Once Upon A Time: “Poor Unfortunate Soul” (S4Ep16)

I’m just going to do an important things post for this episode because it was crap. We got about three important bits of information mixed in with back story we didn’t need and so so much Hook.

Five important things

1. Though the show has introduced Ariel and she is a good character, living happily with Eric on the Island of Missing Characters, it never did the Little Mermaid plot with her. So, they used it for Ursula. Hook played the trickster role that movie Ursula did. And voice was changed to singing voice, because the writers can’t plan that well.

photo 1
2. The Storybrooke Hero Gang found out that Rumple pretended to be Hook last episode. Belle and Hook were equally pissed, but in true fashion with this show Belle only complained while Hook went into revenge mode.

photo 2
3. The QoD think that Ursula is their mole. She kind of was this episode by telling the plan to Hook in exchange for him helping her get her singing voice back. So, Regina is still undercover.

photo 3
4. Rumple is planning to fill Emma’s heart with the greatest darkness to get the villains their happy endings. Ursula said the author can’t only re-write the events because Emma brought back the happy endings.

photo 4

5. The author is trapped inside the story book. Well, that probably means my Henry being the author theory is wrong. Unless it is older Henry who was sent back in time with the book when he sent it to his younger self.

photo 5

Five less important moments that I mostly disliked

1. photo 1

2. Hook is worried he is going to loss Emma because she is his happy ending and he used to be a villain. You know writing that out made me realize it makes no sense He already has her. Also this:

photo 2
Has more chemistry that this:

photo 3

3. Why was this here?

photo 4photo 3

4. photo 4

5. photo 5


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