Defiance: “This Woman’s Work” (S2Ep6) and “If You Could See Her Through My Eyes” (S2Ep7)

I am way behind on Defiance and I really want to write about the big twist that happens in episode eight, so here is a quick recap of what you need to know about episode six and seven.

1. Tommy (Deshawne Williams) losses another pissing contest with Nolan (Grant Bowler) and quits the lawkeeper’s office. He stumbles upon Irisa (Stephanie Leondias) bringing someone into Irzu’s protect. She is forced to tell him everything. He was going to go be an E-Rep guard in Texas with Berlin (Anna Hopkins), but doesn’t want to leave Irisa alone without a friend. Berlin figures out Irisa is his reason and retaliates by sleeping with Nolan or her ex’s ex’s dad. Awkward.


2. Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) is really bad at understanding human relationships. He shows this by sending his Bioman (Rob Archer) to his death and trying to compare him taking in a robot bodyguard to Nolan raising Irisa.

3. He is also really bad at being an E-Rep mayor and a higher up E-Rep named Viceroy Berto Mercado (William Atherton) comes in and takes over.

4. Christie (Nicole Munioz) starts cosplaying Casti in a weird club and gets courted by the higher up E-Rep guy. Alak (Jesse Rath) finds out. He bangs DJ Girl in retaliation. They have problems.


5. The Castihan men are still not cool with Stahma (Jaime Murray) being a mob boss. She tries to convince the women to start a women’s rights movement with her, based on Amanda’s (Julie Benz) suggestion. They disagree, so Stahma kills them and frames the men. Stahma is a scary mastermind and Datak (Tony Curran) is impressed.


6. Amanda hasn’t taken an Blue Devil in weeks.

7. An Irathient guy named Kai comes into Defiance with Rynn. He is the guy that is on that ship with Irisa either way in the future or past. He has no idea what Irisa is talking about. She kisses him and then he can see everything too. He also appeared to have keys inside him. He was a fun character and I’m glad he will probably be back.

photo 1

8. Stahma and Datak have started to work together on a couple of things, but the men are making it clear they answer to Stahma not Datak.

9. Nolan finally decides to figure out what is going on with Irisa. He does it by rather violently slamming her to the ground and then cutting her arm to see that is instantly heals. She tells him she wanted to tell him, but Irzu said she would kill him.

photo 2

10. The CGI was awesome in these episodes.





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