Once Upon A Time: “Fall” (S4Ep10)

Really hardly anything happened this episode of Once Upon A Time. The show is clearly setting up for next week’s 4a finale and decided to give us a fluff episode in which three important things happened:

1. Elsa and Anna were reunited

photo 1


2. The main cast locked themselves away and put their faith in Emma to save them–and babysit.

photo 2

At least my new girlfriend and her sister are here to help me

3. Hook killed the Blue Fairy

photo 3

Had it coming, shady bitch

From the promo it looked like this episode was going to be pretty good. Then I saw Jane Epsenson wrote it and thought I was certainly going to be good. Clearly, she was behind all the great, sappy dialogue but most of this episode either made no sense, was a waste of time or set up for next week.

For plot point one, while everyone is trying to find a place to go to escape the Snow Queen’s (Elizabeth Mitchell) Spell of Shattered Sight, Elsa (Georgina Haig) finds Anna’s (Elizabeth Lail) snowflake necklace. She learned from the last episode she could track Anna if she had something of hers. She and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) go to Belle (Emilie de Ravin) to get a tracking spell. It leads them into the mines and to a caved in wall. Emma tells Elsa not to magic it away because shit is caving  in and collapsing everywhere because of the Snow Queen’s purple cloud, I guess. This episode made no sense.

photo 4

So now that Regina is with that married guy…

In Arendelle, Elsa and Kristoff (Michael Scott Foster) are unFrozen 30 years later because the Snow Queen left for New York? I don’t know. Anna realizes they have to get a spell so they can wish for Elsa to be back and out of the urn. After defeating Hans, who was also unFrozen, and a few of his brothers they decide to pay off a pirate to get a wishing star spell.

I’m not sure how it works with realms or time, but they end up on the Jolly Roger, which is now captained by Blackbeard. Did we last see him in the Enchanted Forest/Misthaven or Victorian England Land, regardless he isn’t in Arendelle. Whatever.

photo 5

Stop trying to use logic

Hans ends up there too. He convinces Blackbeard to lock them in a trunk and throw them overboard at the same spot that Anna and Elsa’s parents died. Kristoff is trying to fight off their impending drowning. It was really the only suspenseful part of the episode and Kristoff finally contributed something to the plot.

Back in Storybrooke, Elsa stole the necklace away from the Swan-Mills and Charming families and uses it to find Anna instead of letting them use is to make a vaccine for the Snow Queen’s spell. She does the tracking thing on it again. After being berated by Regina (Lana Parilla), Emma rushes after her and finds her in the mine. Elsa blasts through the wall and ends up on the beach. She wishes on the necklace that Anna was there. A portal opens up in the water and the trunk lands on the beach. Anna and Kristoff climb out and they are reunited with lots of jumping and screaming.

photo 1

“There is one last thing I have to do” is usually said before a kiss, not a hug

To plot point two or the main cast locking themselves away with the hopes that Emma, Elsa and Anna (who can’t be affected because she was before) will save them. Everyone realizes they will harm the people they love most and they must be far away from them. Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) were actually smart for once lock themselves in different cells in the sheriff station. They also make Emma take care of Replacement Baby, while she is going to save the whole town, because you can’t ask for too much intelligence from those two.

photo 2

We suck at parenting

Regina takes Henry (Jared Gilmore) to her office and seals him inside with magic. Henry is a great believer in both of his moms, like always. He says he isn’t afraid of Regina hurting him and knows Emma will save them.

photo 4

These two literally save every horrible episode

Robin (Sean Maguire), of some reason, is hanging around Regina this episode, like he doesn’t have a wife, son or gang of L.L Bean models he should be protecting. Regina told him earlier that he is the only he and Henry believe in her. Even ignoring my SwanQueen feels, Emma believes in her too and even Snow to some extent. Jane Espenson, you are usually better than this.

Regina goes in magics herself in her vault, because of course. Kristoff handcuffs himself to a desk in the sheriff station. Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) also locks himself away at the docks. He goes to say good-bye to Emma at the sheriff station. They kiss and hug and have an disgusting cute little moment. Hey, remember that one time when Emma had to say good-bye to Regina who sacrificed Henry’s memories of her to give Emma and Henry a happy ending and they didn’t even hug?

photo 3

Actually, there was an unscripted hug. A&E cut it.

Plot point three, the Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) was going to help make a spell vaccine in Granny’s, but Rumple-controlled Hook came in and sucked her into the Fantasia hat. She used to be cool but after everything she did to Tink and Young Snow, she deserved that.

photo 5

Also we haven’t seen her in months

And that was it. Hopefully next week is good, because all this episode did was set it up.


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