Call The Midwife: “Season 4 Episode 6”

Being that this is our first episode with Sister Mary Cynthia (Byronny Hannah) in the entire thing, we start with Mature Jenny (Vanessa Redgrave) talking about how nursing is about entwining your life with strangers’ and the religious life is about pulling away from it. She says she never would have chosen it but can understand why some people do.

photo 1

Everyone is getting ready to go on rounds in the morning, when Tim (Max Macmillion) arrives with the insulin from Dr. Turner’s (Stephan McGann) office. Nurse Krane (Linda Bassett) and Trixie (Helen George) complain about the number of diabetics in Poplar and Nurse Krane leaves says she is going to handle it.

She gets out to her car and sees that her hubcaps were stolen. She then goes over and scolds Peter (Ben Chaplan) and Fred (Cliff Parisi), who were chatting nearby. She blames it on “that gypsy camp” who apparently steal lots of lead.

She then arrives at Paulette’s (Nell Hudson) house. She is 17 and one of the youngest cases of diabetes. Nurse Krane says she is going to teach Paulette and her mother how to do the injections herself.

We then pop over to “that gypsy camp” with Peter. The first guy they met is rather mean to them. Peter sees a few babies, one only three days old, before he takes the man’s hints to leave.

Over at the clinic, Patsy (Emerald Fennell) is hanging up a flier for a dance when we finally see her secret girlfriend Delia (Kate Lamb) again. Delia has been getting mentioned a bit but she hasn’t actually appeared since her introductory episode. Delia takes a flier for the dance to put at at the nurses’ home. The dance is a fundraiser for the cubs to go a field trip to Norfolk. Patsy and Delia are both cute and subtly flirting.

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Then Sister Evangelina makes her re-entrance by bursting in and barking orders at Patsy and about a minute later is butting heads with Nurse Krane. And it continues during dinner. Peter is there and tells them about the camp and the young mother and baby he saw. Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) thinks they should send someone over.

Trixie and Sister Mary Cynthia go together. They are being both ignored and watched by everyone, until someone finally comes outside in the rain to speak with them. Trixie disappears from this story line eventually, so it is the first solo story line for Sister Mary Cynthia. I haven’t really warmed up to Cynthia as a nun yet and this story line would have made me really uncomfortable, but it didn’t because Maria Doyle Kennedy!

photo 3

Sister Mary Cynthia follow Attracta (Oi, oi Mrs. S). She tells them a midwife wasn’t needed because she has always delivered all the babies in the family since her grandmother stopped. She is also rather pregnant. The young mother, Rita, invites them inside to see the baby, who is fine.

Back at Nonnatus, the nurses are in the party room and talking about the square dance. Trixie is slightly annoyed that a square dance is her weekend plans, Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie) is trying to figure out what to wear, Pasty suggests plaid, which of course, she has a lot of.

Paulette sneaks out of her house and starts kissing a boy in the street, who is her boyfriend and an ex-con on probation. He then walks away and finds out his little brother and his friends stole Nurse Krane’s hubcaps. Nurse Krane comes over the next day and realizes Paulette isn’t just sick from her diabetes, she is also pregnant. Nurse Krane then has to tell Paulette and her mother. Her mom doesn’t take it too well and calls her a slut. Nurse Krane stands up for Paulette.

Dr. Turner comes in and says the safest route would be a medically inducted abortion. Paulette doesn’t want to do that and runs out. Paulette and her boyfriend, Vaughan (Sam Giffins), decided to keep it and get engaged. After being rejected by Paulette’s mother but supported by Nurse Krane, Vaughn goes to Nonnatus to give back the hubcaps. He doesn’t think Nurse Krane will believe that he didn’t steal them but she does. They get talking. Vaughn says he doesn’t want his child born a bastard because that is no way to start life. Nurse Krane ensures him you can get past that because she was born out-of-wedlock. Paulette gets taken to the hospital, because her mother forced her too. Vaughn comes to get Paulette and they run away.

photo 5

As kids from Poplar, they don’t do very well camping in the woods trying to get to Vaughn’s cousin’s house. Paulette almost dies during the night. Vaughn knows he has to do something, even if it means they will loss the baby. So, he steals a car and gets help back in Poplar.

Attracta’s grandmother is sick and she is trying her best to care for her herself so she doesn’t end up in the hospital. Sister Mary Cynthia ends up looking after the baby and helping with the grandmother. Sister Mary Cynthia tries to get Attracta to go to the maternity home because it is her 11th child. She tries to refuse her help saying she can do it by herself, but she isn’t that forceful about it.

Sister Mary Cynthia arrives back at the camp a few days later as Peter and the other police constables are trying to serve an eviction notice because of a new law. There is a tiny moment in here between Sister Mary Cynthia and Peter. She stands up to him, telling him she knows his job in important but so is hers and the camp can’t move right now. Peter reluctantly agrees and helps her get through the almost rioting crowd.

Attracta goes into labor and shortly after the baby is delivered successfully, her grandmother dies. But before she did, she got the strength to walk over and see her great-grandchild. It was all very cute and heartwarming.

Delia and Nurse Krane join in on the square dance pre-gaming with Trixie, Barbara and Patsy. There are a bunch of super cute dancing scenes mixed with Vaughn doing everything he can to save Paulette. He brings her to the maternity home and Sister Evangelina sends him to the dance to fetch Dr. Turner.

Then there is a very cute and sad scene as Delia tells Patsy she wants to dance with her without half of Poplar there so they can do it properly. Patsy says there isn’t a place they ever could. Delia says there has to be somewhere and until they find it they will just have to dance together in their heads.


Vaughn then runs in and Dr. Turner and Nurse Krane follow him out. The police find the car Vaughn stole and he is sent to jail. He calls Nurse Krane to find out if Paulette is OK and for her to stand up as his witness in court. Paulette’s mom seems to change her mind about the situation after seeing everything Vaughn did to protect her.

There are also two cute, little story lines that are fun but not that important. Violet (Annabelle Apsion), the love interest they introduced for Fred last week, has joined the Citizen’s Defense Core. They have another cute scene and we are told they have both been widowed. He also takes her to the dance.

And the Turners are being adorable as always. Shelagh (Laura Main) is running around doing a bunch of things, including ordering clothing labels for Tim’s new grammar school uniform. He wants to wear pants instead of shorts, but Shelagh got him shorts and he is too nervous to stay anything to her. He tells Dr. Turner, he is adorable about it and Tim gets uniform pants.

photo 2

I really liked this episode. Paulette and Vaughn are pretty high up on my list of favorite baby of the week couples, the dance was adorable and, of course, the Patsy and Delia scenes and Maria Doyle Kennedy were fantastic.


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