Call the Midwife: “Season 4 Episode 7”

During a busy night at the maternity home, Shelagh (Larua Main), Trixie (Helen George) and Sister Evangelina are on duty. Shelagh suggests calling someone else to help, but Sister Evangelina says they can handle it. We meet our two baby of the week couples as Mrs. Dent recognizes Mrs. Smith. They used to be friends in school but now Mrs. Smith is acting like she is too posh to be speaking to Mrs. Dent.

Mrs. Smith goes into labor first and has a girl, shortly late Mrs. Dent goes into labor. She also has a girl. In the morning there is a fire, Sister Evangelina grabs both the babies and runs out, along with everyone else. Everyone gets sent to Nonnathus. Sister Evangelina says she called all their husbands and they will be doing daily home visits.

Fred (Cliff Parisi) seems to be spending more time with Violet (Annabelle Apison) and walks her home from the CDC meeting. Sister Mary Cynthia (Bryony Hannah) is taking care of a elderly couple. The husband is bed ridden. Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie) shows up trying to push a new government funded laundry service because Nurse Krane (Linda Bassett) said she had to get a many people as possible on board. Mrs. Mills seems afraid of her and will only talk to Sister Mary Cynthia, who tells Barbara to take it down a notch.

photo 1

Barbara doesn’t understand why they doesn’t want their help. Sister Mary Cynthia explains that Mr. Mills is a relative of Fred’s and he wouldn’t want to bother anyone. She also says sometimes they have to wait for help to be asked for.

Back at Nonnatus, Patsy (Emerald Fennell) tells Trixie she can stay in with her if she wants and that Delia (Kate Lamb) won’t mind. Trixie makes a joke about her preferring Delia’s company to hers but tells her to go anyway. Trixie glances at her bottles of booze but then sits to read her magazines. We check back in on her later and she seems to be about halfway through a bottle of vodka.

Patsy meets Delia at a coffee bar. They are talking about the fire and Delia grabs Patsy hand but quickly pulls away. She tells Patsy how much she loves her while avoiding actually saying it. She then says she hates all the hiding and sometimes just wants to get married and accept that they can never really be together. Patsy says she can’t stand it either. Delia says she copes with it better. Then some dude wanders up and offers to buy them cake. Delia tells him off and storms outs.

Patsy chases after her and asks if she really wants to get married. Delia says yes and Patsy jumps to the worst possible conclusion until Delia says to her, but they can’t so what’s the point. She walks away leaving Patsy alone in the alleyway.

photo 2

The next morning, Sister Mary Cynthia suggests to Fred that he go see Mr. Mills. He doesn’t say anything. Then Barbara pops in and says she needs to make up for what she did yesterday. She brings a study that says turning a patient every two hours might be the best treatment for bed sores. I’m not sure what actually is, but they were covering it in eye whites earlier and that seems wrong. Barbara agrees to help Sister Mary Cynthia keep the two hour schedule.

Fred goes to buy ribbon from Violet and tells her he needs to visit Mr. Mills but he hasn’t gone that often because he is bad at chitchat. She tells him that is silly. Violet agrees to go over with him to help out. While there, Violet sees that Mrs. Mills is having health problems too. Barbara arrives to help. Violet tells Fred when the leave and understands that they didn’t want to bother each other.

She invites him in for tea. But, he gets nervous and tries to leave. Violet says they are too old to be this silly. They say they like each other and Fred thinks she is still too in love with her late husband to be with him.

Trixie goes to visit the Dent’s baby and she is doing incredibly well. Sister Evangelina goes to see the Smiths’s baby and has to call in Dr. Turner (Stephan McGann) and he thinks the baby has a heart problem and sends her to the hospital. She has a heart murmur and has to stay at the hospital. Mrs. Smith seems totally clueless about medicine. The baby is too little to have the surgery she needs yet.

Sister Evangelina goes to the hospital to help out Mrs. Smith. She points out a birth mark on her leg. When she gets back to Nonnathus, Trixie is talking about Mrs. Dent’s baby and how she used to have a birth mark but now it has faded. Sister Evangelina pretty much gets an ‘oh shit’ face and realizes in the chaos of the fire, she handed the wrong babies to each of the mothers. She runs to Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) and has to explain. They go to Shelagh and she finds in Dr. Turner’s records that based on their blood type, Sister Evangelina is right.

photo 3

Shelagh says it is all of their faults and they will find a way to resolve it. The three of them go to tell the Dents and the Smiths. Mrs. Smith starts to freak out on Mrs. Dent saying she never took anything seriously enough and she can’t handle the baby with the heart problem. She storms out, saying the hospital might be calling about her baby.

Barbara takes Mrs. Mills to the hospital and while looking at her chest wound, the doctor realizes she has cancer. She would need a bunch of surgery and then possibly chemo. She asks if she is dying, the doctor says she is and will be whatever they do. She doesn’t want to be a bother, because Mr. Mills can’t take care of himself. She tells Barbara he was supposed to die first so he would never be alone. Barbara tells her she needs to focus on getting better. Fred is back with Mr. Mills. He says Fred should be with Violet, she doesn’t have to be fully over her late husband to be with him.

Mr. Mills tells her she has to have the surgery. They will get through it together. She agrees to go with Barbara to get it as Sister Mary Cynthia agrees to stay with Mr. Mills. Mrs. Mills makes it through the surgery and safely back to Mr Mills.

The Dents go home to Jackie, the baby they have been given. Mrs. Dent says the whole thing can’t be made right. The Smiths say god is testing them and Mr. Smith says they have given them a second change. Mrs. Smith says the baby they have is there’s and she is the only one who can raise her. Sister Evangelina is not taking her mistake too well. Sister Monica Joan wanders into the kitchen and tries to cheer her up.

Patsy and Delia have to put their fight aside as they both help out with the kids’ Halloween parade. Delia tries to walk away. Patsy stops her and tells her she will find a way for them to be together.

photo 4

Fred goes to see Violet at her store. She planning on leaving and moving in with her son. He confesses his love to her and says he is fine with sharing her with her late husband. At the end of his ranting confession, he says he wants her to marry him. She tells him to ask then and he points at that he did. She agrees.

photo 5

Dr. Turner and Shelagh talk about the Dents and the Smiths, who both seem so concerned about not having the babies they gave birth to. Shelagh says she loves Angela and Tim and no one can argue that they are not her children, but she also agrees the situation is different. Tim then comes in with an idea for the maternity home. He has been developing photos all episode to get his photography badge and suggests they photograph every baby so they can’t get mixed up.

photo (1)

Mrs. Dent comes to the hospital with Mrs. Smith’s baby while Mrs. Smith is looking over Mrs. Dent’s baby. They having a teary exchange and seem to agree to switch the babies back. At Nonnatus, Sister Julienne tells Sister Evangelina they are going to move past this as a family.


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