Emma then says she isn’t getting anywhere near him. The hurt in Regina voices as she questions Emma for switching on her really had me convinced that the show was again ignoring Regina’s character arch and making her a villain again. And I was pissed.


I will destroy your municipal building. ‘Murica

Regina almost makes the building collapse then poofs away. Emma tells everyone she will go find her. And Zelena is there. She also befriends Snow is Granny’s later, because Snow is that terrible in Storybrooke.

Anyway, back to why I really liked this episode. Emma goes into Regina’s office and says they fooled them. Holy crap, I was excited that the show faked making Regina a villain again and Emma and Regina are working together. Regina isn’t  able to make a memory potion so they just let everyone think they are about to make one to smoke out who cursed them.

Everyone in the Enchanted Forest has been doubting Regina and Emma isn’t there to tell her parents to back off. As a mediocre replacement, Robin Hood realizes Regina seemed upset when she insisted on going into the palace alone. He follows her through the tunnel telling her all of his exposition that we already know. Regina says that since she can never see Henry again, she has nothing to life for. She intends to make a sleeping potion to use on herself. Robin Hood tries to talk her out of it but he doesn’t know her that well and can’t.

Regina is going through a similar thing in Storybrooke, but Emma is there. They are in the yellow bug outside Regina’s office to see who comes and tries to rob it. Regina starts asking questions about Henry and they are both super cute talking about their son together. Emma said she almost didn’t come back because Henry really liked their life — which Regina them — in New York. They both agreed regular Henry would say a hero would come back.


Quickie in the back seat?

Meanwhile, all the Merry Men dressed like L.L. Bean models are hunting in the woods when a flying monkey swoops down and picks up Little John. They chase after him until the monkey flies over the town line. Charming and Hook join them and they end up finding Little John in the wood. They take him to the hospital for his flying monkey bite and then he turns into a flying monkey because of course he does.


The 1980s CGI is attacking!

Regina and Emma found Zelena in Regina’s office but she poofs away. She broke the blood magic lock that Regina had placed on the door. She also did that at Regina’s palace in the Enchanted Forest. None of this was an actual good twist. Zelena and Regina meet up with each other at the palace. She goes on about Rumple (Robert Carlyle) making Regina his prime student and Cora favoring Regina over her because no surprise they are half-sisters. Zelena says she is going to take everything away from Regina and then flies away. Regina doesn’t use the sleeping potion because Zelena gave her something: an enemy to destroy.


A real villain!

At the end of the episode, Emma takes Regina to Mary Margaret’s apartment to meet Henry. She said it would be fine, but it ends up being painfully terrible.


SwanQueen will fix the SwanQueen family.

Also, Zelena has Rumple locked in a cage. He doesn’t have magic and is full Dark One crazy, which will be fun to see.

This post was rather long, but this was a pretty good episode and I loved everything with Emma and Regina and their weird dynamic with Henry now. But, people are also being turned into flying monkeys and Robin Hood and Neal, possibly, are still running around. And for some reason a new character is being introduced next week. OUAT, do we really need Rapunzel? This show already has hundreds of characters and some we don’t even know where they are. Did Aurora and Phillip get pulled into Storybrooke? Is Mulan’s absence from the Merry Men going to be explained? Unless, Zelena did something to Rapunzel I don’t like her being added to the show even through she will help its lacking diversity.


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