Once Upon A Time: “Smash the Mirror” (S4Ep08 and S4Ep09)

I went into this two-hour Once Upon A Time event with a sense of dread. This show can barely carry a plot for one hour and when it tries for two it usually fails. It pretty much did again. Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) were mostly useless, Will (Michael Socha) got screen time for some reason and the entire episode was based on Emma (Jennifer Morrison) making or not making a terrible decision. But, Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Anna (Elizabeth Hail) were great and Regina (Lana Parrilla) was awesome when she wasn’t doing this:

photo 1

Having sex with a married guy in a crypt? Sure, as long as nobody’s gay because this is a family show. Really, I was too angry and disgusted during this scene that I didn’t really listen to what they said. Something about the book deciding their fate and Regina being a villain because the writers suck at acknowledging character development.


photo 2

This is not how timelines work

The Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) hides the Fantasia hat in the woods. Then in the Enchanted Forest at some other time, she goes to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to trade the hat for a way  to get two new sisters to replace the ones she turned into ice cubes and the mom from Frozen. She wants ones that have been born with magic.

photo 3

Giant sword in the face just seemed like a metaphor for this episode

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Emma wakes up in the bug in the woods, shooting magic out of her hands. She’s freaking out as Henry (Jared Gilmore) finds her. Everyone has been looking for her all night, but Snow and Charming are useless when it comes to looking for people apparently. Henry gets too close, Emma flips and sends him magically feeling onto the ground and he bumps his head on a rock. He isn’t really mad or scared but Emma tells him to get away so he runs off.

photo 4

I wish Regina was here

Then the Snow Queen finds her and tells her she is on her side and she has to embrace who she is. She has to embrace her magic. And if you support that magic=gay metaphor, this episode is unintentionally gay as hell.

Over at Mary Margaret’s apartment, Snow, Charming, Elsa and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) return from looking for Emma. Elsa is literally the only smart person in this story line and tells everyone that they need to find Emma and tell her they still love her or she is going to spiral out of control. Then Henry comes home and everyone’s thinks Emma’s a lost cause. Except Elsa who knows from her movie only the people you love can help you.

photo 5

I love you, but will you change already!

Back in Arendelle whenever, Elsa is getting dinner ready for Anna when the Snow Queen comes in and tells her Anna attacked her, tried to capture her in the urn and plans to do the same to Elsa. She clearly finds this ridiculous, because Elsa and Anna are actually intelligent while everyone in Storybrooke is either dumb as hell or Regina. The Snow Queen tells Elsa that her mom was kind of a bitch and trapped her in the urn. The Snow Queen tells Elsa Anna will never accept who she truly is.

photo 1

Lair, she’s been to a Tegan and Sara concert with me

Back in Storybrooke, Emma is hiding in Rumple’s (Robert Carlyle) shop because she needs his help. He says he has a special spell that will help her get rid of her magic forever. Emma says she wants to do it. This whole story line was rather annoying. Emma decides to meet Rumple in the woods to do the spell without any real consideration and without talking to the two not evil people in town who have magic and can control it; Regina and Elsa. I mean, Emma is dumb sometimes but this seemed uncharacteristically dumb.

Elsa was really the best part of this episode, because Emma was being stupid and Regina was caught in a gross dude story line. In Arendelle, Elsa goes down to the dungeon to see Anna. She acts like she believes the Snow Queen for the sake of the guards so she can break Anna out. They then go off to find the urn to trap the Snow Queen inside it. They find the urn, discover the mirror and have some sister bonding time. Elsa locks Anna back in the dungeon with the urn and she plans for the Snow Queen to come down so they can trap her in it. They had some of the best dialogue of the whole episode and they were both great.

photo 2


But, their plan doesn’t work. The Snow Queen surprises Anna and curses her with the Spell of Shattered Sight, so she will turn against Elsa. It works, but being that they are actually smart Elsa quickly figures out that the Snow Queen did something when Anna comes in with the urn and acts all mean to her. Anna traps Elsa and her curse is broken. Anna quickly realizes what the Snow Queen did. The Snow Queen then freezes Anna and Kristoff.

photo 4


After she is done sexing up a married man in a cemetery, Regina arrives at the Charmings’ with a locator spell and goes upstairs to see Henry. Emma then calls Snow and tells them not to worry. She has found a way to get rid of her magic and not hurt anyone anymore. Snow and Charming don’t seem nearly as concerned about this decision as they should be. Elsa clearly is and Hook knows Emma must have made a deal with Rumple. He runs outside to call her and leaves a message because he knows Rumple has the Fantasia hat.

Snow and Charming have a fun double-meaning dialogue scene if they should be supporting Emma giving up her magic or not. Charming says its her choice and maybe her being “normal” is her best chance. But, Snow says she was born this way and magic is part of who she is. Elsa overhears this and realizes Snowing is sometimes horrible parents. So, she takes the tracking portion and goes off to find Emma herself.

photo 3

Getting shit done in my Halloween costume

Regina sasses up a storm, mothers Henry some and then convinces Snow and Charming they are dumb and to go search for Emma and stop her from undoing her magic. They realize Elsa took the spell and head blindly out into the woods.

Emma encounters multiple people on her way to the same set at Jefferson’s house to get her magic undone. The Snow Queen tells her not to, but she is not really there because Rumple trapped her in her ice cave. Emma never answers her phone so Hook is never able to stop her. Snow and Regina are walking super slow because she is telling her maybe she can still find her happy ending with Robin (Sean Maguire). Snow says she just needs to have hope. Regina tells her the writers never let her be happy because they are convinced she is still a villain. Snow thinks she can change that.

Emma reaches the houses and Rumple tells her the spell in the next room. He has the hat in there ready to suck her in. Even he tells her he wouldn’t do it. But, he admits it is because he loves his power more than anything. He then goes outside to let Emma make the decision on her own. Rumple stops Hook outside, magics him to the fence and takes his heart because he needs it for the spell to unbind himself from his dagger. He says he is going to have some fun with him before he kills him.


Or you could kill him now that’d be fine

Luckily, Elsa finally arrives and convinces Emma to not undo her magic. Elsa tells her she isn’t going to give up on her because Emma didn’t give up on her when she almost froze her to death. Elsa tells her that in addition to their families accepting who they are, they have to accept and love themselves and embrace their magic.

photo 1

Embrace the gay!

Back in Arendelle, Rumple finds the Snow Queen and takes the urn with Elsa in it. He says he will give it back once she gives him the hat. She doesn’t and goes to the Sorcerer’s Appretience instead. He tells her the third person with magic will not be born for a long time and opens a portal to our world in 1982 for her to go through.

Elsa and Emma moment is ruined by Hook running in and kissing Emma. She did not seem to enjoy it.

photo 2

Elsa was bett–I mean straightness, babies, Disney!

Snow, Charming and Henry find them. Emma sets off some fireworks with Elsa with her magic. But, then the sister ribbon bracelets appear on Emma and Elsa’s wrists and they seem to be draining their magic.

Regina got called away from the action by stupid Robin Hood. She goes to the library and he shows her an alternative page of the book that appeared like magic. It shows that they did meet in the pub the first time Regina saw him. Robin said it’s hope and means she isn’t a villain. Numerous people have been telling Regina that lately but she only believes it when the married dude she is banging tells her because that’s not sexist.

photo 3

Am I too fabulous for this show?

Over in her ice cave, the Snow Queen tells Rumple she will now be able to wield her, Elsa and Emma’s magic and can overtake Storybrooke. The Snow Queen needed Emma and Elsa to embrace their magic for the bracelets to work and she can cast the Spell of Shattered Sight over Storybrooke.

photo 4

Aw purple smoke nostalgia

This episode was mostly a mess with a weak plot. Hopefully, next week is better and have less Robin Hood in it.


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  1. Whxjbweduh says:

    OMG what is wrong with u robin and Regina r life! She finally found true love maybe that’s why she cares so much and listens to everything he says! Like duh😠


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