Once Upon A Time: “The Bear and the Bow” (S5Ep6)

This season of Once Upon A Time has gone down hill fast and recently there has just not been enough to keep me all that interested. Even the SwanQueen heavy episode last week left me slightly annoyed and bored. This week was worse, so here are two good and five bad things about “The Bear and the Bow”

The Good

Emma and Zelena’s scene

photo 2 (2)
Ignoring all the rape baby horribleness, I liked the scene between Zelena and Emma because she pointed out some interesting points. 1) Emma is sneaking around and hiding everything she is doing from Regina. 2) Emma is afraid of being alone. That was a perfect piece of dialogue for this show. Despite everything that had happened, Emma is still trying to get Henry, Regina and her parents to forgive her. She seems to have given up on Hook since he will not except her for who she is now.

Swan-Mills family feels

photo 3 (2)
Henry agreed to help Regina and Snowing communicate with Merlin because he also believes his mom is still there behind all the darkest.

The Bad

Rape baby

photo 1 (2)
Mostly I dislike pregnancy story lines but make them mythical or the result of a rape and I fucking hate them. So that is my thought on every scene Zelena is in. If this was a different and darker show I might be more OK with this because it is super dark. But this is a “family show” that will not make any of it’s super queer seeming characters actually be queer.

Hero Rumple? 

photo 4
Are we making Rumple Storybrooke’s greatest hero? Please no. If we are going to make a formerly evil character a hero the obvious choice is clearly Regina. That is what all of last season was about. But hell, Belle was more heroic in this episode than Rumple was. But of  course we can’t have anything positive or feminist happen with Belle. Go back to your lying, manipulative, abusive husband, Honey.

Music swells

photo 1
Holy music swells this episode. Between the Rumbelle cuteness and the overt Scottish-ness the soundtrack was a little overly excited this episode.

Show, we know

photo 2
With Rumple’s backstory and Merlin’s introduction, the show spent a lot of time telling us shit we already know. And not just know but like have seen before.

Timelines? Who cares about timelines?

photo 3
I actually laughed at this. Emma just asks about the show’s timeline fail about how Merlin was in a tree in Camelot and an usher at a movie theater in Minnesota at the same time. And Merlin just shrugged it off like, “IDK. Don’t question it.” Good continuity, show.

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