Once Upon A Time: “Heroes and Villains” (S4Ep12)

For the majority of this episode of Once Upon A Time nothing much happened and then everything happened all at once. The show finally ended the Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Belle’s (Emilie de Ravin) borderline abusive relationship and Regina (Lana Parrilla) sleeping with a married guy. But, it also ended the Frozen story line, which I really liked.

The Charmings and the Frozen crew are at the ice wall. Elsa (Georgina Haig) is very quickly able to get it down. But, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) realizes that the Snow Queen left a curse on the town line so those who leave can’t came back. Wait, hasn’t that always been part of the curse? Whatever, the writers forget things too often but that is the problem the town line is causing this week.

photo 1

Well that was easy

Emma realizes they need a portal and Anna (Elizabeth Lail) says they need to hurry because Hans and his brothers conquered Arendelle. Rumple-controlled Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) was eavesdropping on the conversation and goes to tell Rumple the plan. Rumple really wants Anna to leave because he told everyone he didn’t know anything about her and she knows about the hat. Once the stars in the sky align with the ones in the hat, Rumple will be able to separate himself from the dagger and leave with Belle.

Our flashbacks for the episode focus on Belle and Rumple, early on in their time together. Belle finds a gauntlet at Rumple’s castle. It can show a person the greatest weakness of someone they love. Other stuff happens with them but it was really boring. Mostly, Belle chases a dalmatian into the woods and gets kidnapped.

photo 2

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple wakes up Belle and tells her they are going to New York. Henry (Jared Gilmore) comes by for work. He tells her about the new (?) town line curse and they find at the gauntlet in the shop. Belle knows Rumple isn’t supposed to have it because he traded it to save her life once.

Specifically, he traded it to Ursula, Cruella de Vil and Maleficent, who were barely in this episode for how much the show promoted their inclusion. They seem snarking and fun. I’m really glad Ursula didn’t have a super racist Caribbean accent or anything, I was worried about that.

Meanwhile, at Granny’s Emma and the Frozen crew are trying to think of ways to find a portal. Ask Regina for help? No, she was too busy putting the heart back in the wife of the guy she is banging. Anyway, Rumple-controlled Hook comes in and tells Emma that Rumple has found a portal and it’s in that abandoned house he tried to kill her in a few episodes ago. Emma realizes he is acting weird, but I guess she has been spending too much time with her parents because she decides to do what he said anyway.

photo 3

Yup, superpower is still broken

Over by that lake, Regina is hanging out with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) as they are watching Roland and Marion feed some geese. Marion found Regina earlier and pretty much told her if Robin loves her more now then they should be together. Regina, the best parent on this show by a long shot, tells Robin he should think and Roland. Robin says it will be difficult but she deserves her happy ending. Then Marion collapses from the left over Snow Queen magic. Regina realizes Marion has to leave Stroybrooke so there is no more magic and she doesn’t freeze to death. Regina says Robin has to go with her because she can’t go alone. They actually leave, Robin kisses Regina and says he doesn’t want to but Regina tells him he has to.

photo 4

Popsicle side effects

The Charmings and the Frozen crew go find that door in the abandoned manor. After a bunch of goodbyes and thank yous, Elsa and Emma hug for a ridiculously long amount of time. Elsa and Kristoff go through the portal. Anna says back for a moment to thank Emma for taking care of her sister and rambles about not getting to meet Mr. Gold. Charming (Josh Dallas) tells who he was in Misthaven/The Enchanted Forest and she tells them about the hat.

photo 1

I’m going to miss you, Elsa

Rumple and Hook have already started the stars align ritual in the clock tower. Emma and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) run in to stop him. He magics them in place. He has Hook’s heart and is about to crush it but can’t.

photo 3

Surprise, bitch!

Belle found the real dagger and stopped him. She commanded him to take them to the town line. She finally, finally realizes she has been being lied to since last season. She says the man is gone and he is only a beast. They have a dramatic break up, which was actually pretty well done but about two or three abusive actions overdue. She cries and forces him over the town line as he pleads for her not to.

photo 4

Well, damn

We pop into Arendelle for a moment, they defeated Hans and Elsa walks Anna down the aisle at her wedding.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma puts back Hook’s heart. Then everything is happening like a SwanQueen fanfic and I know I shouldn’t be so excited but I was. Regina is sitting at the bar looking all sad. Emma goes and sits beside her. Regina tells her she doesn’t want another Charming family hope speech. But, Emma says she is there for shots.

photo 5

Drinking buddies!

Then, Henry runs in and says he found something. They take a family field trip to the abandoned manor. Henry found a secret door that leds to a library filled with blank story books. Regina smiles and says he found the Author’s house. Emma questions them. Regina then explains Operation Mongoose. Emma says she wants in. Regina is surprised, but Emma reminds her that she promised to help her find her happy ending.

photo 2

You’re going to help with the happy ending?

photo 1

Maybe it’s with me

photo 3

Probably not, but I’m feeling more optimistic

Six weeks later, Rumple finds Ursula in New York City and says he wants to get her girl group back together, find the Author and get the villains a happy ending.

I’m not as worried as a thought I was going to be going into 4b. It would be pretty hard for the show to mess up three new villains, but this show does have a special skill for having terrible villains. Wait, didn’t Emma kill Maleficent in season one? Whatever, see you in March.


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