Defiance: “Painted from Memory” (S2Ep9)

I should have known not to be so excited by last week’s episode of Defiance. This is season two and no happiness exists in season two. But, I’ll get to that later.

We start this episode with Kenya (Mia Krishner) in Doc Yewll’s (Trenna Keating) office. She is being questioned by Nolan (Grant Bowler) and Amanda (Julie Benz) about what she can remember. It isn’t much. She doesn’t remember why she was leaving Defiance and remembers only  being with the masked man for about two to three weeks.

Nolan is pissed that she can’t remember more. Doc Yewll is pissed at Nolan for pushing Kenya too far and Amanda is pissed at both of them. She ends the doctor visit/interrogation and takes Kenya home to the Need/Want.

Stahma (Jaime Murray) happened to be there at the same time and freaks out to see the woman she loved and killed. There is one thing that can shake stone-cold mob boss Stahma and that is Kenya.

photo 1

 Wait, that wasn’t Jenny. I didn’t need to run away

Then there is a scene to get Tommy (Dewshane Williams) and Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) some screen time. She is out in the woods being the messiah and talking about a pilgrimage. That leaves Nolan and Tommy allow together. Nolan pretty much says haha I got your girlfriend. Tommy punches and says well, I got your daughter.

photo 2

I’m a big kid now

Anyway, Kenya and Amanda are super happy that Kenya is alive and back. She walks through the Need/Want then out into the market, which I guess nobody told her is rather dangerous this season. Stahma follows her around too nervous to say anything, but eventually gets her to talk to her. She hugs her and looks like she is about to kiss her, but then she asks Stahma is there was something between them. A little to my surprise, Stahma told the truth and said there was.

photo 3

Jaime Murray’s facial expressions were one of my favorite things about this episode

Nolan starts questioning Kenya again. She remembers that they used to date and finds it kind of funny that he has been sleeping with Amanda a lot. Once Kenya stops only focusing on sex, she starts remembering things. They all come in weird flashes and lots of shaky cam. She was in a water tank somewhere. There were other human’s there, they all get killed but the masked man stops them from killing her. One of the dead human’s had a screaming eagle tattoo.

Then in a rather unnecessary, but super funny scene. Nolan takes Kenya to go see Berlin (Anna Hopkins) in her video room. He starts by telling her to take her shirt off, it’s important. She makes a sarcastic joke about it being a threesome request. Kenya is all over and rather excited about that idea. Berlin looks confused. She has one of the screaming eagle tattoos, which are for E-Rep special forces. She also explains that “Berlin” was an obvious nickname given to her by some not so clever comrades. Yay, the show explained my annoyance.

photo 4

I ship it.

Stahma is rather rattled by her encounter with Kenya because she doesn’t remember that she killed her. But, her memories could come back. She drags Datak (Tony Curran) into the woods to help her dig up the grave she buried Kenya in. Datak said he didn’t mean for Stahma to kill Kenya when he told her to get ride of her. He wanted her controlled. Stahma is already having more emotions than she can deal with and being told she might have killed Kenya for nothing is almost too much. She marked the grave with flowers, which was really sweet. But, Datak says it was stupid because the flowers spread and now cover a rather large area.

photo 5

I said to dispose of her not kill her

They do find a human skull with black hair, but that didn’t make me think Kenya was dead. This is the woods outside of Defiance. There are a lot of bodies out there.

Meanwhile, Mayor Dickhead (James Murray) returns to Defiance, apparently he was away last episode. He storms into Doc Yewll’s office and ask what the hell happened. They had Kenya but the Votanis Collective raided the lab and then bombed it. Dickhead thought Kenya had died in the explosion. Doc Yewll said someone must of realized who she was. She says all her memories might come back so they have to erase all of them.

 photo 1

Doc Yewll insulting Dickhead was another favorite

In the market Stahma finds Amanda. She wants to protect her and herself but has to tell her that Kenya is dead. Amanda looks as if she is about to lost it. She tells Stahma is if she ever tells that lie to her again she will kill her.

photo 3

May the power of the side braid protect you

Nolan is questioning Kenya at her room in the Need/Want. He realizes that she only remembers memories that have Amanda in them and that the scars on her back are gone. Nolan leaves having his epiphany. Kenya starts to freak out a bit and is easily able to pull part of her hair out. She then scratches open her skin and sees Indogene skin underneath it.

photo 5

Mia Krisnher is the Sean Bean of gay-for-pay actresses

For the rest of the episode, we gets lots of information very fast and a lot of action. It was well paced and awesome.

Nolan figured out that Kenya has to be like that astronaut from season one; a human on the outside with human memories put on a Indogene. Doc Yewll did those experiments during the Pale Wars and the memories are from the device that was in Amanda’s neck. But, Nolan doesn’t know Mayor Dickhead put it there. Kenya starts getting more memories and realizes Doc Yewll did this to her.

She goes to her office and almost kills her with Amanda’s gun. She wants to know why. Doc Yewll said it wasn’t her idea. It was Mayor Dickhead’s. He comes in and points a gun at Kenya. Doc Yewll said he wanted to make a new Kenya so he could heroically rescue her and win Amanda. Kenya is going to die within three months and then a once again grieving Amanda would be dependent on him. That is really messed up.

photo 2

Somebody better kill him by the end of the season

Kenya is able to escape from them. She goes to the Need/Want to raid the safe. Amanda finds her knowing that Kenya would go to the safe but it is what she would do. Amanda wants her to stay. Kenya says she is dying and isn’t even her sister just a reflection from Amanda’s memory. Kenya breaks Amanda’s arm and runs off.

photo 3

I’m really worried about Amanda.

Mayor Dickhead said it was all Doc Yewll. She gets Datak and Rafe (Graham Greene) to help her disappear in Old St. Louis under the city. Amanda holds proper funeral for Kenya. But, Stahma doesn’t attend and has her own at a new grave she made for Kenya.

photo 4

Killing someone doesn’t mean you don’t love them

It didn’t seem that important until the last shot. Quentin (Justin Rain) returned. He went and found his mom and he is mad at his dad for leaving her because she was a little crazy. There are only two things that really interest me with story line. 1) Quentin was the masked man, so he is working with the Votanis Collective. 2) His mom, Pilar, will be in the next episode and she is being played by fricking Linda Hamilton! How did I find this out from IMDB and not the fandom.

photo 5

My name is John Connor.


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