Defiance: “Slouching Toward Bethlehem” (S2Ep8)

The side braid is back. The leather jacket is back. Kenya is back! Kick-ass Amanda is back! It almost feels like season one of Defiance is back! 

I really liked this episode. It was a great mix between the slightly lighter voice of season one and the darker voice of season two. As Amanda (Julie Benz) said at the end everything will go back to normal now. But, then we cut to Irisa (Stephanie Leondis) and all the others that are being taken into Irzu’s protection. 

photo 1

Whatever, Amanda

The episode starts with Nolan (Grant Bowler), Berlin (Anna Hopkins) and a bunch of E-Rep guards charging into the Need/Want with a warrant. They go upstairs and arrest Gorath (Merwin Mondesir), the Irathient night porter that is a spy for the Votanis Collective. 

Amanda criticizes Nolan for arresting him because their town isn’t political. It seems that it has never been more clear that the E-Rep owns the town. Amanda then gets a call from a masked person saying she has to free Gorath or her sister dies. And he puts Kenya (Mia Krinsher) on the phone. I knew she wasn’t dead!

photo 2

Body or it didn’t happen 

The E-Rep has figured out Gorath’s terrorist group has a bomb in a subway station somewhere in New York City, but they don’t know where. In addition to supplying weapons to Datak and Rafe (Grahme Greene), Gorath, who is Brazilian, is helping all of the Votanis Collective get weapons from South America into the U.S. He gets taken by Nolan and Mercado (William Atherton) for questioning/torture. 

Berlin and Tommy (Dewshane Williams) go to talk to Stahma (Jaime Murray) about Gorath and the weapons being brought into Defiance. Yeah, these two are no match for mob boss Stahma. She pretty much calls them cute and tells Berlin she can smell Nolan on her. It takes Tommy a while for it all to click. 

photo 3

You and Nolan? 

photo 4

Yes, I, your ex-girlfriend, am sleeping with your sorta girlfriend’s dad 

photo 5


The show has been excellent this season with keeping up the father-daughter relationship between Nolan and Irisa even with all the crazy stuff that is going on with her. He is understanding about her not tell him sooner because Irzu threatened to kill him. He tries to be all dad-tough about it and Irisa just replies with deadpan snark. 

Stahma goes to visit Datak and tells him what has happened. Being the idiot that he is, he isn’t worried at first because Gorath is too tough to break. Stahma said he needs to take care of the problem. She isn’t involved but she knows since Datak and Rafe are she will be looped in. They both seems to be getting off on the excitement of being equal mob bosses and have sex with past Datak, now Stahma man Raiga (Kevin Shand) outside. He makes it clear the men didn’t risk their lives to support Stahma for her to got back to Datak. She pretty much says if he speaks up again she will kill him.

photo 2

Hot lady? Check. Big gun? Check. I’m awesome. 

Amanda has been pleading with Kenya’s captor for more time as Kenya, who has excellent hair for being kidnapped for nine months, has been trying to escape on her own. She eventually breaks down and tells Nolan what is happening. He says they can’t risk all those innocent people in New York for one life, even if it is Kenya’s. She pulls the Irisa card and he agrees to help her, but without giving over Gorath.  

Irisa is skeptical about Amanda saying Kenya is alive. She gets it out of Nolan that he kind of is too, but they have to be sure. They have to triangulate the signal of Amanda’s phone to find Kenya. Irisa says she should go out into the woods because Amanda might need him and she is basically immortal. 

photo 1

Well, just…be careful

But, she still has that messiah vision problem. She crashes the roller into a tree and is lead to an empty-looking campsite. She then gets caught in a trap and the Casthian with Irathient hair girl she “saved” in Angel’s Ark starts attacking her. She remembers her scent but can’t remember anything else about her. I really like this Casthian power of smell aspect, but was this a thing in the first season or just a convenience thing for the second? If the latter, they shouldn’t be focusing so much on it. 

photo 3

You smell nice. Have you ever kissed a girl? 

Irisa tells the girl what happened. She is rather pissed with her because she thinks Irisa has turned her into a killing machine. She explains that they are saving people, not killing them. The girl also has a god-like spirit following her. They are joined by Sukar, who was lead to the campsite. Later they are joined by about a hundred other saved people and Irzu tells Irisa this is the beginning of Arkrise, which seems to be the end of the world in the show’s mythology. I’m not sure if it was important or not, but everyone the campsite was Votan. Is Irzu not allowing Irisa save humans? 

Irisa is a little distracted being an alien, ginger Jesus and Amanda is tired of waiting for her to respond. Kenya has also tried to escape but got captured and her captor is done dealing with her. Amanda goes full season one badass and attacks Nolan and handcuffs to the cell in the lawkeeper’s office. 

She steals the uniform of an E-Rep guard sexing DJ Girl at the Need/Want. She tricks the other guards and gets Gorath out. He is rather surprised to see his boss helping him. He says he couldn’t tell them anything about the bomb because he doesn’t know and the Votanis Collective has tabs on his family back in Brazil. Amanda is ready to hand him off, but they meet Nolan in the street. 

photo 4

This hair, this jacket, these big sister powers, you sure you wanna go? 

He pulls a gun on them and says he will shot Gorath, who also pulls a gun. Amanda says he is the only way to get Kenya back. But none of their arguments matter because Datak fires the rifle Stahma gave him and hits Gorath. Before he dies, he tells Nolan where the bomb is in New York. So that crisis is over, but they can’t trade him for Kenya anymore. They get a call from Kenya’s capture and Nolan cooks up a plan because the captor doesn’t know Gorath is dead. 

Amanda and Nolan, tied up with a bag over his head, arrive where Kenya’s capture said to. They set up for the trade but the capture wants to see Gorath’s face. Nolan gets out his gun, has Amanda duck and shots at the capture. He was wearing armor and had back up. Nolan and Amanda are pinned down as they escape. 

Luckily, Kenya is safe and gets reunited with Amanda. Nolan seriously looked surprised that she was actually alive. As I said before, Amanda says everything can go back to normal now. We know we are all hoping for that but it will not be the case. 

photo 5

Rosewater sister reunion!

I really liked this episode. I screamed at my TV in excitement when I saw Kenya. I am so glad that she is back both for this show and for Mia Krinsher in general. She needs her likable character(s) to not be killed off so quickly. We still don’t know who was holding Kenya captive and it seems like she doesn’t either. But the only guy character we didn’t see this episode was Mayor Dickhead (James Murray), so my money is on him. 

I’m really excited for next week, because it seems Kenya doesn’t remember how it ended between her and Stahma. 


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