Once Upon A Time: “Shattered Sight” (S4Ep11)

I actually liked this episode of Once Upon A Time and that is the first time I have said that all season. Sure it had some bad points — I’ll get to those later — but for the most part it had good character dynamics, a plot and the Snow Queen’s (Elizabeth Mitchell) demise was so good I forgot to make fun of it for a second.

First we got some more back story for the Snow Queen in Boston in 1982. Nothing came of it.

photo 1

This is pointless

Now that everyone in Storybrooke has CGI’ed glass bits in their eyes, Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), Charming (Josh Dallas) and Kristoff (Michael Foster Scott) say slightly mean dialogue at everyone. Anna (Elizabeth Lail) is trying to handle it but decides to see what her sister and her girlfriend are doing in the office. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Elsa (Georgina Haig) didn’t have a plan but Anna remembers from that book report Ingrid made her do in a jail cell that one time that the Shattered Sight curse from the legend was broken by killing the person who cast it.

photo 2

But that would tarnish my image and it’s almost Chri$tma$

I was fairly certain the show as going to write itself around making a Disney character kill someone who isn’t a talking lion or a giant octopus. But, it almost tricked me into thinking that it would for a moment so I should stop complaining.

Of course, Elsa doesn’t want to kill anyone. Emma said they might have to if the time comes. Emma pushes her babysitting duties onto Anna and hands her Replacement Baby. Elsa tells her she wants her to stay safe anyway. Anna asks if she trusts Emma and Elsa says she is her friend. Elsa seemed to be using “friend” the way Xena and Gabrielle did.

photo 3

Can you please babysit? It’s our anniversary

Over in the cemetery, Regina (Lana Parilla) is getting pissed about being locked in her vault. She blames Emma probably because Emma was already on her mind anyway and changes into an Evil Queen dress!

photo 4

That was my reaction too, Regina

Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) wasn’t affected by the curse because Rumple (Robert Carlyle) has his heart. Rumple uses him to find Henry (Jared Gilmore) because he doesn’t know where “his mothers” locked him away for safe keeping. Swan-Mills Family reference! Rumple has a way to get out of Storybrooke with Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Henry. Something about the stars in the Fantasia hat aligning with actual stars. Whatever, I’m sure it is going to be the main conflict of next week — which is the 4a finale — so I’ll pay attention then.

photo 5

At least he did’t have a scene with Emma

The Snow Queen goes to her ice cream shop and receives two rock troll memory spell stones. Outside she is met by Elsa and Emma ready to magic her to death or capture, I’m not sure. Emma said they are masters at making magic together but it doesn’t work on the Snow Queen. Elsa realizes they can’t hurt Ingrid. Ingrid adds that soon they will not want to kill her and will love her.

photo 1

Stop in the name of IceSwan!

photo 2

IceSwan isn’t a thing, Emma’s not gay

There were a bunch of scenes with Young Emma (Abby Ross) and Ingrid in 1999. They were the only part of this episode I didn’t like. Young Emma is not really as much fun without her baby homo Regina look-a-like friend. Also, the entire show failed to make it look like 1999. The costumes didn’t work, the set design didn’t work, all the reference to Harry Potter, which wasn’t that popular only a year after the first book came out, didn’t work. Hell, even the amusement park rides that were CGI’ed in the background weren’t the right style for 1999.

photo 3

I worked in an amusement park for four years

All we need to know is that Ingrid tried to adopt Emma. Emma wanted her to until Ingrid almost got them hit by a car while trying to get Emma to use her magic. Then in 2001, Ingrid went to Storybrooke and the magic from the scroll outranks Regina’s, I guess, and she was able to get into the town and blend in with the first curse.

Back at the jail, Anna is trying to stop everything from fighting and yelling terrible, terrible dialogue at each other. I have no idea how the dialogue was so bad, even Anna’s wasn’t that great but Elizabeth Lail did a really good job delivering it.

photo 4

We suck at everything

Anyway, onto the IceSwan vs. SwanQueen scenes. Elsa and Emma are trying to get their sister bracelets off but can’t. Elsa says it must because of the unmatched love floowing between them. Emma thinks maybe they could get them off by someone hating them as much as Ingrid loves them. Emma quickly thinks of Regina. Elsa doesn’t like it as first. But Emma says for Storybrooke to survive Regina has to hate her like she’s never hated her before. So, they head over to the vault together, because what could make Regina madder than being replaced with a blonde in a Halloween costume?

photo 5

I meant us not the bracelets, but ok

Elsa and Emma break into Regina’s vault and the dialogue was too good for me to even try to paraphrase so just go listen to it or just think of your favorite fanfic and plug that in because that works too. Regina gets pissed enough and shots some magic at them. It hits their bracelets, they come off, Emma knocks out Regina and they run away.

photo 1

I loved this scene

Then in a fun and goofy scene, Regina comes into the sheriff station with the intention of killing Replacement Baby to steal Snow’s happiness. She magics away Anna and Kristoff to “where they came from” and challenges Snow to a sword fight. Snow and Charming are still complaining to each other like a slightly less boring domestic Snowing and Regina is hissing season one level Evil Queen lines all over the place. It was great.

photo 2

Snow Smash!

Anna and Kristoff end up on the beach by the trunk because that was the closest Regina could get them. Kristoff is getting all pissed at Anna. She picks up a bottle and smashes it on his head to stop him from swimming back to Arendelle. The bottle was the one her mother threw into the sea in the first episode of the season. Anna reads the note and says Elsa and Ingrid have to hear it.

Elsa and Emma are in the Snow Queen’s snow cave ready to shot magic at her. But Elsa can’t do it. Anna runs in and reads the letter to everyone. The Frozen Mom apologizes for everything she did to Elsa and Ingrid. Anna keeps reading even as the Snow Queen is scream-crying at her. The letter also has a crystal of the memories of the other princess. Frozen Mom told Elsa and Anna to go find Ingrid and release her from the urn. It seemed like they had reformed Ingrid and this was going to end just like now Regina stopped Zelena but then this happened:

photo 3

An actual plot twist!

Ingrid chokes Anna as she says she understands her. Anna says Ingrid is part of her family and she loves her no matter what. Ingrid then stops and realizes what she’s done. She realizes she has to destroy herself to stop the curse. Despite it going on a little too long and the super, super dramatic music, it was actually so good I forgot to Tweet about it.

photo 4

Calm down, Once Upon A Time

Ingrid sacrifices herself and it starts snowing. Then everyone snaps out of it and starts laughing. Everyone is reunited in the street and literally everyone hugs except Regina and Emma. Instead we get a very long Snowing kiss.

photo 5

Cute, but I’m over it.

With the bad guy gone, Rumple steps up to be the bad guy…sorta. He is going to leave Storybrooke and rule the rest of the world.

I’m not feeling too optimistic about the next episode or 4b. Anna and Elsa said they need to let Arendelle know about their aunts, so that is probably going to be the reason for them being written off. And though at first I hated their inclusion, I really like them and I don’t want them to leave, especially since it looks like a bunch of new characters are about to be added.


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