28 things I hope for when Once Upon A Time returns

As of today, the premiere date for Once Upon A Time season 4B is 28 days away. The first part of the first season ended all right. As I have said I liked the Frozen story line and I thought the Snow Queen was a good villain. But, as OUAT has proved with season 2A and season 3A it is usually better at its first part of the seasons (Neverland grew on me) than its second parts.

So, below I have listed 28 things I hope to see and hope not to see when Once Upon A Time returns on March 1.

1. Anything cool for Snow and Charming


Remember when “badass” was a common way to describe for Snow. Yeah, that was a while ago. Please, show give them something cool to do and no more of them trying to be good grandparents. They can be idiots and disgustingly cute, but let them fight or something

2. Diversity 


Lack of diversity is always a problem with this show. The show has added some but they have either died (Tamara, Lancelot) or disappeared (Rapunzel, Mulan). I know people usually will make an argument for Regina here. Yes, Lana Parrilla is Puerto Rican but the show has given us little to no evidence that Regina is supposed to be Hispanic in anyway. The show has added Merrin Dungey as Ursula, but as a villain she will probably die by the end of the season.

3. No villain plan monologues

SM Mary PoppinsSherlock Holmes

Remember how Zelena went around telling her plans to everyone? She wasn’t that great of a villain. The Snow Queen only told Emma her plans and after we had to spend half the episodes trying to figure out what she wanted. That is a better way to handle villains, please continue with that.

4.  Belle keeps her cool 

photo 3

The show did a lot of questionable things with Belle and Rumple’s relationship. I think it was getting borderline abusive, but canonly the whole thing was built on a lie. Belle finally got cool again when she realized that and told Rumple to get the eff out of Storybrooke. Stay badass, Belle.

5. Less questionable relationships the masses are supposed to believe is endgame 

2 our marriage is built on a lie

Like I said above Rumbelle was getting kind of abusive. Also, Regina was sleeping with a married guy in a crypt in a cemetery. He confessed her love to her while his wife was in an ice coma on the couch.

6. Less CGI 


Like seriously? I would take the redressed gazebo set than more of digital everything.

7. Continued acknowledgement of Regina’s character growth 

photo 1

If this show has people who support Regina (Emma, Henry, Snow, Charming, Belle to a point) call her a villain or think she is going to do something evil, I’m going to be pissed. Regina hasn’t been a villain since the end of 2A.

8. More Swan-Mills family moments 


Though I am clearly in support of the Swan-Mills family having a wedding and living happily ever after together, I know the show is not that open-minded. But, Emma and Regina are canon friends and they are both Henry’s moms and I hope the show gives the three of them some time together.

9. An explanation for Cruellia de Vil


Why are you in the Enchanted Forest? Do you have magic? Why would you have magic? Is 1920s London a magically realm?

10. Same for Maleficent 


Emma killed you as a dragon. Didn’t someone kill you as that ghost thing too?

11. Less Hook 


Apart from wanting to get in Emma’s pants, has there been a reason for Hook to still be hanging around everyone else? I really thought he was going to get killed at the end of this season and I would have been fine with that. Didn’t he get cast on something in England? Where did that rumor go?

12. No more new characters


We are already going into 4B with three new or new-ish villains. If they end up bringing Ariel and Aurora back because of this I am fine with that, but don’t add another gaggle of characters from their past that we don’t want to see.

13. Regina’s mansion 

photo 2

Remember when she didn’t live in that vault?

14. Not Robin 


He better not come back. He left with his family for a good reason. I never liked him. The one glaringly obvious reason is that he is not Emma, but he was also useless, had to have Regina fix all his problems, is married and had no chemistry with Regina. Send me your attacks, Outlaw Queen shippers.

15. Magic lessons

photo 4

I know Emma did magic with Elsa a lot in 4A but she got really good at magic really fast. The show should distract us from that continuity issue by showing her having some magic lessons with Regina because those scenes are always great.

16. Ruby


Where the hell is Ruby? She popped into the diner like twice last season, but didn’t even get any lines. She is friends with multiple of the main characters, works at one of most popular locations in town and kept getting mentioned after her original disappearance. Bring her back! The show Meghan Ory original left for has been cancelled and according to IMDB she might have been filming a movie but that should be done now, so where is Ruby?

17. Only needed back story 


You’d think four years in we would be done with back story, but this show just loves back story. But, please only give it to us if it is needed. Jesus Charming being terrorized by Bo Peep, we did not need to see that.

18. Mulan 


Unlike Ruby, we know where Mulan is supposed to be. She is supposed to be with the Merry Men. After the show decided to make her sorta kinda possibly maybe come out as bisexual (that being the masses view, clearly she is queer as hell), she left to go join the Merry Men. But, she was never shown with the Merry Men in OUAT or OUATW. It seems like Jamie Chung was off filming other stuff for a while, but she seems to be free now. And if the new villains are going to give us more Aurora it would make sense for Mulan to be there too.

19. Less incredibly convenient plot devices 


This incredibly important thing that we have never heard of and will never hear of again is the one and only thing that can save us in this situation.

20. LGBT representation


Somebody needs to do a survey of OUAT fans and show ABC how many LGBTQ fans this show has, then maybe it will give us more representation. Also, bringing back Mulan would help with this and the shows lack of racial diversity problem.

21. No more memory loss 


The first time it was good, the second was all right and the rest was too much. And I never want to see those fricking rock trolls again.

22. More of excellent Regina’s dialogue 

photo 1

This show might not be able to write plot twists better than memory loss, but it is fantastic at Sass Queen dialogue. Keep that coming.

23. No Will Scarlet


Why is here even here? His show was cancelled, clearly we didn’t like him.

24. Tinkerbell 


Tink has not been popping around as much as she should be. She is a fun new character and always acted as a voice for reason for Regina’s character development. She is also already established and well liked. Keep her around and get rid of Will.

25. The characters from the Baby Class of Missing Characters 

ouat 4x07 4

The continuity fails with the Baby Class of Missing Characters was hilarious. But, if Ashley and Aurora are still hanging around Storybrooke and Aurora is living at Granny’s, why don’t we see them more often? They are both friends with Snow and Emma.

26. The characters getting an explanation for Zelena’s death 


Rumple did a lot of bad things that he did not have to answer for last season. Hopefully, killing Regina’s on the verge of reforming half-sister is among the things our heroes learn about.

27. Baby Braids Regina, if there is story for her 


I am not usually big on this show doing back story, but I really like Baby Braids Regina and Lana Parrilla can act the hell out of anything. So, if there has to be back story let it be with Baby Braids Regina.

28. The rest of the missing characters 


Back in season one when there was a town-wide crisis and everyone had to get out, there was a whole lot of people hanging around and freaking out. Now, there might be a handful. Other people live in Storybrooke too, it would be nice to see them once in a while.

Once Upon A Time returns on March 1 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. I live-tweet @marika_l9 with #queerytales.


One Comment on “28 things I hope for when Once Upon A Time returns”

  1. Kali says:

    Wow this is fairly close to what my list would look like. I never watched once upon a time in wonderland so I don’t know much about Will Scarlet, but considering the other male characters that have been screen time, I don’t hate him. I can see my feelings for him going either way at this point. I absolutely agree with not wanting any new characters. I’m annoyed with them throwing in any and every character they can come up with into the show for absolutely no reason. In season 1 we got new characters every episode pretty much but 1.) it was the first season and they were creating the town and backstories and 2.) the characters and plot moved forward together, but now the new characters hold the plot back. Same with the plot devices, they aren’t even subtle anymore, no one works for the answers (they run around clueless until the last episode and then suddenly find the solution), I can’t think of any of plot devices that were original instead they were all predictable and boring, they don’t have foreshadowing of the devices and have throwbacks to earlier episodes (Look at Harry Potter: J.K.R. would mention important key objects and clues far before the big reveal. It ties things together and stops them from being rushed and random.)

    The romances are a huge sore topic for me. They’re horrible! I personally ship SwanQueen, (this is actually the first show that I’ve really shipped characters on, I’ve always just been a general audience member and watched it, either liking the relationship or not) but even shipping SwanQueen I’m used to going with the flow and if the show gave us good relationships for Emma and Regina that weren’t each other I could’ve gotten behind that. Yes part of me would still wish SQ was canon and I would still be a part of the SQ fandom but it wouldn’t be impossible for me to enjoy the story they were telling, if only it was decent. I have grown to despise Robin Hood more than any other character this show has ever had. An impressive feat considering that Robin Hood was my second favorite Disney movie as a kid (The Lion King is #1) and my love of the fable had grown so much and I always rushed to see any RH movie that came out. This show has ruined him and I can’t stand to see his character.

    Zelena’s death better be brought up again and focused on for more than a single scene or episode. That’s what Regina should have spent the entire half season moping about. I’m desperately hoping that this half season is better than the first. If not I’m not sure how I’m going to get through it.


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