Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “The End of the Beginning”

I’m really annoyed that I waited so long to watch this episode of Agents of SHIELD. I was really good and a great way to get back into the show after it was off the air for a little while.

The episode starts with Agents Garrett (Bill Paxton) and Trip (B.J. Britt) walking into a safe house. After about two minutes of banter to remind us what these two are like Mike/Deathlok (J. August Richards) breaks into the room. He is shot at a couple times, but since he is pretty much a terminator now, he isn’t injured and flies through the roof. Well, that’s new.


Get on the cortex and hail Serenity. We are going to need their help

These two along with Agent Hand (Saffron Barrows) and some other high level SHIELD people get aboard Serenity and Coulson (Clark Gregg) tells them he and Garrett sent up this meeting to try to catch the Clairvoyant. Coulson is convinced since Mike is being sent after them they must be getting close. Coulson rattles off a bunch of tech-y jargon about what they are going to need to do and says he has the person who can. Hand points out that person would have to be a SHIELD agent and he smiles.

Skye (Chloe Bennett) is down in the lab with FitzSimmons (Iain de Caesstecker, Elizabeth Henstridge) getting her blood drawn as they tell her again that they need to get it sent off to be analyzed. Skye tires to convince them that isn’t the best idea. Though she wasn’t that freaked out about being saved by a shot of alien something, Coulson thinks the word shouldn’t get out. Ward (Brett Dalton) then comes down and brings her upstairs to hear the plan and find out that she is officially a SHIELD agent. Yay!


I wish they did a graduation-style pub crawl to celebrate

Skye is then charged with programming all the tech stuff and organizing a double blind for all the agents to get paired off and go find the Clairvoyant. Coulson and Garrett have narrowed the list down to 13 people who SHIELD investigated and then knocked off the Index.

Agent Hand decides to get out of the field work and says she will coordinate from The Hub. The three other teams go to a prison in England, a nursing home in Georgia and Ball State in Muncie, Indiana. Wait, Ball State actually gets mentioned and Ohio University gets a weird combined thing with Ohio State? Come on, show. Go Bobcats!

Anyway, Georgia ended up being the right location. May (Ming-Na Wen) and Agent Blake (Titus Welliver) get attacked by Mike/Deathlok, who was told to meet the Clairvoyant earlier in the episode. He says Mike Peterson is dead and almost kills Blake and then runs off. Hand and everyone gathers back at Serenity and she is rather pissed that they didn’t have full teams for back up. Luckily, Blake was able to shoot Deathlok with one of Fitz’s special tracking bullets.


This has not been my week

Hand has requested Simmons and Trip to go back to The Hub with her. Simmons to quick to accept because this means she has access to their labs and can analyze Skye’s blood herself. Fitz is sad that he is being left behind, but says he will set up a secure line so he can talk to her without anyone knowing. We know this is probably going to go poorly for him because May has been talking to someone on a secure line for a few episodes.

Using the tracker bullet, the team is able to figure out that Deathlok is at an abandoned race track in Florida. Coulson, Garrett, Ward and May rush in with the gun gang as Skye and Fitz watch from a van and Hand and Simmons watch from The Hub. Every episode has an action heavy sequence. This was the one for this episode. Fitz’s tracking things are leading people everywhere. Stuff is getting blown up and Deathlok is shooting at people and leading everyone on a crazy chase into the basement where they find Tom Nash, the guy who they were looking for at that nursing home in Georgia. Though he is the most powerful villain the show has seen, everyone is not sure what to do because he looks like this:


He is hooked up to a bunch of surveillance stuff and a computer he can talk through. He taunts the team and makes a pretty good case that he is actually the Clairvoyant. He focuses mostly on Coulson, reading his most deepest fears about not knowing what happened after he died and worrying that the same will happen to Skye. The Clairvoyant also says that he knows what Skye is and they can put him in the Freezer but he will never stop trying to get Skye until he does. He probably had some more threats lined up, but he didn’t get to say them because Ward just shoots him in the heart!


Seemed like the logical option

This show understands what it is and why people like it. From that we go to Skye asking what the hell just happened, Fitz saying I think he shot him, Simmons freaking out and being incredibly British and Hand making a joke about the Clairvoyant not seeing that coming.

Ward gets in trouble for going against the orders for them to take the Clairvoyant alive. Skye visits him and he tells her he did it because he wasn’t going to stop and he had to protect her (and the rest of the team). I really thought their kiss was going to be in this episode. Though she seems touched by Ward getting himself in trouble to protect the team, she isn’t sure that Tom Nash was the Clairvoyant. Coulson has been thinking the same. They decide it seems more like the Clairvoyant just has access to SHIELD files than being able to read their minds. They decide it must be a SHIELD agent.

While, that is happening Fitz is trying to get the secure line installed so he can call Simmons, but finds May’s line by accident. May then finds him. He runs off and bumps into Skye. He tells her what just happened. After pausing to make a shit-are-they-making-Ming-Na-the-bad-guy face, Skye tells him to go cut the line. He does and then May gets out a gun and goes back into main part of the plane.


I still don’t have time for this shit

She almost shot Fitz in the face, but it was only a Night-Night gun. Coulson and Skye get guns pointed at her. She tells them she isn’t the bad guy, but she can’t tell them who the Clairvoyant is. It all seems like crap and they think it is crap until the plane starts to fly itself and takes a 90-degree turn and flies in a different direction.

Then in a great super villain reveal shot, Agent Hand tells someone where to land the plane and kill everyone but Coulson once it lands.


I knew I didn’t like you

That was a pretty good twist. Maybe it wouldn’t be if I had read the comics, but I haven’t. I’m hoping that May is being forced into helping Hand didn’t actually turn on everyone.

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