Defiance: “Put the Danger On” (S2Ep5)

I am dubbing this the queer, hallucination episode of Defiance. Because everyone  is a little queer and the majority of them are hallucinating.

We start with Amanda (Julie Benz) trying to do some Blue Devil in a bathtub. Remember when the Need/Want was fun and sexy? Her drug use is halted by the lights going out. She is then attacked by some guy with a flashlight that looks a lot like how she describe the guy who raped her in New York. Thank you previously on for the reminder.

She pushes the guy out the window and calls the cop squad. She tells Nolan (Grant Bowler) that it seems crazy that the same guy could have been in both New York and Defiance and attacked her twice. My initial thought was that it was Mayor Dickhead.

photo 1

Insert sadness comment

After getting beat up by his family, Datak (Tony Curran) realizes he only has one friend left and it is a good thing she is a doctor. He is going to try to get back with his family. Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating) tells him good luck and leaves. Outside, she runs into another Indogene named Lev. Doc Yewll said she doesn’t want her there, but that all changes when Lev says she is dying.

photo 3

I knew that Doc Yewll would be coming out this season, but it wasn’t really even a coming out we are just introduced to her ex. And she is a woman and the show didn’t feel the need to address or explain that. I couldn’t be happier about it.

Down in the market, Amanda is wandering through, looking about as bad as she did earlier. Nolan comes up to her but once he starts saying all kinds of gross things and forcing her against the wall it is clear that he is a hallucination. Amanda realizes that once she sees the real Nolan and goes to find Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) to ask about the drugs.

photo 4

This is not what I wanted when I said side-braid and leather jacket

Mayor Dickhead freaks to find out that Amanda is acting strangely. He orders Amanda to go to Rafe’s (Graham Greene) house, which the E-Rep just controls now. Nolan, Irisa (Stephanie Leondis) and Tommy (Dewshane Williams) are there to guard her because the rapist is still on the loss. Nolan realizes Amanda is on Blue Devil and seems to be hallucinating but that isn’t usually a side effect. He goes to figure out what is happening with Mayor Dickhead, leaving Irisa and Tommy behind.

photo 5

As a straight couple in this episode this is their only moment

Later on, still hallucinating Amanda hears something outside. Irisa and Tommy go to investigate, but once they come back inside Amanda thinks they are bad guys and shots them. Once she sees who they are she freaks out and runs away. Irisa was shot but then is healed. So, she is immortal now?

Over at the Tarrs, Stahma (Jaime Murray) is having some fun making Rafe, who is staying there, feel awkward in the bathtub. She tells him she is the head of the family now and they should work together like how he and Datak never could. But, Datak is able to weasel his way back in a bit. He does some Castihan forgiveness thing and is granted visitation. Stahma looks annoyed and Christie (Nicole Munioz) is pissed.

photo 2

Stahma is done with your shit

The show was a little Lost Girl-esque, sexuality is not an issue and never addressed, in the way it handled the rest of this episode. From Doc Yewll and Lev we go to Christie meeting the DJ girl in the arch. She can’t find Alak and ends up venting to this girl about how messed up everything is with the Tarrs and Castihans in general. DJ girl says Chrisite needs to relax and tells her she will entertain her as she strokes her hair. We cut from them then but we know where that was going.


Everyone is queer exhibit A

Lev tells Doc Yewll’s, whose first name is Meh, she caught a disease they created to infect the humans. After she convinces her it is incurable, they go for a walk. So, she isn’t there to help Tommy.

photo 3

Aw, they’re cute

So just as I’m thinking damn there is a lot of queer ladies this episode, it would be super cool if we got some guys too. Datak walks into the Need/Want and kisses an Irathian guy and takes him up to a room!

photo 4

OK, Datak only did this because he needed to talk to this guy, who is a member of the Votanis Collective. But still picking up the guy Need/Want worker is something Datak can do without being questioned. The guy is going to help Datak get weapons into Defiance to start taking the town back from the E-Rep.

Speaking of the E-Rep, Mayor Dickhead is mixed up in the hallucination part of the episode. He is followed by Connor, Amanda’s dead ex-fiancé. Connor was also at the rich kid school Dickhead was at when the Votans attacked. So that did actually happen. Connor was a few years older than him and took care of him but was also siding with the older boys who called him a sissy. Connor accuses him of having a school boy crush and trying to get with Amanda to be like him. So lots of hallucination with some queer subtext.

photo 5

He deserved this

Irisa finds Amanda stumbling around the Need/Want. She and Nolan rush to Doc Yewll’s but she isn’t there. Nolan knows the thing that is glowing in Amanda’s neck is a tracking device that records her memories and hallucinations are a side effect.

Lev has a sweet moment with Doc Yewll overlooking the town. They regret what they did, both were a part of the human experiments in Yewll’s past. She pleads that she can cure her. Lev then realizes she doesn’t remember everything. She has to tell her she killed herself after she left her because the guilt of what they did was too great. For a moment Yewll almost accepts her offer to join her in death.

But, she doesn’t take it and rushes back to her office just in time to stop Nolan and Irisa from accidentally killing Amanda.

photo 1


So apparently, Amanda, Doc Yewll and Mayor Dickhead have been hallucinating all episode because Dickhead got a knock-off of the tracking device, which infected them too. Earlier, Nolan had accessed Dickhead of turning Amanda into a drug addict so she was dependent on him.

photo 3

Which was true

Doc Yewll takes Dickhead’s device out, but she leaves hers in telling Lev that she isn’t ready to say goodbye again.

photo 4

Let the queerness continue!


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