Defiance: “The Opposite of Hallelujah” (S2Ep1) and “In My Secret Life” (S2Ep2)

I wasn’t planning to add Defiance to the schedule, but after the season two premiere I decided I would because I really, really liked it.

Season two starts back up nine months after the events of the season one finale, which included Amanda (Julie Benz) losing the mayoral election to Datak (Tony Curran), Datak letting the Earth Republic take over Defiance and killing a officer in their army inside his office, Nolan (Grant Bowler) dying and being brought back to life by Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas), who jumped into the weird energy thing in the mines, agreeing to become Irzu’s weapon, and out in the woods Stahma (Jaime Murray) double crossed Kenya (Mia Kirshner) and poisoned/killed her instead of running away with her because Datak told her.

Nobody has recovered from those events yet and everything just seems to be worse.

We start with the new, Earth Republic appointed Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) giving a video broadcast to Defiance. He is dressed like someone in a low-budget Game of Thrones parody and has a shady feeling posh British accent, which remained me of Lachlan from Lost Girl. Right out the gate, I thought he was a jerk and after hitting on still-grieving Amanda and not caring about mining accidents my mind is decided.


He’s a dick

The world is expanded a lot in this season, though our first new location isn’t that far away. Six miles outside of Defiance is a prison camp, which holds Datak and Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating). If I didn’t hate, Datak enough already he is making demands of Stahma –including a hand job — while being locked up because he is an idiot who killed someone in the mayor’s office.

Stahma’s power holding in her family and the society has always been weird. Now she has to deal with Alak (Jesse Rath) being the head of the family though he is still a little shit of a teenage boy. He is even a worse Datak than Datak was and Stahma has to secretly run everything while not even having enough time to masturbate in the bathtub by herself. Get out of the scene, Alak and let his happen.


I missed you on Warehouse 13, Jaime Murray

Amanda has been running the Need/Want in Kenya’s absence. She wears a black veil through the entire episode and refuses to listen to Stahma when she tells her maybe Kenya isn’t coming back. We have already had two characters die and come back so until we see a body, I’m with Amanda. Maybe Kenya is alive.

Nolan has been spending the last nine months looking for Irisa. He is being lead by visions of Sukar. It first leads him to New Chicago and that Castithan guy that tortured Irisa with the cult that had her as a kid. Nolan was pissed that he let this guy go once, so after he gives him the info needs he shots him through the head.

He then jumps off a boat at Angel Ark, which is much cooler rename for Los Angeles than New Chicago was for Chicago. He quickly finds a knife vendor and assumes he has seen his daughter. He has, she has been around for a couple of months. In one of the episodes few not-sad season one memories, Irisa appears and saves Nolan after he gets captured by someone from their criminal past.


I’m glad that didn’t take long

Irisa looks way older than she did last season. Her hair is longer and darken and I think that is why. She tries to tell Nolan she has just been around for nine months, but Irzu or that representation of Irzu keeps appearing to her and Nolan calls bullshit because he has been seeing Sukar.

A Castithan girl with Irathient colored hair seems to be following Irisa through Angel Ark. Irisa follows her into a field and then just straight up murders her and gets back to Nolan before he noticed she was missing.

Nolan tells Irisa they just need to get some supplies than head to Antarctica just like they always planned. Irisa says they have to go back to Defiance. On the way back, Irisa gets a vision of her killing Nolan. She looks in the back seat of the roller and Irzu is smirking at her and making her thoughts tell her to kill him.

Back in Defiance, Rafe (Graham Greene) and the other miners are having problems dealing with the ridiculous hours the Earth Republic is making them work. That leads to a mining accident that kills someone. The guy’s two sons decide to graffiti the town, calling out the Earth Republic. Well, they aren’t standing for that and have the two arrested.

Amanda, who seemed to retain some of her standing in the community, is able to convince Mayor Dickhead to just take them to the prison and not execute them. He agrees with Amanda but tells his Bioman (Rob Archer) he knows what to do. One dies, one gets away. The E-Rep sucks.

Amanda is able to use this as a way to get back into the mayor’s office as Dickhead’s chief of staff, a job which apparently she was already offered.


Side braid, not boob

After I got all excited about Amanda and her side braid of justice coming back and retaking Defiance, we cut back to the Need/Want and the lady that has been helping her out tells her to call it a night. She heads upstairs and we see that she has been living in Kenya’s room, wearing her clothes and is apparently hooked on the whatever new drug that Stahma and Alak are selling. This scene made me super sad.

At the prison, an unlikely partnership forms between Datak and Doc Yewell, but it was not without reason. Doc Yewell saved his life because she has a way to escape but she needs his help

Episode two starts with an E-Rep guard taking bad propaganda footage of another soldier about getting the Net back up. Her name is Berlin (Anna Hopkins) and she is in charge of all the E-Rep soldiers. Basically she is the lawkeeper but with more people to control.

And just like last season, as Nolan and Irisa are rolling into Defiance they get stopped by the guards and Irisa gets arrested. Irzu appeared to her and told her she had to get into Defiance. So, Irisa picks a fight with Berlin but they are pretty evenly matched and Irisa is drug into the police station.

photo 1

Bitch, please

And again Tommy (Dewshane Williams) is there, but he is all grown up with a beard and is dressing more E-Rep than his normal wild west style. Berlin takes Nolan to go see the Mayor Dickhead and he tells Tommy to watch Irisa. I always liked them together and was happy for these scenes.

Mayor Dickhead is everywhere this episode, so over in the market he is telling Stahma that she has to stop selling so much Blue Devil, the new drug, because too many people are getting hook. He threatens her by saying maybe he will have Datak released so he can become Defiance’s crime lord again. Stahma says he would be safer in prison. Mayor Dickhead then takes the packet of Blue Devil that he was there to buy from her.

photo 2

Crackhead, Dickhead

When Nolan is taken to Mayor Dickhead’s office, he is also reunited with Amanda. Because he was busy dying and chasing Irisa at the end of last season he doesn’t know what happened to Kenya and Amanda doesn’t tell him just yet. She looks incredibly hopeful when Nolan says he found Irisa after she was missing for nine months. But before they can talk anymore about that a bomb goes off in the market.

Nolan and Amanda run as Mayor Dickhead and Berlin walk to help. Nolan wants to stay and help out with finding the bomber. Amanda tells Mayor Dickhead that Nolan would be better at solving the bombing, which was done with a terror weapon used during the Pale Wars, than Tommy would be. Amanda makes another deal that if Nolan solves it Irisa gets released.

Nolan sidelines Tommy to guarding Irisa. He is rather mad at her that she left without saying goodbye and then didn’t try to contact him for nine months. She tries to kiss him through the bars, but after a few moments he pulls away and says he has moved on. She starts to confess to Tommy about what has been happening during the nine months. He says she can tell him because she has to trust someone. She says she will take him to the mines when she gets out.


Want to have sex on the floor again?

In the prison subplot, Doc Yewll and Datak are working on their escape plan. We never get a good idea of what it really was because everything goes horrible. When Doc Yewll refuses to tell Mayor Dickhead what she found inside Irisa, he decided to have to his Bioman cut off her finger. Datak was still able to get a knife to the religious fanatic and tells him it is God’s will for him to stab Mayor Dickhead. When he is about to, Datak stops him and being Datak goes overboard and kills him. Mayor Dickhead is quickly able to tell that Datak only did that to try to get a pardon. He rejects it. Major fail, guys.

Nolan and Amanda have a better reunion in the Need/Want. He is the only one blunt enough to tell her Kenya might be dead. Amanda is by far in the saddest place of all the characters. Nolan sees the guy who is the suspected bomber. He tracks him with Berlin’s help. In trying to figure out Nolan, she pretty much tells us she is the same as him but she thinks the E-Rep is the hero, while the renegade population are the bad guys.

They figure out that a human miner and the Castithan guy that Stahma had beat up are behind the bombing. They are also figure out they have placed a car bomb on Stahma’s car. So, they go running through the city, get Stahma out of the way and Nolan defuses the bomb in front of everyone. This is all excellent for his reputation because one of the last things he did as lawkeeper last season was kill an unarmed Castithan kid.

Mayor Dickhead and Amanda get word of Nolan saving everyone and Irisa is released. She walks past Nolan and tells him she is going to met Tommy. He throws all kinds of Dad encourage behind Tommy, which was cute. Until, Irisa sees Tommy making out with Berlin.

Stahma tells Alak he has to go kill the bomber guy, because a man has to protect the family. He does, freaks out a bit and vomits afterward. He is also already having marital problems with Christie so he isn’t doing to well.

Amanda convinces Nolan to take Mayor Dickhead’s offer to be the lawkeeper. She tells him it is there home and they have to protect if from anyone who threatens it. Nolan and Amanda cap their reunion by having sex in Kenya’s bed. But, guess who has put camera’s in Amanda/Kenya’s room?

photo 3



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