Once Upon A Time: “Quiet Minds” (S3Ep15)

Only two important things happened in this episode of Once Upon A Time and they both happened in the last few minutes, so mostly this episode was really boring.

We start with the hero gang having an early morning meeting in a Ruby-less Granny’s. They know Rumple (Robert Carlyle) is alive and running around Storybrooke somewhere and that the Wicked Witch of the West (Rebecca Mader) is there too but they don’t know who she is. Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) says he remembers Neal (Michael-Raymond James) saying in the Enchanted Forest that he was going to look for a way to bring his father back.


Is this episode about Neal?

Regina (Lana Parrilla) decides to go check for magical evidence in that house in the forest Emma (Jennifer Morrison) found last week. Emma tells her to be careful and then they don’t have another scene together all episode, so this episode wasn’t that great.

The rest of the gang goes off to tell Belle (Emilie de Ravin) that Rumple is alive. Hook agrees to stay and protect Belle, who is going to look through Rumple’s books to see if there are any clues. Charming (Josh Dallas) tells Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) to go back to the apartment because she is super pregnant and left her awesomeness in the Enchanted Forest. He and Emma go out into the woods to look for Rumple.

In the Enchanted Forest a year ago, Belle and Neal have split from the group and are at Rumple’s castle going through his books for clues on how to bring him back. Then a fiery face comes out of the candlestick and its Lumiere. He starts to give them clues and points them to a book with a key in it.

This is good cgi for this episode

This is good CGi for this episode

Back in Storybrooke, Belle and Hook are looking through the books when they hear something beating at the door. The person breaks through and we see that it’s Neal.

This is good cgi for this episode

Oh yay

Emma brings Henry (Jared Gilmore) breakfast and he pretty much calls out her bullshit about why they are there. He has noticed everyone knowing them. Emma says she is just trying to protect him and sends him off fishing with the dwarfs. She then gets a call that Neal is in the hospital and runs over. He gets all sad that Henry does remember him. Well, he did only know you for about two months. He has a mark on his hand, which I really thought was the wraith mark at first and I got excited about it stealing his soul. Sadly, it wasn’t.

And we had a very long Enchanted Forest scene explaining it. Neal and Belle with Lumiere’s help figure out that the key unlocks the Dark One’s vault. Lumiere is being controlled by Zelena and she wants them to open it so she can get Rumple back and control him. Back in Storybrooke, Zelena seems like she is trying to steal Snow’s baby and I’m not sure why.

Anyway, Regina is at the house in the woods and someone shots an arrow at her.


And she catches it!

But, her Xena skills are quickly followed by Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) apologizes for shooting an arrow at the Evil Queen. These two don’t remember meeting in the Enchanted Forest, but they have heard of each other. He comes to help Regina look through the house. He complaints her ass, says she doesn’t seem that evil and share a glass of whiskey with her. Regina then sees his tattoo and realizes he is the man with the lion tattoo a.k.a her true love and runs away just like she did last time.


I told Emma I’d meet her for lunch, bye

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Lumiere confesses to Neal and Belle that Zelena told him to lead them to the value, which is in a snow covered field for some reason. Neal said he doesn’t care and wants his daddy back so he opens the vault. Belle is calling him stupid, which is true so he doesn’t listen. And then this thing comes out of the vault:

not the wrost

Not the worst CGI

Back in Storybrooke, Emma is walking through the woods with Neal looking for Rumple. Neal keeps going on about how he wished he was there for Henry. He keep talking about Henry, but luckily Belle calls Emma and stops his over-reaching-sperm-donor-ness. Belle says she found the mark on Neal’s hand in the book and it means he opened the Dark One’s vault and should be dead. I was excited again about this person not being Neal or that he was going to die. Neal then falls to the ground and his face starts morphing into someone else;s.



The same thing is happening with Neal and Belle in the Enchanted Forest. Lumiere left out that Neal has to trade his life for Rumple’s when he opened the vault. Rumple isn’t going to let that happen though and absorbs Neal into his body. Neal has figured this out in Storybrooke because he can hear Rumple in his head. He tells Emma to split them with her magic. She was able to do it really quickly, which makes me think that theory about Regina giving her private lessons is true. Neal and Rumple split and luckily Neal is still dying.

Neal says he agreed to sacrifice himself so Rumple could tell Emma who the Witch is. He informs her that it is Zelena.


The total stranger nobody had seen before that my mom hired as a midwife?

Neal had a nice little speech able making a total sacrifice for the ones you love and telling Emma to find her dream life where ever it is. Emma and Rumple cried and it was all very cute. But, I only noticed that the second time I watched the scene because the first time I was so excited that he was dying that I didn’t care. Does anyone even like Neal? He also said he wants Henry to know he was a good father in the end. I don’t think that cancels out getting your son’s mom thrown in jail.


Does this increase my chance with Regina?

Emma now knows who the Wicked Witch is and goes to get Charming to storm into the apartment because remember how Snow is an idiot in Storybrooke. But, Zelena has magicked herself out of the apartment and into the woods to find Rumple. He has his dagger and can control him back into that cage thing.


I should have had Regina help

Charming and Snow go to tell Hook and Belle that Neal is dead while Emma goes to find Henry. She tells him they were in Storybrooke because of his dad not a case and that his dad is dead. Emma calls him a hero.


But, your other mom is way better

Overall, this episode was boring. I’m glad Neal is dead, but if Emma and Hook instantly get together I’m going to be mad. This is starting to feel like the middle of season two when every episode is terrible and nothing really happens. There is going to be a throw down between Regina and Zelena next week so hopefully that will be interesting.


One Comment on “Once Upon A Time: “Quiet Minds” (S3Ep15)”

  1. Kris says:

    1) Why did Zelena cast the curse to bring them to Storybrooke? I think the heart that she wants is Henry’s heart. The heart of the truest believer. To that end, I think that she sent the bottle of memory juice to Hook (or Hook is working for her).
    2) When Regina leaves Robin in the house, she’s holding her stomach like she’s running outside to vomit. I would too.
    3) I don’t know what everyone was talking about on #Queerytales. Belle was wearing pants.


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